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Labour say there are advantages to their subregionalism agenda for the police but those advantages cannot be greater than the benefit of getting 25,000 more coppers on to our streets. It is for similar practical reasons I am against ID cards. I have no civil liberties concerns about them. On the contrary, if they could be implemented correctly I think they would enlarge the liberties of the law-abiding. My concern with ID cards is that they cost too much. The money the government will spend on ID cards would be better spent on more police, improved intelligence and proper border security.

Beware the regionalisation of the police. It is not funded and has been rushed without real understanding of the practical realities in areas like Wales. Local taxpayers will end up paying yet another stealth tax as a result and having less local control and community policing.


I am surprised there are only two comments on this issue so far.
Creeping regionalisation is a huge issue: police, ambulance, fire services, planning... the list goes on.
Policy is to abolish Regional Assemblies when we win power. What happens in the meantime? There seem to be many Conservative councillors actively promoting these bodies. How do we explain that on the doorstep?

Since Heath's 1974 re-organisation of local government it seems to have become policy for ever more amalgamation and moving towards regional rather than local bodies.

We should be actively trying to destroy the non-elected regional assemblies, we should be attacking in particulat this amalgamation of the Police.

It is yet another policy from that highly efficient & effective Home Office. It will not be funded properly, will take policing further from the people and puts the Home Sectretary in an unecessarily powerful position - politicising the police.

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