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Tories gain Bassetlaw.

I think a few of the NOC can be chalked up to Con gains.

"George Galloway's Respect set to be biggest party in Tower Hamlets (unconfirmed)"

If the BNP also win there I wonder if RESPECT will put their No Platform policy into action at council meetings?!

Where di we just gain? We just flipped from -1 councils to 0 net.

Where di we just gain? We just flipped from -1 councils to 0 net


BNP seem to have gained 3 in Sandwell.

Yay, (kind of) Lib Dems take one off Labour in Newcastle. Unfortunately we didn't get anything :-(

We've lost a good councillor in Derby by just 8 votes. Very annoying. Still looking a good night overall.

Now for a diversion. How are UKIP doing?

Richard, 1 seat for UKIP, 11 for BNP. All otehr independents/small parties seem to be suffering.

UKIP have gained one seat so far, Richard. Don't know anything else about them.


>>>>Con gains all over North West. Chin up.<<<<
They lost a seat in Macclesfield where both Labour and the Liberal Democrats gained a seat each and in Manchester the Conservatives still don't have a seat and the Liberal Democrats didn't make any headway.

A win by Antony Little in Norwich apparently. Well deserved.

Lib Dems say they may take Richmond. There's a massive Tory majority. Is this possible?!

There would have to be a big difference in the local national swings for that to happen Richard.

The Tory majority in Richmond is very deceptive. Most of our wards are held on slim margins. I hope we hang on though. It would a disgrace though if the Lib Dems after nearly bankrupting the council were able to take it again. It says little of what is meant to be the best educated part of the country.

Lib Dems say they may take Richmond

Did I hear the BBC's London Editor accidentally describing that as "some good news" then stumbling as he realised what he said? I must be mistaken because the BBC would never allow such bias...

I heard that too Mark. Very strange.

Tories now have a net gain of 2 councils. Which ones are they?

The Tories have taken 5 seats in Barrow-in-Furness, I live there and that will be a huge shock, the Labour ethic is ingrained in people from birth here.

Yet another, I would direct your attention to Chester, Bury and Rochdale and Tameside, where Cons have gained seats.

BNP gain one in Reddich, :-(

Chorley and Bassetlaw Richard.

Just broke +100 (after 93 councils). Labour -93, LD +7, Oth -14.

St Albans just fell to lib dems from NOC. I really want to know whether our gain is South Marshalswick or Verulam though.

Lib Dems gain St Albans from NOC. They took two seats from Labour and the Tories took one.

Now John Reid is trying to convince us that 'nearly half the people want Tony Blair to go until after the next election'. On the BBC of course.

BBC reporting we have won Crawley in Sussex - a council we have NEVER held. We cut the Lab majority to 37 last year as well.

Excellent news.

Should the Tories have gained more seats by now? Or do we expect them to start piling up as London results come in?

Yes! Conservative have gained Crawley!

Crawley is HUGE but the BBC is not mentioning it at all, thats the biggest result this evening...

Well, just over half of councils have returned their results and we have gain of 106 seats. The London Bouroughs should give us some serious gains, so I imagine we will easily break 200 by the end of the night.

As we hit +100 and LD only go to +7 it's pure pleasure to watch Sarah Tether's increasingly forced smile.

"Crawley is HUGE but the BBC is not mentioning it at all, thats the biggest result this evening..."

I think we narrowly missed out on winning there in the GE last year.

So far, results are decent but not great.

Very disingenuous Goldie. We have 55 more than you predicted already unless you think we will have a London meltdown!!

We've just GAINED me!!!

I won my ward in Huntingdonshire, taking it from the Lib Dems. I reduced a 450 majority to 90 in 2004 and have just gained a 250 majority tonight.

What a day!

Andrew: obviously my particular prediction was wrong, but that doesn't mean the overall result is good from Cameron's point-of-view.
It's a bit of wash, really, right now. A little bit better than 2004, which is okay for Cameron but can't be as good as he hoped. And given low turn-out etc. etc. it doesn't say much for the General Elections.

There is, in any case, NO Labour melt-down, when they've had one of their worst three week period since coming into power.

We'll have to await London. Also, Cons are not consistently outbattling LibDems. As I said: a bit of a wash, decent but not great.

Congrats Richard

Well done Richard!

Well done Richard. Well deserved.

Congratulations, Richard.

A party called England First formed by ex-BNP members and favouring splitting the UK and having a seperate English Nation has gained 2 seats on Blackburn Council apparently, if anything it appears that they hold more extreme views than the BNP.

Richard Bailey, Congratulations :D Glad you stuck at it since 2004 as well.

Harsh in the extreme Goldie. You should work for the BBC.

Congrats from me, too, Richard!

"Council apparently, if anything it appears that they hold more extreme views than the BNP."

I think they're in some way affiliated to the British Peoples' Party who accuse the BNP of being sell-outs. They want compulsory repatriation of non-whites. Not sure what the EFP's policy is on this but probably the same.

Please, Andrew. Just consider what these results would have been if the Clark and Prescott stories did NOT break in the last two weeks.

Cameron really should have done better, that's been my opinion for a while.

But I await London.

Sky don't seem to be mentioning it on their ticker yet, but according to the Swindon Borough Council Elections site, we've held on with a much increased majority - including unseating a 20 year incumbent Labour councillor in the ward I live in.

Overall Council: Con 40, Lab 14, LD 3, O 2


Just back from Bassetlaw. 4 gains and Tories take control! A great result with gains in urban Worksop>

"The EFP will stop almost all immigration into England, increase the departure rate of failed asylum seekers and usher in a policy of humane voluntary repatriation for other non-White immigrants. "

Hmm, seems they have the same dubious policy as the BNP. "We're not extreme because we no longer believe in compulsory repatriation". Yes, but you still want them to leave!

Hmm, I was watching BBC mainly but Sky seem to be more on the ball, and they're suggesting much better numbers for Cameron than the BBC.

Crawley decided on the toss of a coin. Who'd have thought it!

Jesus! Crawley and St Albans both had seats with lots drawn. In Crawley we won against Labour, in St Albans we lost to the Lib Dem... *prays that the lit drawing didn't happen in South Marshalswick*

... and St Albans too. Win some, lose some.

Well done Jonathan. I look forward to ToryRadio's Bassetlaw special.

Watching the BBc website live in the USA-looks like a great night so far. Congrats to all new Tory councillors. Now, anxiously awaiting London results. A great night can, and should, get even better!

Well with London to come Jon, here's hoping!

The Lib Dems are, so far, doing shockingly in terms of councillor net gains.

Sky is saying if a GE was held based on the current vote percentages the Tories would be several seats short of an overall majority.

Gained Coventry

Held Solihull. More Lib Dem failings

Good news for the Tories in Hammersmith and Fulham according to Sky. Have taken 3 seats so far.

BNP have gained a seat in Solihull. Strong rumours they might have gained in Tower Hamlets. With Respect guaranteed of seats there I'd love to be a fly on the wall in their council meetings if the BNP do get a seat!

Mole valley has come over to CON from NOC

Final result Wandsworth we strengthen our hold taking 1 off labour

Tories gain mole Valley.

Hmm, I should go to bed soon!

Best news of night is so few LD wins in terms of councillors. The dirty tricks brigade are coming a VERY poor 3rd. EXCELLENT!!!!

Richard, my warmest congratulations for your success. Great to see!

Getting tired, but I at least want to see Hammersmith, Harrow and Camden declare.

What's Radio Five's coverage like, Alexander?

Rather pathetic that we still can't win a single seat in Oxford.

Love your optimistic outlook Goldie.

BNP seem to be doing well in Barking so far. Surprise surprise.

Goldie, do we even properly contest Oxford seats or do we just have paper candidates there?

I live in the "fact-based community", Andrew, not in la-la-land.

Thank you Plymouth! (Keith's a Plymouth boy).

Chris: Cons have certainly been trying to regain seats in Oxford over the years.

The Tories have done bloody well so far, with some good London results to come. Surprise of the night is the poor performance of the Lib Dems so far, although they may also pick up in London.

Surprise there then - Con hold for Kensington and Chelsea

I switched over to Radio Four a while ago Tim - listening while packing today (moving house). I got sick of the football stuff on 5 Live.

Radio Four talking heads sounding pretty down, implying that Con gains in South don't have the same political value as Con gains in North.

Vince Cable was quiet - he sounded as though he knew what was coming in London and didn't like the thought of it.

R4 tone also sounded pretty down about the big swing in a big Lab ward in Hammersmith and Fulham....

Will have to go offline shortly for a few hours - will come back on later once movers have been and gone.

I'll be looking forward to the analysis over the weekend...

I agree that the big surprise is the Lib Dem flop.

Labour aren't doing as badly as I hoped and the Tories aren't doing as well as I hoped. Let's hope the London results improve things.

If you can't even win any councillers in Liverpool, Manchester, Oxford etc. how can you win the General Election?

Harrow is being tipped to turn blue (5 new seats at least), Hammersmith and Fulham is seeing big swings (8% in one area) and is expected to turn blue. The news that enfield may go to Labour sounds peculiar though...

I agree with Martin - my favourite feeling so far is the failure of the LibDems to breakthrough. Ming the Voteless.

Is anyone online from, or connected to, Enfield? Just heard a rumour that Labour were going to regain the council!

I note Sky are quicker than the BBC website. They've got the Tories on a net gain of 6 councils while the latter have them on a net gain of just 4.

re Oxford: it's OUCA territory; with the aforementioned organisation being - how do I put it - 'unpopular' with the vast bulk of the student body, the party are at a distinct disadvantage.

And there's only two parliamentary constituencies, anyway. There's bigger deals.

Barking BNP have 8 seats so far.

Thanks Alexander. I hope the move goes well.

How do you think you did Graeme?

To put the LibDem failure in perspective: the tiny Green party has made as many gains as Lib Dems.

BNP won a seat in Birmingham only to ber told it was a cockup. Sky are interviewing the "victorious" candidate at the moment.

Enfield: wishful thinking from our BBC London Editor? Stephen Twigg seems to think so.

Enfield (if that loss if for real) would suggest that the Con gains are not as spectacular as advertised by some. It's all a bit of a wash, and as such not particularly encouraging for Cameron so far. After such a disastrous week for Labour, if his Project was really on track, he simply should have done better.

Hi Tim. We won't know until tomorrow - everything in Hackney works poorly, including the vote-counting process. We start at 8am this morning! Oops.

Here is the Hackney predictions from the Graeme-ometer, which I KNOW the entire CH community is waiting for with baited breath:

We currently have 10, Lab 44, Lib 3.

I predict we will win 3 in Queensbridge (incl. the seat Andrew won in the by-election last year) but that we will again NARROWLY fail to take Hoxton (top target). I'm basing that on the briskness of the voting, the Labour machine etc. I think we might pick up 1 in Leabridge. If we do REALLY well in London we might get something in De Beauvoir.

Hoping that Andrew makes second round in the mayoral vote, as last time - but it was quite tight then. There's an extremely popular woman called Hettie Peters standing as an independent - she got the 2nd pref of every Tory I know and she had a fantastic battle bus! If she can beat the loathsome Pipe and become mayor, that's a good result for the people.

I only persuaded Keith to stand in Victoria ward by showing him the results from last time when something called the Christian People's Alliance got more votes than us. By the way, is it a crime (I'm asking hypothetically) to steal a ballot paper because it has both your names on it for probably the first and last time in history?

Oh! Just heard Twigg on BBC - BBC is wrong re Enfield.

Tim since you were so kind to ask I will text you Hackney results tomorrow :-0)

Goldie, we've won 44% of seats so far. What more did you want?

GAH! BBC feed has gone down and I've no digital up in my room :( Anyone heard anything more on Harrow or Camden?

Con gain Bexley

All the talking heads on the now defunct BBC will try and say you can't read too much into our gains. I disagree. I remember how we lost Scotland - we lost the councils first. Lose your councillors and you lose not only your party machine for leaflets, canvassing, people-contact; you lose your friendly voice in the local press. So even though at first we thought "if we add up our vote across the constituency then we can still hold on even though we don't control council" - was rubbish. Losing the councils entailed the loss of the parliamentary seats. So I see these far from modest gains as an absolutely vital staging post on the way back to westminster majority because it gives us the footprint and the voice in the living room again.

We've just gained Bexley! We gained 24 seats!!!!

Cons gain 24 seats in Bexley! Now that's what I call a frying!

BNP have 11 BNP councillors in Barking so far. They can't get a maximum of 13 as one of their candidates has lost.

"Others gain Harrow".

Who are "others"?!

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