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Meh, twig it is. But get a real graphical designer to take a swing at it. That stubby bush could be anything from oak to buddleia.

Poor dolphins...while I offered them purely as no-one else seemed to have picked up on the Today suggestion I found I was getting quite protective of them yesterday as various people impugned their morality (not only here but on Guido & Iain Dale)

It really is a remarkable design. The oak tree symbolises everything that Conservatives should be about: Conservation, deeply rooted, longevity, stability, aspiration (as the tree grows and grows), and tradition. The modern look of the oak tree blends in with our need to modernise as well. To have Conservatve in green is also a very clever thought.

Krieg Barrie is very talented, creative and original. I hope very much that CCO look seriously at this design

Oak tree leaves are a different shape than depicted in that logo.

I am really not sure that is an oak tree.

i think its an Amelanchier lamarkii bush judging from the leaves.

Looks like an olive tree to me. How metropolitan.

Rather appropriate, really:

Hitler law used against our oaks; EU limits planting of native acorns

A Brussels directive preventing millions of British acorns being planted to
grow British oak trees is based on a Nazi law intended to preserve the racial
purity of German forests, according to a leading forestry expert.

Andy Gordon, a Shrewsbury tree seedsman and former senior official with the
Forestry Commission, says the European Union's Forest Reproductive Material
directive, signed by member states in 1966, updated in 1975, and now limiting
the number of native acorns that nurserymen can use as seed in the UK, is based on the German Forest Race Law of 1934, promulgated under Hitler.

The law required nurserymen to breed only from perfect and pure-bred examples of a species. As the acorn-gathering season closed last week, Dr Gordon said: "I can only meet about 40 per cent of the demand for oak seed because I am not allowed to collect acorns from perfectly good British trees." To meet the shortfall, he will reluctantly follow the rest of the tree-seeds industry and import oak stock from other EU members, including Germany, and from Poland and Hungary.

Dr Gordon, a scientist with a doctorate in seed physiology, became familiar with the directive as a senior official of the Forestry Commission helping to bring the Brussels writ into British law.

"The directive says that you cannot collect your acorns from stands of mixed oak species unless they are of significantly superior form," he said.

He believes that the German lawyer who wrote the Brussels rules simply dusted off the old German law, a tattered copy of which was shown to Dr Gordon several years ago by the then director-general of the German tree seeds trade association, who strongly disapproved of it.

The Brussels directive, following the racial perfectionism of the original German law, demands that acorns be gathered from stands of trees which are as pure as possible and contain only splendid individuals. This is hard to achieve in Britain, where most stands are a hybrid of at least two main species of oak - pedunculate and sessile - and where heavy use for timber has combined with wind, squirrels and rabbits to ensure that many of our remaining fine old oaks look
more characterful than perfect.

The Independent
November 20, 1994

Then again seeing as this 'tree' has a blue trunk and blue leaves i don't know what to make of it. A blue trunk and green leaves would be better. Best of all chop it down and make it into a torch. Held by a chameleon also holding a Union Jack. Riding on a blue phoenix which is sitting on a Dolphin which is riding a Bicycle. Simple and Stylish.

But does it comply mit ze law?

Unt just in case you think it's a spoof, ze law isht here. Note: (23) After harvesting, a master certificate should be issued by the official bodies for all reproductive material derived from approved basic material;

Council Directive 1999/105/EC of 22 December 1999 on the marketing of forest reproductive material.

And, if you had noticed, the trunk, like the Conservative Party, is split down the middle.

I'm glad it's the Oak tree but it does need a serious makeover to make it actually look like an oak tree - whilst retaining the essential simplicity of the design.

Is it a logo for a Building Society or a political party? Someone's having a laugh.

The oak tree is far too bloody English!

Richard, another adjective I'd add to the tree would be "balanced" - it does bear both left and right, but it is still rooted at the centre.

To be an effective logo it mustn't get any more complicated than it already is - so it can be clearly seen when small and isn't impossible to draw. I don't think it is realistic to have an oak tree with clearly discernable oak leaves. If anyone can draw a better one feel free to put your money where your mouth is!

The oak leaf is already used by the National Trust.

West Brom Building Society

Well done to the Oak tree! Thanks to all those who voted for my lion :-)

Quigley Cox,

"The oak tree is far too bloody English!"

Druids, Celts, King Charles I.

"The oak leaf is already used by the National Trust." Annabel Herriott at 10:32

Now there's a thought. Merge the CP with the NT and you can have the CPNT - "Chasse Pêche Nature Traditions", the French Huntin' Shootin' and Fishin' Party.

Trouble with any logo is that someone always wants to change it every few years. Which means dumping loads of stationery. This is not very environmentally friendly is it? Just use "The Conservative Party"...unless there are plans to change this too ?

If anyone can draw a better one feel free to put your money where your mouth is!

but it's so much easier to provide helpful suggestions than actually do the work!

Especially for those of us with drawing skills beneath that of a 6 year old!

The only good thing about that oak tree is its Caroline implication.

The rot set in with faction and its tiresome little sister, Whiggery, and too much port and disloyal oaths. Once we're rid of that, and the King Enjoys His Own Again, our great party will be back in business. (Well, in a landed, business-hating sort of way ...)

Also looks deceptively like the CPRE logo. While I know there are plenty of Conservatives who hate to think that a growing, ageing and increasingly wealthy population might require more homes to be built on *gasp* green land, it wouldn't do the Tories much good with the aspirational swing voters if they are thought of being closely associated with the self-titled "army of NIMBYs".

What makes you think some swing voters aren't NIMBYs? Not wanting the pleasant-looking countryside around you being ploughed over is a natural feeling shared by many people.

James, that is rather a negative take. It's not going to be very easy to stay carbon neutral if we rip up all the trees in this country to build hoards of new houses. Like richard says, swing voters care about their envoirnment. It's all to easy to paint these people as NIMBYs. We need to argue our corner more instead of letting ourselves be portrayed by Labour propoganda.

With that particular design though, the split trunk looks like two people, standing back-to-back, bent forward because they are carrying a load of lemons.

I agree with Andrew Woodman @ 16.11, I think we have allowed ourselves to be manipulated by labour propaganda, but I am hoping that just this last week is evidence that things are changing.

Did I see it right in the supermarket at lunchtime, in one of the tabloids - Express - Mirror, reporting Blair as saying that HE will build new prisons????

Back to topic! I think the oak tree looks better away from all the other designs, and even the green lettering works quite well.

Andrew Woodman: growing trees, cutting them down and building them into permanent structures is better than carbon neutral, it's a carbon sink! The CO2 embodied in the wood of house frames isn't going anywhere fast.

Don't let your NIMBY lead your environmentalism. They're as often opposed as aligned.

Re New Prisons
When the oil runs out ,those rigs off the coast of Scotland should make ideal sites for new prisons.
Have to agree with Chad , its not a tree , its two people carrying a load of lemons.

The oak tree is fitting as it has a solid, non-changing, old fashioned, established feel. This contrasts nicely with the acorn, being a seed of new hope that I have used for my new ukip site.

I guess that is fair. The Tories are the old guard, and ukip represents the new hope.

I've got a feeling some won't agree with me on this one! :-)

We don't have too many log cabins up here Julian. Perhaps a policy of compulsory shed building might be an idea!

ukip - the new hope? Yeah right!!!!
(please note that is sarcasm , not approval.)

I like the new oak tree logo, with the green lettering that was on today's early homepage. Very strong.

63% - thats massive. Oh dear , goodbye torch , hello tree.
By the way , does anyone know what happened to Kilroy? Is he still alive?

The logo at the top of the page is nicely designed, however this graphic style is more appropriate for health sector or preservation of nature.

The tree is definitely not an OAK tree. An Oak, would give an old, strong, experienced and sheltering feeling which this one is not. I like ths logo. It needs a bit of brushing though. The Two T's (trunks) are a bit widened as if the logo is widened without proportions. Shrink the edges, shrink the leaves!

Well I shall vote for it, That's nice.

58% voted for Krieg Barrie's Oak Tree - three times as many who voted for the Four Nations idea. The Dolphins attracted just 34 votes.

I think Oak Tree deserve more then that, 63% votes are less for it.

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