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I like the idea of the dolphin. Dolphins are beautiful, highly intelligent creatures and are particularly loved by children and young people.

As a graduate of Southampton University I am struck by how much the dolphin at the top of this page looks like the Southampton University logo!

I like the oak tree too. Perhaps the Scottish and Welsh parties could pick a tree symbolising their own nations?

Well, there you go, Donal! Every time you look at it you'll be reminded of your old Uni!

Yay, another pointless rebranding exercise that no-one cares about. Personally, I think the ones from the Today program are all dreadful and I can't see why anyone would care. If anyone disputes this then try going out and doing a poll of the local community. I am sure you will get looks of amazement that 1. you are even asking such a question and 2. that you even thought someone might care. I can't see what's wrong with the torch for what it's worth, and I am sure the public have far more important things to care about than what damn logo we use!!!

I can see it now, on election day where hoards of people flock to the voting booths to vote Tory just because they thought the logo was pretty. Well people, if that happened then I would be making a dash for the Airport never to return to my insane country. Then again, when a recent poll pointed out that a majority of the public prefer our policies on the NHS to Labour's when we don't even have a policy to begin with shows that maybe this isn't all a waste of time. Maybe the idiots are winning and people might actually care what stinking logo we use.

Did we not learn during our recent years of misery that endlessly talking about ourselves and how we should look to the public doesn't win us any votes at all. The public hated the fact that we were so obsessively introspective. Changing ones image is fine but this is just a little bit over the top.

At a time when the Deputy Prime Minister is rewarded for screwing his Secretary by keeping his salary and perks and having his workload removed. The Government is going into meltdown, foreign prisoners rampage through the streets when they should have been deported, Brown is raping middle England (and everyone else for that matter) like never before, disasters with tax credits have left some of the poorest families paying back thousands in overpayments and yet now it is seen to be a wonderful idea to talk about what logo we use. Presumably this is to make us all look nice, new and cuddly. Okay, how about a pink teddy bear wearing a greenpeace t-shirt riding in an electric car with a bicycle attached to the boot.

The dolphin one is actually very beautiful and very emotive. The leap is lovely. It is simple. It's hard to think of a negative association.

There are some problems, of course. To state the obvious, it's an animal, not a human - it represents an image of how one wants to be seen, rather than a message of what one is trying to achieve, a genuine aspiration. So it could be seen to be too much corporate PR, nice but not rooted in reality.

The old hand-holding-a-torch symbol conveyed a message and a political aspiration, which is why it was so good (I agree it may be out-of-date now, though personally I would be quite happy to keep it.)

Reassuringly BBC to see that the selection featured on Today's site - snake, weasel, wolf in sheep's clothing, fox, push-me-pull-you - are so... impartial.

Along the lines of the dolphin, but brining it back to reality - what about a child swimming? I'm thinking an ambiguous shape reminiscent of any human but child-like to suggest youth and hope. The swimmer an upwards crescent (like the dolphin but opposite, if you see what I mean). A pearl-fisher (you know the ad I'm thinking of). It could also suggest flying, not necessarily swimming.

It would represent youth and optimism, freedom, aspiration. It would give a new meaning to the blue colour, as it would then link it with water, ocean, rivers, sky - nourishment, ambition, openness.

Or if we were going really green, I suppose it could be child-with-dolphin, like the sculpture on Millbank. But I think that would be too corny.

A dolphin? How ridiculously soppy and wet. That's probably what we'll get!

If you have a child (or anyone else) in the water, it will look as if someone is drowning - bad connection. Also, water is 'wet' - another bad connection. The oak-tree is by miles the best (but not the Today version).

I like the Dolphin, very nice. But on the other hand I can see Bux's point, tho im not sure a child swimming would necerssraly obviously encapsulate what you say it would, but a good idea nevertheless.

Lets keep it real indeed as Bux suggests.
The Tree is a good idea. I think says tall, strong, green (natural), everlasting and it just seems very comfortable to look at.

I don't think any of them comes close to the lion-based one suggested by a CH contributor. (Nor, indeed, to the various flower-based logos for the different parts of the UK.)

I sent in an attachment of Leonardo Da Vinci's Vitruvian Man [URL]
http://www.visi.com/~reuteler/vinci/vitruvian.jpg - but it seems to have hit the cutting room floor already!

I am no artist....or computer graphics person. maybe soe can adapt the image.

It seems to me that an oak tree is environmental and representative of Burkean traditons. When we are on the point of stepping forward from the Conservative philosophies that underpinned our formation around 200 years ago, it seems a pity not to discover an emblem that catches the new mood of idea creation 'sweeping through the Party' (I exaggerate but the effects of the new ideas are not going unnoticed by New Labour apologists e.g. Toynbee, McElvoy, Bagehot and so on).

The GWB and the Compassionate label suggest not an oak tree but a new emphasis on people, looking in a fundamental way at how we, society and State knit together. We are looking at man, us, ourselves and a representation of a human figure or figures would do that better than a tree or an animal.

I cannot draw, but I know a man that can - or could do at one time - Leonardo from Vinci. So I borrowed one of his.

I don't see this as British Airways style rebranding, but as an opportunity to get our new modified message across. My advice is don't hurry the changeover, but make it a bit braver than people have so far imagined.

Is there anyone out there with the skill to adapt LDV's Vitruvian Man and make him look 21st Century - and attach him to our Party's name. He is our focus now.

Not a dolphin. Not a tree. BTW they have such things (oak trees) in Wales, Scotland and NI. So don't worry that an oak tree cannot be British. It's just that we will have the same emblem as every other leisure centre/primary school across the country.

If the oak tree was presented with an acorn, then we would be telling a different story....Great oaks from little acorns grow etc. but even that's a bit (a)corny.

It's time to open our minds, dream dreams if you will. This moment in our history is extraorinarily important as the philosophies we have lived on for nearly 250 years are being revisited and adapted to fit the world that we live in now.

We need to deploy an image that makes people think again. Oak trees merely suggest all is as it was. It certainly is not. Man is threatened by the power of the State equipped with powerful elctronic information systems, which can only get more powerful.

Governments are trying to micromanage every aspect of our lives. We the citizens need to scream a shout of revolt against this happening, and start a political movement to reverse the process.

The efforts we must make are to be carried out in the name of humanity - declaring compassion for the human condition - against the arrogance and power of the government machine. A human form should be our emblem.

We don't need rebranding-the torch is a strong symbol. However, if change is insisted upon then surely a strong image is required, that can ideally be made into a pin badge or some such-like a 'Lion Rampant'.

Though my suggestion is the outline of the UK with the Union Flag running throughout!

Why cant we just keep the torch?

The dolphin is fantastic, everything about it seems to fit - its blue, intelligent, fits extremely well with the green stuff, the leap symbolises optimism etc. I think its great (although I don't like the logo with three dolphins in it so much).

I love the dolphin. Simple, emotive, memorable. It conveys a message of freedom and an appreciation of beauty. It's a brilliant logo.

... or just ditch the torch and leave it at that.

Martin - its banter on blogs about the logo and I doubt anyone in the heirachy is spending any time on it, lighten up.

Having used the dolphin in my first logo post (though not as professionally as BBC did) I don't agree it's a great symbol for the party - it is an attractice animal and carries all those emotives - care, intelligence, freedom - but it doesn't relate to anything in either our party or national story.

The torch is a strong symbol but perhaps needs updating, the Oak is perhaps too English, the Lion Anglo-Scots but not Welsh or N Irish (though Labour gets away with the Red Rose of Lancashire, very English). I like some of Ash's more symbolic offerings - the hands for example.

If a tree, then let's make it a more solid-looking one.

I take the point about drowning - not that it would look like that but it could be caricatured that way. But that applies to any symbol - a tree can be shown cut down or drooping (like the LibDem bird).

This is such a fraught area. A logo carries so much weight - are we really ready to define ourselves?

This is what Parkinson (of Parkinson's Law fame) called the "bicycle shed" phenomenon - concentrating on the trivia while the main issues go be default. If you really want to know why you are not going to win the election, people, just read this thread. The words "own", "up", "backsides" and "your" come to mind.

I quite agree buxtehude - if it is going to be a tree, can it NOT be the tree depicted above as it looks as if it has a whirlwind going past it!

The flowers above look something like sperm!, the ones pointing down missing the

The cyclists look like a cycle-path notice!

Both dolphin ones - above - are OK but although 'soft green image', not 'strong' enough for a new conservative logo.

Like others I still think the lion is good, or a really good image of an oak tree.

I wish we could get rid of the torch symbol, its very ugly, not to say crude in depiction, and looks like something from an Insurance Co: booklet!

The one with the three dolphins in a circle is reminiscient of the Grosvenor logo of three reefs.

It was my understanding that the logo was meant to represent how the party relates to the modern world. A Dolphin? How on earth are core values meant to be communicated through just a dolphin? That would be fine if we were some sort of 'save the whale' pressure group of celebrities but no actual political party can have such a soppy inconsequential logo. what about our history , our philosophy, our vision for britain?

I was hoping to find a SHOOTING STAR logo

Several excellent logos have been added to the original post today, keep them coming!

"concentrating on the trivia while the main issues go be default. If you really want to know why you are not going to win the election, people, just read this thread. The words "own", "up", "backsides" and "your" come to mind." Richard North

Thank you Richard I'm glad i'm not the only one that feels the same.

An oak tree symbolises continuity, strength and environmentalism... but is it too English for a Unionist party?
The Rowan symbolises positivity harmonising chaotic energies and rejection of negativity and was traditionally revered the world around.

In Myth the Demi-God Thor was saved from drowing in a wild rading torrent by holding onto a Rowan and pulling himself ashore.

Is there a prize for the most learned comment? Take a bow Yet Another Anon !Thats sensational!

The dolphin is good but, if you were to knock on someone’s door with that on your rosette, they might think you were selling fish food lol!

..or cat food. 'Cameron cat food - its 100% dolphin.' Sounds good.

Don't worry animal lovers everywhere - i'm just piscine about. ('arf)

Nothing wrong in considering logo improvements at the same time as the bigger issues. If we change logo then it has to be carefully considered as dangerous to rush into decision and have wrong perception or have to change it again. Other than that I like the picture on our web site of Cameron superimposed over the Union Jack,


The torch is still good: "let's go forward and lead, there's much work to do", etc etc. But better still, as it was so apt for the times, why not ask the people who designed it to see what they think now.

Actually, you know i think Cameron IS rather a good idea plus the Union Jack. It indicates we have a stable leader who is going to be in control for a long while( what a pleasant change)and builds on the positive public perceptions of our green , family loving leader.
and of course the union Jack is the best flag in the world so lets stick that in too.

I sort of agree with David Banks @ 11.22, but I don't think that THAT picture of David Cameron does him any favours, and really doesn't look much like him at all, but the overall idea could be good.

Well i'm sure we can dig up some better snaps.

Point is , no reason to worry about oak trees, etc as Cameron sells himself very well without any need for a symbolic explanation.

And how better to show our confidence in our leader than to build our party image around him.
also as a human being its a bit more of an approachable image than multitudes of symbolic wildlife.
People think he's ok , if they associate the party with him they'll think the party is ok. bingo, we win the next election.
And for my nest trick, solving the pensions crisis....

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