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I have just conducted an interview with the author, Jess Norman, for Tory radio. If anyone wants to be on the mailing list to nake sure they recieve updates of new interviews just drop me a line.

Compassionate Conservative is a phrase that is now indelibly linked to George W. Bush who used the term intensively in his 2000 election and once elected governed in a manner that was conspicuously neither conservative nor compassionate.

Recycling this phrase is a terrible idea. Bush is utterly discredited in the US amongst anyone who cares about fiscal prudence, honesty or the welfare of any members of society except for his personal friends.

Trying to claim that the phrase has nothing to do with Bush is like tying to claim that the phrase Final Solution can be used without people thinking about Belsen and the Holocaust.

Godwin's Law strikes after only two posts! Must be a record...

There is nothing wrong with the idea of "Compassionate Conservatism" and I don't think the broad sway of the public would be 'put off' by its fairly flimsy links to George W. Bush. President Bush's term in office thus far has been marked by far more noticeable and important policies and outlooks than his "Compassionate Conservative" ticket, and to eb frank, I am not sure whether the average British elector even cares about the President's standpoint of about six years ago.

Compassionate Conservatism should NOT instinctively mean that will "Kill Thatcher" as commentators on the left routinely advise that we should. Is it not telling that we are constantly told by our politician adversaries and the ghosts of a Wet Tory Past that we should turn away from Thatcher, and her many successes? I make the contention it is because they still fear Thatcher-style politics' immanent power to appeal to the masses, and once again to stimulate fervour in politics.

I accept at the same time that we are not in the 80s, and that one could not transcribe all of Margaret Thatcher's styles, policies and ideological standpoints onto the modern British political arena; however at the same time we must, as a modern Conservative Party realise that the core principles of the "Thatcher" era, such as the ideas of individual liberty; meritocratic advancement; independence from an overbearing state; individual responsibility; a strong national identity; and the inheritance of tradition are STILL relevant concepts, and should still be exalted at the very heart of the Conservative Party.

For me, and I am sure many others this is the face of Compassionate Conservatism. When the untrue myth surfaced in the 80s onwards that Lady Thatcher's era signalled a time in which selfish, and rampantly detrimental individualism swamped the country, demolishing community and collective values - I rebuke this wholeheartedly. This has always been a misguided, and in my view an impotent attack on Thatcher's politics from the left.

Are we going to buy into that political lie as well? Are we going to play into the hands of the typically patronising, holier than thou left wing? I say we rebuke, and remind people why Thatcher one three successive General Elections; the true face of Compassionate Conservatism.

I would urge caution.

Might not be indelibly linked to GWB. His usage of "compassionate" was almost semantically null. I'd say it's still a phrase looking for a definition, and this book/site has as good a chance as any.

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