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What didn't come through from the news exerpts were Osborne's references to simplifying the taxation system ("not needing an accountant to fill in a self-assessment form" etc). These must be attractive to business and individuals.

You forgot to mention who else was there ;-)

Noticed in another economically illiterate rant Polly Toynbee did pick up on simplification as a threat to tax credits (which she thinks a great success with minor overpayment /underpayment issues).

I was amused that she viewed Tax Freedom day as the day when the rich stopped paying tax (sorry Polly but we higher rate taxpayers have a few days to go yet)

Let's hope George means what he says about simplifying taxes. It clearly has to be done, and in one way, it sounds like apple pie.

But as Polly implies, to do it will require making some very difficult decisions. There will be losers as well as winners. And they won't all be well paid tax accountants.

Let's hope there's no more flat-tax style backsliding...

Were you there Sam? You should have said hello...

I was, sorry I didn't get a chance to introduce myself. Had a little chat with GO which I'll post about soon..

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