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In political terms, it will work both ways, of course. A supportive blogosphere can help a Party to victory, but its hostility can do real damage. With near on 10 million broadband users out there, there is a massive, untapped constituency to play for.

Richard is right, micro campaigning can be both positive and negative. I am sure that by the time of the next election , it will make a difference.

Silent majority Mr Blair? Does that include the silent majority who want the return of the death penalty and tighter restrictions on immigration? Ah, of course, you only appeal to the "people" when it suits you to.

Blogs are great for local election campaigns - we set one up for each of our by-election / local election candidates and then promote the blog address on election literature.

While it's no substitue for knocking on doors and speaking to the voters face to face, it does add another tool for interaction during a campaign and best of all it costs virtually nothing.

I quite agree with you Richard @ 11.09, Blair only appeals to us, the people when it suits him. Not only that he seems to be becoming almost paranoid in his instantaneous reaction to press articles lately. He really has become a 'sound-bite junkey'!!

Either he is so shallow that he really thinks the general public will be impressed by some instant comment (they might have been initially, but I think the results in the local elections show that a fair number of the general public are not THAT stupid anymore).

Or he is getting so desperate that he is trying anything to maintain the influence that he once had.

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