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So would I!Anne Widecombe and Chris Bryant would be pretty funny too!

According to Guido since Cornerstone's Mr Hayes made his comments the number of listed MPs supporting it seems to have declined drastically.

It's interesting that Haye's salvo against the cappuchino set delivered such results, while last year's sidewswipe at homosexuals had no such effect.

Perhaps Tim should publish a "z-list" of Cornerstone members, as Guido suggests?

How many of our lady contributors have considered or would seriously consider a parliamentary career?

You might want to ask how many lady contributors under the age of 70 we have on the site first!

I would seriously consider a parliamentary career, but I'd either have to get parachuted into a more welcoming constituency, or wait until the old bat heading my local association dies!

Tory Lady, I expect all the ladies under 70 are out there earning a crust, and dont have time for blogging un less they are entitled to a day off!

It looks to me like ConservativeHome's demographic is actually very representative of the Tory Party. Men of all ages and mainly females over 70. It doesn't look good.

Perhaps the editor should try and get a rough demographic of the people who read and post on this site.

IIRC the thread was John Hayes using his press release to "attack" (BBC speak) Cameron. Sadly, I suspect it was just clumsy.

However, those urabinstas amongst us, who after all elect the majority of MPs, really do have to stamp on anything which allows the voters - remember them? - to be confirmed in their suspicions about the nasty old Tories. And that means that ANY press release put out by any group with any Tory conections has to be re-read and thought though on the basis of what our opponents will spin it as.

That Hayes cannot do this is indicative of his outlook on life/politics/media. Personally, I always thought "chi-chi" was rural, country cottage, chintzy, and a bit, well, retired colonelish. Sound familiar?

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