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Arrived in post yesterday and has place of honour in the smallest room :-)

Excellent idea.Well done Iain and Guido let's hope that you can generate enough publicity to make this book a best seller.

Go on buy it, 1% of it was written by me......

I got my copy through the post last night and went straight to my 1% input.

It is very pleasing to see your own work in print.

What a great idea. I will definitely be getting a copy. One of those must have books for the shelf in the downstairs loo!!

Got mine too, happy to contribute my 1%, also, page 125 is the best page in my opinion!

Guido: "Three weeks ago as a fresh wave of New Labour sleaze washed up over the rotting body politic like yesterday's sewage, Tony Blair again made another attempt to make out that it was not as bad as the bad old Tory days..."

Yesterday's sewage couldn't have washed over anything three weeks ago. What you meant was 'Three weeks ago as a fresh wave of New Labour sleaze washed up over the rotting body politic like sewage which would now be at least 22 days old...'

It's this sort of basic slip-shod factual inaccuracy that gives blogging such a bad name.

Good book, though. How about a CH competition to see who can get the best coverage for it?

Yes, but won't your mums and selection committees want to read your shrewd political writings?

Go on, get them to go down Waterstones...

Whats page 125 Gregor??

You'all done good - but star turn in my view is Hoby's cartoon of Prescott and secretary on the title page (just the right touch of Dracula & Jabba the Hutt) More Hoby in next edition!

I hope to see every Tory MP waving their copy at next PMQs.


I am the bad name of blogging.

Anon - as Gregor too shy to respond "The Second Resignation of David Blunkett MP" authored by Gregor :-)

I thought page 131 was where the book peaked :)

I wonder whether this book will make it outside political circles.

I hope it does make it out of political circles - it is the floating voters of the next Election who need to see it!!

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