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Iain Duncan Smith for setting up the Centre of Social Justice for me.

I second that. A second option here is Liam Fox for his "broken society" campaign during last years Leadership election. But first and foremost IDS.

Yeah I think IDS probably wins this but honourable mentions for David Cameron and Liam Fox.

Yip, going with IDS here.

His leadership wasn't brilliant, but his major achievement was to bring issues of social justice to the forefront and he is still fighting to keep them there.

John Prescott... for services to human resource management.

The thing with IDS's social justice agenda is that was ahead of the times. I cant think of a Tory now that would say that social justice isnt integral to the Conservative Party. Back then, the Party seemed a little reluctant on it.

Second IDS and Fox.



Nomination: Terry Leahy, Tesco Chief Exec

Citation: For success in selling high volume goods at lower prices, hence improving the lives of ordinary Britons, and turning an 80's dog into a 00's global star.

I dont like the idea of Leahy. You are right with the last bit and he definitely has incredible business acumen, but the success of Tesco's has been at the expense of smaller shops, forced to close down because they cant possibly compete. Working in a shop under threat from the big business of the Big Three, I must disagree with your nomination, though I understand why you propose it.

Those of us in the countryside though owe a huge debt of thanks to Tesco, as no other small nor large rival to Tesco delivers to the really rural areas.

In fact, the Tesco truck probably helps cut down an enormous amount of long car journeys for those of us who would have a long way to go to the nearest supermarket.

On the other hand Tesco's monopoly of many rural areas creates massice supply chain strains on local businesses.

Philippa Stroud for going from setting up houses for drug addicts and the homeless to being Director of the CSJ.

Ray Lewis for the EYLA

Ben Rogers for his work with CSW and being Vice Chairman of the Conservative Human Rights Commission.

Lord Kalms for funding R1N when social justice was not seen part of conservative thought.

Editor for pioneering the work with R1N!

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