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"Cameron's changed his mind!"

News that Tony Blair will partner Jacques Chirac in the annual G8 leaders' three-legged race filters through to Berlin.

"Agadoo -doo -doo push pineapple, shake the tree!! ....

Keep practising, chaps - it will wow 'em at the Conference Ball!"

Michael Jackson demonstrates his new 'Seatwalk' dance at the World Cup. (the one on the right)

Another European leader reacts to speculation that the EU Trade Commissioner is about to resign.

Liberal Democrats celebrate another victory for Britain.

broader, harder, deeper.

Staying Alive, Staying Alive! Hi Hi Hi Hi Stayin' Alive, eayive aeive - uhhh uhhh!

Christian Democrats to hold Grand Orgy with SPD.

Eureka - Ve must haff also penaltiez to decide our elektion - yah?

Angie Merkel: 'Does my EPP look big in this'??

AAAAAArrrgh!!! Vas is dat? Is en mousen!! Mein Got!!

Come on Brazil!

Think about it......

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