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Everyone has to eat. Good luck to him.

I imagine that Diligence want to project an image of credibility and respectability. Clearly that’s what Michael Howard has got, but I wonder whether the same could be said of Tony Blair. Would you trust him to head-up an intelligence outfit, or is his name in that field somewhat tainted?

'Corporate espionage'? Sounds a bit dubious to me.

A relation's girlfriend worked for Diligence. They play hardball. She resigned when her career progression reached the stage of covert field work as it was not her scene and she was not comfortable with some of the ethics, or targetting organisations such NGOs who were going head to head with Oil Cos etc.

On the other hand any chance of using them to screen applicants for the Candidates list?

Perhaps the Conservatives can use his company before supporting another war based on bogus intelligence.

"Something of the night" indeed!

No wonder Howard supported ID cards as Tory leader. As Teresa Gorman said, "there's something of the knife about him".

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