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Great initiative Iain/Guido!!!

I confidently predict that this will be a best-seller.

Fantastic idea Guido & Iain.

An interesting idea, although I would quibble whether all the examples Iain Dale lists are example of "sleaze".

Lord Irvine's redecorating costs, for example, appear to have been incredibly wasteful, but not sleaze. Others like the deportation of prisoners scandal seem more indicative of gross incompetence...

Worthwhile highlighting though :o)

Perhaps scandal might be better.

I'd like to see Tony "Snow Whiter-Than-White" and the seven dwarves. Surely Charles Clarke was born to play Dopey with those ears.

In response to Chad's post 15:25

As Snow White was, as I understand, a character of great virtue and beauty, perish the thought that Mzzzz Jessa Jowell, Mzzzz Patricia Hewitt, Mzzzz Ruth Kelly, Margaret Beckett or Hilary Armstrong could be considered for the role.

You have my bow!

Do not let them get away with their disgraceful conduct relating to the Single Farm Payment scheme. Any commercial man who treated his creditors the way that farmers are being treated by D.E.F.R.A.would expect a visit from large men in ill-fitting suits wishing to discuss the matter. It is even worse than foot-and-mouth, which was merely grossly incompetent.

New subject. Can anyone put me in line on where to buy a small plastic blue chameleon lapel badge, like the grotesque Vermins we used to wear in 1948? Good for a laugh.

Ed, I think you need to be weary about this. I wouldn't call the David Kelly case "sleaze", and it may look as if we were trying to make cheap jibes and political capital out of the affair.

Sleaze I suppose means indiscretions, enriching oneself by abuse of office, or as we've seen, an uncontrollable libido...

Perhaps the Little Red Book of Labour Scandals?

Is this demanding money back that the gov. overpaid in the first place, causing everything from inconvenience to downright hardship sleaze or mere incompetance????

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