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With the best will in the world, is this supposed to be funny? I read these every week, and wonder, "why?". There is so much to talk about, so many important things to focus on - can we just get on with it?

Gee how helpful that was. If you don't have anything positive to say, Gareth, when someone has taken the time to write an article (or in William's case, a column) then don't say anything at all. Keep it up William: your column makes me laugh anyways.

Donal you are spot on! Gareth life must be very 'heavy' for you, you remind me of a socialist activist who browbeats his followers, fearful that if he doesn't they might get frivolous and neglect WHAT REALLY MATTERS!

How about "Being John Prescott"? There is a risk that it would be banned.

Come on some of you, get a life for goodness sake what wrong with a bit of light relief.
I thought it was excellent and very amusing, just what we need from time to time, carry on the good work.

Having looked at the comments (many vitriolic, some OTT) added to the petition about Cherie Blair, I do feel that the obviously spoof ones (Mugabe etc) should be removed before presenting it, otherwise it will lose much of its impact.
Also I think its very existence needs a little more publicity.
I hope you get thousands of (legitimate) signatures.

is this supposed to be funny?

Not only is it supposed to be, it is.

How William maintains his high standard is a mystery to me but CH would be poorer without the movie reviews and I trust I'm in the majority in thinking that;

David Belchamber I agree with you about the petition, there doesn't seem to have been anything about it in the papers either, not that I saw. Chirac is another one that seems unlikely.

I look forward to William's movie review all week and he never disappoints. Humour is often the most powerful weapon, and looking at the present apology for a Government if you don't laugh you'll cry.

" I read these every week, and wonder, "why?"."

I wonder "why?" too.... "why" do you read it every week if you don't like it?

If you think there are better things to be done with your time then by all means do them, but leave those of us who enjoy a little humour at the expense of our ridiculous government in peace.

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