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Bearing in mind their politics there was a limited number of Smiths songs that he could pick.

The line

.....I was looking for a job and I found a job, and god knows I'm miserable now....

would be useful considering his latest ideas though.

These rewritten lyrics did make me laugh (sorry Dave).

Pink Floyd - good choice.

"Hillary Clinton has just revealed her iPod picks..."

No sign of The Boy Is Mine by Brandy and Monica I see...

Pink Floyd is a great choice, but he should be playing 'Careful with that axe, Eugene' with regard to the A-list. :-)

No Belle and Sebastian! I resign.

Yo! Gordon is so hip Daddio, grooving to the Arctic Monkeys with his homies!

Now Tony had a rival, an evil-looking man,
Called Gordon Brown from Gordonstoun and the sh*t never hit his fan,
From Tessagate to Blunkett and the Ecclestone Affair,
Like Macavity the cat, Gordon strangely wasn't there.

Now Cherie ran between them and tried to keep them apart,
And Tony he pushed her aside but the Hutton Report caught him underneath his heart.
And he looked up in pained surprise as the public's deep disgust
At the reeking stench of Labour sleaze caught him in the eye and Tony bit the dust.

'You can't resign' said Cherie. 'I need far more cash' she said,
But strange things happened in Number 10 as they lay in their bed.
Was that the trees a-rustling ? Or the hinges of the gate ?
Or Gordon's ghastly shrieks of joy at Tony's coming fate ?

They won't forget Tony (To-neeeee)
And he told the biggest porkies in the West.

Well done Jon (and Richard Littlejohn)Absolutely hilarious.Like DC I used to be able to sing the whole song from memory when I was about 9 years old.Unlike him 'though I wouldn't be brave enough to admit it on national radio more than thirty years later.

"Ernie" is a great song! I love it myself though I don't claim to know all the words. Sad, I know.....!!! ;-)

I think John Chilver is making a challenge for William Norton's crown with that post. Brilliant!

Seems like a nice man. Shame about the taste in music - or is he stroking some new (for Tories) electorate?

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