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As flattering as it is for the other parties to be copying the "home" brand I was under the impression that the phrase "Home" was specifically chosen because it reflected a conservative way of thinking.

I think the other parties such use their imagination a bit more!

Do you know I think for the first time in my life I feel slightly sorry for UKIP having to put up with Chad Noble. Any bets as to how long he'll last in that political party? Days, weeks... hours?

I recently let myself very badly down by making an unseemly attack on Ann McIntosh. I hate petty bickering in politics so instead of carping am going to wish Chad every bit of good luck.

Henry, I agree they should have used their imaginations a bit more:




Any other suggestions?

I notice he is using an Acorn as a logo, perhaps it fell from the unofficial new Conservative oak tree logo?!

Isn't a shed a little spacious? UKIPPhoneBox, anyone?.

While I of course welcome any broadening of political debate, I'm afraid I don't have Henry's restraint, and have to warn UKIP that this venture might be as short-lived as Chad's others once he doesn't get invited into Mr Farage's Armoured Personnel Carrier. (does he still have that, or did he just rent it for the day to prove he wasn't nuts?!)

In any case, having secured the heavyweight political backing of Chad Noble and Simon Heffer, I have to take this opportunity to wish Nigel Farage the very best of luck in the B&C by-election. It's not going to help, but it kind of makes me look as civilised as Henry...

I've had a quick scan through young Chad's new blog..... Really - what CAN one say, other than how long before another windmill to be tilted at comes along??

I won't elaborate, but UKIP appears to provide its own accommodation

Thanks for the love and positivity!

""Home" was specifically chosen because it reflected a conservative way of thinking."
Well I am a progressive conservative, so it fits perfectly!

14 blog postings so far, zero comments.

Think that just about sums how seriously people take this guy

Following kilroy's departure , shouldn't if be UKIPhostel , rather than home. People stay there for a night and then push off.

Slight misspelling of 'it' there,
Oh hang on.. it only UKIP , who cares .....

Yeah, UKIP Home isn't particularly imaginative.

How about Failed Tories Rest Home?

Or perhaps Crushingly Boring Loonies and Bigots Who Weren't Invited To The Cool Kids'Table And Are In The Huff So Are Channelling Their Energies Into Trying To Dress Up Common Or Garden Xenophobia As A Progressive Agenda To The Complete Contempt Of Anyone With Half A Brain Home?

They might want to shorten it for the URL.

Are there going to explanations on UKIPHome of where jobs are going to come from when we withdraw from Europe , as UKIP would no doubt like, or how UKIP can have a genuine policy platform when its a cabal of single issue diehards? Even i , who obsess about devolution and unionism in the bath, think you have to have more than one idea to run a country.If so i look forward to reading it.

OK, I revise my previous suggestions:

How about

LabourShed and UkipToilet?

Any bets as to how long he'll last in that political party? Days, weeks... hours?

C'mon, thats unfair. His current average time in a party is 6 months!

Interesting. Labour home looks like a list of me-toos, and UKIP home just seems rude and crude. Not a coincidence?




>Any other suggestions?

GreenHouse !

Why bother discussing other bloggs, I think the term navel gazing comes to mind?

As for Chad Noble, most people in the UK have never heard of him, and those that have mostly don't consider him a particularily important factor in British politics - Robert Kilroy Silk had a far higher profile and rather more thought out policies and had been a former MP and yet when it came down to it when he broke away from UKIP he could only manage 0.3% of the vote, I doubt Imagine if it ever appeared as a national party would even manage a tenth of that.

Anthony so generously wrote:
"14 blog postings so far, zero comments."

It's not acutally live yet! It was just that I mentioned it to a US colleague on a progressive conservative email list and Tim asked if he could go ahead and link to it.

"think you have to have more than one idea to run a country."
That's the whole idea of the site, to bring about change. Remember it was only just over 12 months ago that the Tories were on their knees running vile "it's not racist..." posters. ConHome grew on the Tory leadership election. Cameron has done well to save a dying party.

UKIP is about to go through a leadership election itself, so now is a very important time. No less important than it was for the Tories 12 months ago.

The aim of a progressive agenda is to appeal as much to disillusioned Labour and LibDem supporters as Tories. Can you spot a single post about the EU? No. That's change in itself. There will be, but the aim is for balance.

So, it is time to be positive. There is no reason why ukip could not adopt more progressive policies, and there does seem an interest in doing so.

It is bound to happen as I have taken Noel Edmonds advice and placed a cosmic order. It was either for ukip or an unfulfilled thought about Kate Moss, so it shows the sacrifices I am prepared to make! ;-)

Be positive!

Are UKIP committed to "no preference, no prejudice"? I very much doubt it.

So how many political parties does this make that Chad Noble has founded/supported over the last 12 months? At least 5 by my reckoning. The guy's an egomaniac nutter and I for one would rather see a lot less of him on this site. He's got his own. Leave him to it, and he can have highly entertaining arguments with himself.

Oh come on, declare your interest Iain!

You has strongly disliked me since I showed you fibbing over Norwich South. Fortunately my knowledge of internet caches enabled me to show that you were not telling the truth!

"At least 5 by my reckoning."
Aah, as poor with the facts as ever! Never let a subjective point be swayed by the truth. You are consistent in this way!

Anyway. The answer to your question is just 1 (ie one more than zero) not 5. Although I have been indecisive about the name, but then what is bad about change? Cameron is bringing change to the Tories.

Calm down Iain! Be positive, I am. Why do you always resort to immature insults?

"Are UKIP committed to "no preference, no prejudice"? I very much doubt it."

No party is unfortunately Iain.

We know the UN classifies racial preference as equally racist as racial prejudice. NPNP is the fight against racist moves like "positive action" fixed racial quotas which are really just sugar-coated racism.

It is my core value, and it was the Tory Party's rejection of this by introducing fixed quotas for candidate selection that made me realise I was in the wrong party.

I hope I can persuade ukip to adopt it.

Are you a member of the UKIP now?

Yes Henry. Everyone keeps telling me to fight from within rather than go it alone, so I had a big think and decided to listen to that advice.

There is more that I do not like about ukip than I do like, but as an internationalist, against regional power-bases, even though ukip's reason could arguably be isolationist, ukip does have a core base to build on.

I have been a big critic of ukip, but just as there was last May when my progcon work attracted attention in the Tory Party, the same seems to be happening now in ukip.

I'm happy to help whenever there is an interest in the progcon agenda.

I really can see a path to growth for ukip, so have rolled up my sleeves to get involved and help.

Discussion (not personal spabbles) about Chad's projects on this thread is of course relevant, but I hope we can in future reserve it for his own site and not continually spill over into this one.

With respect Chad, I struggle to see the logic in leaving a mainstream party over "NPNP" - only to join UKIP!

I'd suggest a different name as well, I think it is fair to say that the "Home" brand has been well established here and whilst Tim and I both wish LabourHome luck in representing Labour party members I think they will also struggle with a used brand.

I hope you find a useful role then, best of luck.

"With respect Chad, I struggle to see the logic in leaving a mainstream party over "NPNP" - only to join UKIP!"

Sam, we know the Tories are as guilty of having racist members as any other party.

However, as I have noted before, despite this, Labour and the Tories have gone from a few bad apples to actually institutionalising racism with fixed quotas. It is not creating diversity, it is allowing a few "lucky" candidates to sit at the top table not opening the top table to fairness.

So there is no way I could be part of a party that deliberately introduces racist policies. I had to resign.

We can't blame any party for having racist members, however undesirable, but if ukip ever introduced fixed quota racism, then I will have no option but to resign too.

Stereotypes do not help. 12 months ago, the Tories had a poison brand and were seen as very racist and yet most people who were members then are members now. ukip can achieve the same in the next 12 months.

Instead of throwing stones, we should work above party politics to combat and crush prejudice.

It would be good for UKIP to be a progressive conservative party, but those of that mind in UKIP are few compared to the majority who would not be of a no preference, no prejudice persuasion.

Perhaps Christina,

But the enormous benefit of ukip (and why I see change as possible) is that although it is an organisational shambles with a very low membership, it still has a useful infrastrucutre to build on, that will only need a few thousand progressive members to completely change the face of the party.

If I hel persuade just 5,000 people to join ukip, it will be a completely different party. Now is achieveable.

Anyway. The answer to your question is just 1 (ie one more than zero) not 5.

Actually that's not true, even if you accept that Imagine/Internationalist/ProgCon were all the same party. You've been a member of the Conservative Party and now UKIP, and I think (correct me if wrong) you also would have considered joining the Liberal Democrats under a Huhne leadership. That's either three or five parties in the last year and sympathy for a sixth!


[rolls eyes again]

Talk about a stuck record! Talking about the number 5, this is the fifth time I have to remind you of the growth of political beliefs that exist within all the parties but are not tied to the rosette.

You don't get it do you? Read the article. It is not about party loyalty, it is about pursuing your values in the best way to get them delivered.

As I have done four times previously, take a read of the "forget red, blue and yellow now it's progressives versus reactionaries" article in The Times which captures this shift perfectly.

I'm a progressive conservative. My core value is NPNP. When I joined the Tory Party is had no racist fixed quota policy, but introduced it later. I cannot stay in a party that deliberately introduces racist policies.

...but you're happy to support Nigel Farage and UKIP?


A Tory councillor, and former council leader in Kent, was jailed last month on 14 counts of child porn.

It really doesn't help to keep highlighting bad apples, as the Tories will always come top trumps in having the most convicted racists and paedophiles.

However, Cameron is trying to change the party image, and I applaud him for that. However, my criticism is that for a party that was viewed a racist only 12 months ago, introducing fixed quotas to give the "look" of diversity is a very bad idea as it shows the change to be superficial.

..I should also add that only one candidate in the Bromley by-election is currently under investigation for racism, and that is Bob Neill.

The editor of Black Link confirmed that to me two weeks ago.

There seems to be aome inconsistency in claiming in response to my comment to want to be positive in your political thinking and then in further posts claiming that both Labour and the Tory party are deliberatly introducing racist policies. Racism is such a serious issue that i think you should exercise care before branding organisations as racist , particularly institutionally racist because it devalues the term. For instance the SS were instituionally racist but when the term is flung around as a synonym for 'a party i don't like/ have left/ etc' it reduces the seriousness with which real institutional racism must be viewed and the devastating impact, such as genocide, it has.

Chad, why would I want to be positive about a website supporting a party other than the Conservative Party?

You mightn't think the colour of the rosette matters - but because the Conservative Party is a genuine contender for power in the Commons, it matters to us.

Anyway ,as the Deputy editor says, maybe we should continue this discussion on Chad's site - its no doubt bursting with UKIP goodness..

Hi Alexander,
Yes, I perfectly understand and accept that many support a 'team'. All I am asking is that there is equal understanding that for others like myself, it is not about the team, but the values. We can happily co-exist.

Hi David,
I tried to avoid it, but the two Iain's do like to scrape the bottom of the barrel, and as Mr Lindley sought to highlight the accusation against Farage, it seems relevant to note that it is only the tory candidate who is subject to a current investigation racism.

What have you gone and joined UKIP for Chad?If you've got fed with Tory party for reasons that I think many people would sympathise with I don't doubt that you'll soon be fed up with a bunch of single issue bores who in my experience seem to be mainly made up of men who have the sterotypical mass of prejudices that I used to find in a home counties golf club.I think it's exactly the wrong place for someone to find stimulating political debate and the testing of new ideas.On a personal level good luck.On a political level I really really doubt that UKIP have the capability to be anything more than a nuisance.We shall see.
I am suprised at the level of personal attacks on Chad from people who really should know better.Even when I disagree with him (which is increasingly often)I have noticed how much more polite Chad is than those who attack him.

You're welcome to co-exist, Chad - provided your lot doesn't hold any seats : )

Hi Malcolm,

They are about to go through a leadership election. Nigel Farage phoned me and we discussed the progcon approach. He might be bluffing, but if there is any chance of change it is now.

I was going to sit back and see if they followed up, but decided that I should jump in at this crucial stage and seek to help drive a progressive agenda.

So I fully understand that it is only a sliver of hope, but at least I won't look back and blame myself for not trying.

Failure doesn't frighten me, it is a necessary step on the path to success. I'll keep trying and keep failing if it means I eventually get it right!

Best of luck with UKIP and your site.

...by the way is Veritas , still going? i think there should be a Veritas update thread, letting Conservative Home users chart the pulse of Britains dynamic 'celebrity' (singular) party and its permatanned Generalissimo.

He's long gone David and Veritas is close to death, with some members upping sticks and forming the "popular alliance."

Is it just me or is this Bravenet tracking causing all kinds of delays on the site?

Is this the same Chad Noble who not so many weeks ago was going to stand as an Independent Tory in the Bromley by-election and slagged UKIP off on its website?

This is a bit of what he said:-

"Consider your protest:: An ill-judged protest vote could destroy the Tories
The small right-wing parties all share a common goal, to destroy the conservative party. Despite their attempts to present their "true" conservative aims, it takes only a few minutes on forums like ukipforum.co.uk to see that these parties are not defenders of conservatism but seeking to destroy the conservative party.

Only an independent conservative candidate like myself who has not just been a member of the conservative party but would like to become a member again in the future can truly argue that they seek to defend conservatism whilst strengthening conservatism in the UK.

UKIP want to build a parliamentary base to build an organisation to destroy the Tories. A vote for these centre-right parties is not a harmless protest, it could be the beginning of the end of the Tory Party."

With friends like these who needs enemies!


Yes i think the tracking is a little off today. ah well thats technology for you.

UKIP Fiend
With all due respect to Chad and any other non-raving UKIPers i wasn't aware that they were 'centre-right' as you describe. The last policy details / manifesto i saw from the Farage camp a couple of years ago claimed to want to turn British society back to 'what it was like in the 1950's'. we all know what that means for certain minorities.


The last 3 paragraphs of my previous post I took from Chad Nobles old website where he slagged off UKIP.

It was Chad himself who described UKIP as "centre-right"

I know a weeks a long time in politics - but to attack UKIP one week and then be best buddies the next! What next leave UKIP and join New Labour?

Is it me or do I have to pay £1 to join Chads site and post comments?

And its a bit infantile and purile in some of its content?

Oh thanks for the clarifiction. Still Chad seems to have lost his compass if he thinks UKIP are centre right. Still , lets wish him well cos gosh if he wants to change the world through UKIP he is going to need it.

Spaking of infantile blogs, the tenor of the Labour one is fairly naff.

'Spaking' ? what am i on about? sorry guys my spelling has gone out the window, only another consonant and we would have been onto spanking and you don't even want to visit those sort of blogs.

When you head off to La Mancha for your first annual conference, who is going to play Sancho Panza to your Don Quixote??
Do Tell!!

"Is it me or do I have to pay £1 to join Chads site and post comments?"

Yes, there is a one-off fee to help verify the identity of posters to eliminate disruption from anonymous trolls. Sorry about that... ;-)

Hi Annabel,
:-) Can't think of anything witty to say as the football nerves are getting to me... 10 minutes to go.

How about UKIPAsylum.com - the party where the inmates have taken control ?

Just a thought.

Best of luck Chad.

"How about UKIPAsylum.com?"

LoL. Just for bloody Labour to go and let them out early!

David Banks:

Correct term is lavatory, rather than toilet.

I am rather surprised and flattered that so many of you have spent time slagging off a UKIP forum. Clearly it bothers you. As for 'failed', I think not. It's more a group of people who want to stand for something other than election, like morals, genuine feelings and a desire for Britain to run itself with a government who is small state, liberal economics and global free trade.

The things I thought the Tories stood for before I got really involved with them, found out what it was all about and then ran for the hills....

Weren't UKIP trying to relaunch themselves as a party of the "libertarian right" a while ago?

Chad thinks he has the tories on ConservativeHome rattled!!! Not in the least - we wish you good luck in your venture - tis a shame nobody seems to be coughing up £1 to subscribe to post on your forum. I do hope it doesn't go down the toilet like so many other UKIP activist inspired initiatives - such as YouthKip and the Lechlade Group etc etc.... The cabel that controls UKIP are not too happy with membership inspired initiatives unless they have full control of them. Especially if they appear to pull UKIP to a different direction than the management wants UKIP to go. We wish you good luck in your latest home moving in rapid succesion from Conservative/ProCon/Imagine/UKIP in as many weeks! Perhaps you have at last found a devoted audience that will at least pretend to take you seriously!

Trixy - or should I say Annebelle Fuller - you are a very brave soul being Godfrey Bloom MEPs personnal assistant!

Should EU Parliament resources be used to post comments on blogs?

How Strange

Is there any other political blogs out there that charge a membership to post comments.

Personally I think this breaks both of Chad's main policies.

No prejudice - except to those that do not support UKIP therefore do not wish to give money to that party.


No preference - well apart from people who dont own credit or debit cards or people that for thier own reasons dont use them for online transactions or who again do not wish to give UKIP any funds. They obviously get no preference at all.

Well done chad for having a blog but ensuring that you dont get any opinions that differ from your own. I get the feeling the ego got in the way again thinking that people will give you money to comment on what you say.

If the charge for posting hadnt have been there it would have been a well done I think the site looks nice.


Nadim deserves the credit for the toilet gag , the name of the contributor follows rather than precedes the comment.

Are you really Godfrey's PA?

Chad belongs to the Cameroons! Please take him back. Is this an evil plot by Dave to bore UKIP to death? Thank God it shouldn't last too long and he will be in New Labour by next week!!!!!

"No prejudice - except to those that do not support UKIP therefore do not wish to give money to that party."

Gosh that's a terribly weak attack even from you, scotgirl! I'm not a Tory but I have a £100 bet with the editor here that I will have to write out to the Tory Party if I lose. I have no problem with that.

How much have you personally paid to support conhome? I bet if the contributions of all forms was aggregated for the past year, I will be one of the top, if not the top givers (through ads and chameleon army etc) and I'm not a Tory. We're seeking to raise the game above just rosettes. Stop being so childish.

The one-off tiny fee of £1 is simply to enable me to verify the idenity of the poster to reduce disruption from anonymous trolls.

I'd rather the site grew to have just a handful of open and honest people however differing their views rather than loads of anonymous posts. That's the aim.

Wouldnt it be easier to hire a phone box to have you online huddle with your £1 friends?

This thread has reached the end of its useful life.

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