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My word! Francis Maude saying something I agree with... will wonders never cease?

Oh no. Now John Prescott has given up his country retreat, he'll be free to spend more time on the job. God help us all.

Welcome back James, by the way.

Francis excellent on newsnight.Never thought I'd be able to say that.

Who gets the house now? Or will they rent it out to get some of our cash back?

Yes Francis was good on Newsnight (no tie). Labours two defenders were absolutely awful. Away days for crying out load!!!

hahaha love it! Never thought Id see Maude ripping anyone apart...

And its in the Labour Party's interests for Maude to stay in position for as long as possible as well!

"But John Prescott’s absurd antics are ultimately not what matters to people"

Is this actually true? I'm not so sure it is.


I don't think the antics would matter if the government was seen to be in shape. Unfortunately for Prezza, his antics simply add to the image of a government in meltdown.

At least he kept us all laughing. And he made the government seem human - which with this lot was a major achievement. Who's the next Weakest Link?

Now start the campaign to get him out of Admiralty Arch.
Then the campaign to have him sued for workplace bullying.
Then time his resignation from DPM just in time for Labour's conference.

This one will run and run. Well, maybe wheeze and waddle. Ask not for whom the bell tolls Prezza. It tolls for thee, you fat narrow-minded slug.

No Graeme,Francis Maude made the point on Newsnight last night that having Prescott in place is actually good for the Conservative party.He can't really do any damage to the country now as he has so few responsibilities but he can be held up to the electorate as an advertisement for Nulabour incompetence and sleaze.

PS Excellent last paragraph.Made me laugh out loud!

Prezza obviously hasn't read his 'Alice in Wonderland'. The croquet game is followed by the trial of the Knave who mishandled the tarts.

Please read the BBC "Have your say" on this topic. The general public (if bloggers on BBC can be classified that generally) are very scathing on Prescott. Check out readers most recommended comments
Keeping him in place is doing the Conservatives a great deal of good.

I just think the continual claim that "the public don't care" about these matters has been shown to be false, not just in this instance, but in others too.

I think many members of the public (especially women) *were* shocked and horrified at the pictures of John Prescott with his secretary, and I think they felt an immense amount of sympathy for Pauline. Similarly, I think the public was turned off (in more ways than one) by the Mark Oaten affair.

The political commentators and politicians have tried to avoid the obvious conclusion in both these cases. In Prescott's case, they've tried to turn it into an issue of "abusing public office", and in Oaten's one of "hypocrisy" because he had presented himself as a family man. In both cases, I think this totally misses the point. I think the public were turned off because they were cheating on their wives and that's all there is to it.

Does anyone seriously believe that if Mark Oaten hadn't presented himself as a family man that his position wouldn't still have been untenable in light of public opinion?

The politicians and the political class in general may see these affairs as merely "private matters", I'm not so sure that the general public does.

Frankie done good on Newsnight. But where was he when the the avalanche of Campbell's spin swamped medialand. Being humble and apologetic. Keep going new style Frankie.

I despise John Prescott as I despise all thuggish cretins with a chip on their shoulder. To be honest I am disappointed he is giving up Dorneywood because it means there will now be less pressure on him to resign.

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