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Most of the active membership of the Conservative party are now in UKIP around here.

Their arguments (many printed daily..yawn)are almost one and the same as yours in here.

It stands to reason, that you are in the wrong party. It pained me to say it, but there you go.

Please go to www.thesentinel.co.uk/letters
28/06/2006 as see for yourselves.
All ex members sacked by the tories and membership removed.

No response is allowed by Labour since 01/01/2005. Why? Owned by the Daily Mail Group.

The Tory party is resorting to xenophobic attacks upon the innocent. ay work in some quarters but doomed to failure in the long run.
UK plc will always support the underdog unless is shown to be vile.
For the record: The Tories have no intention of reforming anything, they want out. Dave is playing Oswald Moseleys card of isolation.
Dave's losing it.


Thanks Gary for trying.

UKIP is a basket case of a party - pretending to be democratic, but controlled and micro-managed by one unheard of Mike Nattrass from his own business premises in Solihull. No one gets elected, appointed or anything without Nattrass's say-so. Oh yes and he came out of New Britain - a racist party from the 1990's.

Not to mention that UKIP are incapable of putting one strategic thought in front of another. They stand against good established Conservative eurosceptics and don't target europhiles at all. Nattrass stood against Bill Cash to show how much he hates Conservative eurosceptics.

They are barmy, fruit cakes as Cameron described.

Farage is the best speech maker in the country however. He would be capable of the strategic management which is beyond Nattrass, but Farage has no cards within the party, as all votes go through Nattrass' office - and the record shows that his pals - those who agree to him staying in control - always win.

Nattrass eased out Kilroy even who could have transformed UKIP's electoral position.

Farage might be allowed to become UKIP Party leader in their current leadership elections, but he won't be allowed to control Party strategy.

The BNP are supporting UKIP in Bromley & Chislehurst. There are often pacts made to sector territory between these two.

Cameron is in Prague today working on the EPP pledge. He's stated exactly which kind of Europe he wants to see. If in doubt read Compassionate Conservatism which he references on occasions. Cameron's upfront - represented as a head-banger by people like you, a xenophobe by Ken Clarke and as a europhile by Farage. He cannot be all of these.

In fact he's none. But don't let me spoil a good rant. Please carry on. I wondered what a real fruit cake and loonie sounded like!

As I understand it BNP are the leading racists in Stoke On Trent, not UKIP, Gary. UKIP don't stand there.

There's obviously been a deal as there is no BNP in neighbouring Newcastle Under Lyme, but UKIP stood in every ward (doing very poorly).

There were two Conservative councillors who went over to UKIP there (N-U-L), I am told by local informant - and you guessed - they both lost their seats!!!!! Let that be a lesson!

So much for Gary's UKIP's taking Tory votes in Stoke.

What is actually happening is that BNP are taking Labour ones. In S-O-T BNP won 5 council seats outright and came second in quite a few more.

All ex members sacked by the tories and membership removed.

Given that they've taken to writing letters to the media in support of an opposition party, I think that expulson by their local Exec is a perfectly reasonable and predictable step. Especially when they've decided to join the "fruitcakes" in UKIP instead of actually fighting New Labour.

How would you suggest the Party handles supporters of our opponents among our membership?

"How would you suggest the Party handles supporters of our opponents among our membership?"

Well it should simply ignore them as that has been the policy of dealing with Caroline Jackson who has pledged to reject official party policy and slammed Cameron in the media.

Labour are using her Cameron-bashing quotes on their own literature but there hasn't been even the mildest reprimand.

Try writing coherent English, Gary.

You may be interested to learn that Oswald Mosley was, like you, a champion of a politically integrated Europe.

"Clarke pissed in Cameron's tent about his EPP pledge on Channel 4.

Now he's at it again on the HRA.

Clarke goes for maximum media coverage for his tent-pissing activities.

DVA doesn't see the pattern."

What I see, 'William', is somebody clearly determined to pursue a rather wall-eyed Kendetta against Ken Clarke by blowing two incidents of public criticism out of all proportion.

"DVA - courageous attempt to defend the indefensible."

Thanks Ted, but I'm not attempting to defend Ken's comments - I stated before that I disagree with Ken's remarks and I do think he was rather silly to hurl his toys out of the pram in the way that he did. Having said that, the hysterical 'persecute the heretic!' shrieks coming from the likes of 'William' are ridiculously over the top.

"Dan, what is a Xenophobe, if he is not a bigot?"

As Ken himself has said, he wasn't calling David Cameron a xenophobe, he called his proposal xenophobic. Ergo, I feel that suggesting Ken called David Cameron a bigot is a bit of an overstatement.

I'm closing this thread!

Oh no you're not.

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