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This is very sad news. Eric Forth MP made a huge contribution to the life of the nation. Condolences to all his family and friends. It will be hard to imagine Parliament without him.

To me the death of Eric has meant we have lost not only one of the best MPs' ever but also a great man.
Every bit of sympathy to his family and friends.

This is a shock. I knew Eric fairly well; I was his constituency YC chairman in Worcs in the 1980s. A colourful character. I agree with Louise: things aren't going to be the same without him.

What a terrible suprise...Parliament wont be the same without him.

This is very sad news and I offer my condolences to Eric's family, friends and colleagues. Eric was the epitome of a true parliamentarian and was always interesting to listen to, whether or not one agreed with him. He will be much missed.

This is hugely sad news.

Although I would count myself as from the other side of the party from Eric Forth on many issues, his ability was never, ever, in doubt. He was a talented politician.

I am very saddened to hear this. I did not know Eric, but he was a tremendous parliamentarian & I always enjoyed his duels with Robin Cook - master-classes in the art of good-humoured but acute political debate.

Shocked. Parliament has lost a great character and will be a worse place without him.

Eric's death is terrible news. A man of great wit, intelligence and principle.

Eric Forth - everything a modern MP should be. Independent, spirited, modest, colourful and tough. My contacts with him were limited but he always impressed me with his humour, honesty and commitment. He will be missed.

A very sad day. Provided tremendous encouragement and friendship to the 2005 intake. His family are in our thoughts and prayers.

This is shocking and tragic news. I can only echo the eloquent tributes above. An Independent, witty, and flamboyant dandy! The Conservative Party has lost a real character.

This is incredibly sad news, and our thoughts must be with Carroll. Eric was an oustanding parliamentarian who will be mightily missed by all of us working around Westminster. He never swayed from voicing his opinions, however controversial, and was incredibly good company. The Commons will be a less colourful place without him.

I will only echo all the things said above of Eric Forth MP. It is very sad news indeed and a complete shock. My condolences to all his family and friends. Parliament and this country are the political losers. I wish there were many more men such as he in Parliament.

I had a chance to meet Eric and Carroll at an event I held last year. He was fantastic company and spent time talking to almost everyone.

His parliamentary performances were always worth watching. He will be deeply missed by everyone who knew him.

Shocked. He was a repository of wisdom on matters diverse, and generous with his time to those who needed support and encouragement in the House. He will genuinely be missed.

Eric Forth was the embodiment of principle. His views never wavered. Nor did his commitment to his friends. He would place his principles above his own ambitions and was the truest friend anyone could want in politics.

He emboldened me throughout the last decade to run for Party and elected office, as well as to set up and continue through tough times with the Young Britons' Foundation.

People like Eric Forth are rare in politics. His death leaves a gaping hole in the Party and I am deeply distraught by his death.

This is indeed shocking news. On one of my rare visits to London last week I saw him waiting for a bus with his arm in a sling. Never realised how ill he was. He will be sorely missed.

I am shocked and stunned by this news.

Eric Forth gave a speech in a neighbouring constituency to a group of party members from across the county that I once lived in. That speech turned me from being an activist into being a candidate. His strong beliefs made me realise that we all have a voice and should use it. I would be devastated if we nominate a one-dimensional lackey to replace such a deeply principled and talented man.

He was a great Parliamentarian. The Party committee here in Gibraltar send our heartfelt regrets and condolences to his wife, family and friends.


He was remarkable. Someone who said exactly what he thought, clearly and without hesitation. There are not many left in the House who are like that, and he will be greatly missed. My condolences to family, friends and colleagues.

Very very sad. His family and friends are in my thoughts.

My favourite Eric Forthism came a few weeks back when he called for Sir Menzies Campbell to 'declare his interest' when Campbell started asking a question about pensions at PMQs.

As others have noted, his passing is both shocking and sad news.

My condolences to Eric Forth's family and friends. Parliament has lost one of the most notable orators, and Parliamentary operator, of recent times. The Party has lost a guiding hand, at a time when he is most needed.

Our condolences too, a great Parliamentarian regardless of his views.
Our own take
Family values MP dies

We are devastated locally by this news. All of our thoughts and sympathies are with Carroll and the family.

The Country has lost an outstanding Parliamentian,we have lost an excellent MP and many of us have lost a true friend.

He was a great man, quite unique in some ways and will be sorely missed.

I feel very proud and honoured to have known him. RIP Eric

Very distressed to hear this . He was a great parliamentarian and always championed the supremacy of Westminster over Brussels. The only thing we can do in his memory is to continue his work in that respect.

So Young!

May light perpetual shine on him and grant him peace; and peace and comfort to his family.

Whenever anyone of our generation speaks of Eric Forth, it will always be accompanied by a mental image of a strong man of character, courage and consistency. As others have said, his sudden death is tragic and he will be greatly missed.

As a friend and constituent of Eric's I was shocked to hear that he died. My condolences to Carroll and his children.

He was an excellent local MP. Although he didn't hold surgeries he was always willing to call personally on a constituent who need his help.

We first met shortly after I was elected to the House in 1987as MP for Pembroke. Eric, Roger King, David Shaw and I were part of a small group of MPs who used the procedure of the House to expose the folly of the Kinnock led Labour Party. Eric's knowledge of Parliamentary procedure and his ready wit helped us to regularly embarrass Neil Kinnock.

Later as fellow members of the No Turning Back Group and ministers he was a joy to work with. A great Parliamentarian who will much missed and difficult to replace. A one off. RIP

This is very sad news.

My thoughts are with his family and friends and May He Rest In Peace.

Very sad news indeed. I didn't always agree with Eric but his commitment to conservatism and the Conservative Party was unquestionable. He will be sorely missed by the party and by Parliament.

Indeed this is sad news, and shocking too.

This is sad. We need characters in parliament and we need as a party to ensure we have a breadth of people and don't become homogenised,


An unreconstructed hero of mine. Sad loss to the party.He kept Labour in the Commons for many early morning sessions. A great Parliamentarian.

Eric Forth is irreplaceable. Parliament will be a much duller place without him.

Extremely sad news about Eric Forth.

I remember when he was Higher Education Minister in 1995 and I was then a student at LSE. I watched when he came to open the new LSE Hall of residence in High Holborn and a crowd of lefties were shouting at him and pelted him with flour.

A few years later I became politically active in the Conservative party in Bromley and got chatting to Eric at a dinner. I asked him how he felt on that occasion when I watched him being flour bombed and he said he couldn’t remember the incident at all! He said that all he could remember about that day was how good looking the (female) president of the LSE students union was! I thought what a thick skinned person he must have been to have completely forgotten that incident. He was a great man and a superb representative for Bromley and Chislehurst.

We have truly lost an A CLASS Conservative and parliamentarian.

He apparently said "I believe in tax cuts, grammar schools and big business - am I still a Conservative?" to David Cameron.

Does anyone possibly know the response? I ask this not to cause trouble but because I am genuinely interested. I think it says a lot about him that he is willing to stick his head above the parapet to ask the tough questions. This is now forever lost to Parliament. Rest in peace.

The biggest tribute I can offer to Eric Forth's values and aim to oppose the A-list and to act as a potent cross-party protest against the big 3 colluding on state funding is for Imagine to stand for this seat on a small c conservatism platofrm.

I will be setting up a special site for the campaign and will let you know when it is up and running.

Eric's fighting spirit and conservative values will live on, and the people of his constituency have the eyes of the nation on them as they could change the direction of positive discrimination and state funding before the next general election with this vote.

* No a-list positive discrimination
* No state funding of political parties
* Pro-Grammar schools

Yes, Eric you were a true conservative and I hope I can continue your fight to conserve conservatism.

I remember Eric Forth from the West Midlands, when I was involved in the area YC's. We were on opposite wings of the party, but he involved himself fully in Area events, and was never less than thoroughly interesting. I must be getting older and more reactionary, though, for I find myself mourning the loss of someone who took a clear stand against unnecessary legislation, who knew the importance of parliament, and who supported unfashionable but successful institutions such as grammar schools.

It is rare for an MP who has not held high office to be well known, but Eric Forth achieved that - testament to the fact that parliament can occasionally produce great characters.

Every person from a poorer background who has been lucky enough to benefit from a grammar school education will find David Cameron's stance of having no problem with privileged education based on wealth, but against privileged education based on talent, very hard to swallow.

The deeply sad and incredibly shocking death of Eric Forth is a devastating blow to both conservatism and to parliament. He was undeniably one of the great parliamentarians of his generation. His clarity of thought, his certainty in his convictions, his loathing of consensus and his willingness to always speak his mind made him a truly great MP. His passing leaves a gaping hole in our parliament and he will be sorely missed. RIP

I think Eric Forth believed in the supremcy not just of Westminister over Brussels but the House of Commons over the executive and I believe that if you want true democracy back in this country you should be fighting for the restorment of both.
Sadly I can not say I admired most of his views. If his views were contined to be advocated by the leadership of the party you would have about as much chance of winning the next election as the new leader of the Lib/Dems as of becoming Prime Minister.

Apart from his conversion from europhile to staunch eurosceptic the following quotes [Telegraph today] are worth pondering on.

To David Cameron this year - " I believe in lower taxes, grammer schools and big business, Mr Cameron? Am I still a Conservative?"

Earlier when Hague was backing the Commission for Racial Equality:- "All this sucking up to minorities is ridiculous; there are millions of people in this country who are white, Anglo-Saxon and bigoted and they need to be represented"

This will infuriate "Tory"woman but - what the hell!

And Jack Stone, surely you are saying the end justifies the means. I don't want a Conservative government led by a leader who spurns decades of Tory values and has only got borrowed principles.

I am afraid christine like most right-wingers you talk absolute rubbish.
David Cameron is keeping to the one nation values that Macmillian, Churchill etc believed in. He believes that we must first help those who have no alternative but to use the public services to have the health care they and there families deserve and the standard of education that you can only buy.
David Cameron and those leading the party now are first and foremost about helping those at the bottom to have the opportunities that those at the top have and bringing people together not about tax cuts, lining the pockets of the well off and an unhealthy contempt and hatred for all things foreign.
I agreed with Eric Forth on some things but I am afraid most of his views belonged to the eighteen century not the new modern age we live now.

Jack did you really have to lower the tone with your comments on Eric or were you told to do so?

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