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Kirlees is having the count on Friday. Huddersfield sports centre, admittance with pass only from 9.45am. So today, after a quick weekend shop, I will be telephone canvassing for one of ours(Tony brice) who is defending his seat. After friday, I shall just lie down and read a trashy book!!!

It will be well deserved, I'm sure, Annabel!

Got handed a vote blue go green leaflet at Euston station last night. Good local stuff, ie Tory councils are greener, cleaner and cheaper.

Without wishing to undermine our cause it must be pointed out that Tory councils are in predominantly affluent areas. This makes lower council taxes more affordable and crime less of a problem.

I suppose I highlighted the above point to suggest that we should provide evidence of where we've improved deprived areas and achieved significant council tax and crime cuts.

Exactly Richard!

"Conservative councils are greener, cleaner, safer and cheaper than Labour and Lib Dem councils"

One might as well state "small towns and villages are greener, cleaner, safer and have less disadvantaged people than cities."

I was pretty suprised to see qutie a large amount of students going down to vote today, far more than I expected.

Here, behind enemy lines, one Conservative vote wont do anything, but on such a nice day it is difficult to not be in a good mood.

My local Polling Station (Kensington and Chelsea) had queues when I left for work and just now when I got back. The truly fantastic weather probably helped a lot.

Good luck to all Conservatives standing. I am off to the count. Will be online later.

Good luck everyone! There are no elections round here so I feel somewhat isolated from all the excitement.

People always say that good weather brings out the voters, whilst rain keeps them away.

I think some research has been done into these kinds of claims, which found that it was complete nonsense.

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