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Looks like we've got a fight on our hands. The "colleagues" are waking up to the potential of blogs as well.

Sam Roake

If you're reading, we are looking forward to working with you.

Tim - is Sam Roake your colleague or your competition? I hope the former but fear the latter.

Conservative Home has shaken CCHQ of late. Is this a control freaky response or a genuine embrace of the blogosphere?

I'm sceptical.

Finally, how much is Mr Roake being paid?

How about hiring some more trainee agents to get the spade work started in target seats!

Old Hack, I don't think its necessarily a competetion - the more the better!

As for agent hiring, "hundreds of trainees" are being churned out in recent months. One criticism is that we perhaps need more professional campaigners too.

I hope Sam Roake might be able to provide assistance to many of the smaller associations with their websites, or even standardise the format of all associations websites so that we have a common "brand" image that is kept up to date.

Do you have to be associated with Rachel Whetstone's new employer to get a look-in at internet-related work for the Conservatives? I know of a company that is eager to establish a relationship with the party, but cannot access decision makers at CCHQ. Are they missing something?

Sam if you are reading this. Get someone to get in touch we already have a system designed and ready to build that unifies everything, simply need a customer for it.

¿Wath is the new Internet?

EEPEL = Enviroment Standard of Software On Line


This web site is a personalizable, nimbled and practical system which runs software On Line, Web's pages, FTP's, and everything related to the Internet.
This environment offers system files, which are available for software that runs in EEPEL.


Deputy Editor correction

.. hundreds of trainee agents??

I think the actual figure is nine.

...And high quality they are too!

Fair play - I was exaggerating, but the Party has been aiming to train at least a couple of hundred for the past six months now. I don't know the capacity of training, but I've heard not as many have applied as hoped.

The one thing Conservatives.com lacks is a genuine, open, comments section.

Of course, a link to CH would do the trick just fine, but a threaded debate like the Today Programme comments section would be a great addition.

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