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*wipes away a single tear*

That was truely beatiful William! Something like this would make a great viral ad campaign...

the Home Office is an institution of Civil Servants who act on policy made by Government. I have no idea how well they are carrying out their jobs, but nor does anyone outside of the offices, the job of the Home Office civil servant is set out by the Government. Lets make sure the blame is on that Government and not the Home Office civil servants.

Seeing as you William wanted to charge the Conservative party £50,000 plus vat plus postage and packing for your logo idea,you can put me down for 50p for the Home Office.
Don't let it ever be said that Conservatives like us are not generous!

William I came in from working hard - manual work, clicked 'Main', vaguely saw a picture, didn't pay sufficient attention to your name, which if I had I should have realised, then I started. The first paragraph seemed a bit florid, but I thought I wonder who wants money now (seriously), then I got to the single sentence -- a fractional pause - and finally the penny dropped, and I was off belly laughing - great once more.

Very good. Very happy to donate some handmade nooses, trapdoors and a Euro-standard guillotine ( please use Health and Safety equipment and fill out a risk assessment) for use on deserving cases.

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