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It does show the lazy attitude some journalists take. Very few informed people would make that mistake, David Davies seems to be a loose cannon.
On an unrelated note, has anyone noticed that massive MP for Shrewsbury and Atcham stands up to be called at every PMQ's, attention seeking???

From what I can see we are very fortunate to have campaigners of the nature of David Davies, Phillip Davies, Greg Hands and Richard Bacon among our new(ish) intake of MPs. Compare their efforts to those of some of the bed blockers who still inhabit the Tory benches and it is clear who best serves the conservative cause!

That's what you get when you read a comic.

Everyone I know in the Army gets frustrated with the mass media's complete inability to report military news accurately. Ranks, regimental titles, weapon systems and equipments all get mixed up.

If their defence correspondents can't get this stuff right what hope is their for their political coverage?

The tabloids assume their readers are morons - that's why they invent so many stories, and don't bother with basic fact checking.

Let's face it, people are still buying their products after decades of this, so why would they change?

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