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Is there significance to the fact that this is the 2nd YouGov poll in one week?

We all know how dirty the Lib Dems are. They actually do anything to win a by-election, so we should be pleased we held on.

As for the landscape of British politics goes, it is quite clearly going in Camerons direction and I see no reason for any other potential PM to be more popular than he is right now.
His tone and rather bold direction is very British and modern in nature that Blair, Brown and Minger just are not. This will probably deliver a Conservative Majority at the next election.

No significance, CCHQ Spy. Anthony Wells of UK Polling Report tells me that Monday's Telegraph poll was off the back of a special poll on attitudes to Scotland. Today's survey is the regular monthly poll.

Great poll result, but we should be really breaking Blair on the wheel of backbench revolt, draining his confidence and demonstrating Labour are divided, out of ideas and heading towards an electoral pasting. The ratings for the Tories should be higher particularly as we should be driving home relentlessly how irrelevant the Lib Dems are and effectively splitting the Labout benches into crypto Tory blairites and a recalcitrant unelectable bunch of hard left throw backs. Only then will we be getting the deserved 55% rating.

We should take particular heart from the fact that we're gaining at the LibDems and Labour's expense. If we were gaining at the expense of only one we could justifiably be pessimistic as they could start trying again -- that we're beating both parties into a decline suggests that we're on the right side, that we're doing something better and not gaining out of other's failure.

Two pointers that should encourage us greatly from the most recent poll are (i) the drop in support for the minor parties and (ii) the perception with the public that the tories can manage the economy properly.
I do not believe that we will improve much further in these directions until we have solid policies in place and a heavyweight shadow chancellor (and also importantly a heavyweight to take on the problems of the NHS).

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