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The thread will start v soon, Richard!

It's quite possible that all 3 parties will end up with net losses and the Green Party and UKIP making quite sizeable gains and Respect and BNP locally making some gains - Tower Hamlets it appears could end up with both BNP and Respect councillors.

I am being modest in saying that the Conservatives will gain 370 seats.

>>>>10 results declared already according to the BBC. That was quick!<<<<
No doubt they could only put them up as declared after the poll closed because otherwise it might have been considered an infringement of Local Elections Coverage Laws.

I'd say 238, just at a complete guess.

197 but can I buy one anyway? Your explanation of the shields and their importance in building a coalition made me like them even more.

Hi, just came home from Islington count. We didnt manage to win but increased our vote 100-200% across the borough, highest vote we got was 540 in Highbury East.

Henry Cook wins! 316 gains! Sorry about the excitement, have been unwinding with a rather good bottle of Californian red after a long, hard week at the office...

Wowser! Chuffed to bits. Would've looked even better if I hadn't said Labour would lose 450+, but then I can't take account of the Lib Dem's suffering a severe bout of narcolepsy.


M heart is broken.
I'd been fantasising about that mug, and I was so close....only 2 votes short with my guess at 17:05 :-(

Is there a consolatory prize? Seriously, 'cos I'm really upset!

Interesting looking back at peoples' thoughts now :-)

On an aside, I just looked at willhill and they have the Tories at 1.8 for most seats at the next election (Labour 1.9). That's very encouraging - I paid my way through two uni degrees via sports and events gambling, and willhill are pretty much the gold standard when it comes to odds (don't remember ever seeing a single value bet from them!).

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