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I've seen a picture of this establishment somewhere else quite recently - Private Eye, perhaps?

I hope he's declared it in the list of members interests!

Bearing in mind the demographics of the employees, he's chosen his investment well.

its actually a bookseller

By a strange coincidence (given the foreground) I'm pretty sure it was in the marvellous Eye edition published at the height - it that's quite the word - of the Lib Dem leadership contest. The one with Ming and his fellow hopefuls on the front cover engaging in some witty repartee (which I won't repeat on a family blog).

"It looks like a hairdressers!"

The prospect of free haircuts may well win Pauline back I guess...

According to the BBC, with virtually all of the results in, the Lib Dems managed to make a terrific, a magnificent, net gain of ONE (count it) ONE councillor.

They must be so proud...

Probably not such a bad result for the LDs. With a Tory revival and the weakening of the Iraq war effect, not to mention their recent troubles, why was anyone ever expecting anything more for them?

A net one Councillor is a stunning achievement for them. I can imagine them excitedly calling home right now "Mummy, Mummy, we won a seat!!!".

Andrew, I think the Lib Dems were hoping for a GE 2005 scenario - being able to pick up seats in traditional Labour areas because of being the natural "protest vote" on the left. Unfortunately for them, that's not happened. In these elections, more people seem to have switched directly from Labour to Conservative, which is quite surprising but a welcome surprise.

Maybe John Prescott's still there to get the beer and sandwiches in - Chief Steward.

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