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Feet firmly kept on the ground! As I pointed out on another thread, I didn't realise that the Lib Dems were going to stall their car on the starting line and splutter forward only 2 seats. Very glad they did though.

It was in all truth an entirely lucky guess and I send my commiserations to Biodun and others who were oh so close. Thank goodness for the Crawley lottery, that's all I can say!

One other thing - thank you Mr Editor for running the competition, and for running such an extensive blog on election night. I am sure I speak for all ConservativeHomies when I say it is very much appreciated.

Thanks for the commiserations, Henry.
I was just about to post a bitter comment about how this competition was rigged but after reading yours, I thought better of it ;-)

For those of you marvelling at my prescience, I have to admit that it wasn't a stab in the dark.
The encouraging responses I heard day in and day out canvassing in a safe labour ward, led me to believe we were due some very positive results.

Sadly many of us didn't have the opportunity to enter the competition as we were out from 6am delivering GOTV leaflets and did not return home until 5am the following day when the counting finished!!!!

Huge congrats on all your successes, Tory friends.

Nonetheless, Tim, I can't help but think this sounds like the PBS pledge drives here: send us money and we give you a mug, or a bag, or an umbrella, or a video or whatever, for "free." ;-)

Congratulations to Henry Cook. Word of advice though, with those powers of predictions I would recommend a trip to the bookmakers next time.(just don't bet on Labour losses) You would have won a lot more than a mug :)

The phrase "ConservativeHomies" bears uncomfortable similarities to a certain ex-leader's baseball cap. Yeurrrgh :-)

Where's Barbara Villiers when you need her? Keen to hear your take on things post-election, Duchess.

: )

PS I know this is off-topic Tim, but when you are re-launching the site, would you be able to consider numbering posts like politicalbetting.com does? It seems like a tidy way to reply to earlier posts.

You still owe me a mug from the leadership election ;)

So I do. Please email me your postal address wasp!

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