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A commie, a pot-head, AND an SAS wannabee! Still, he's the best we've got.

"A commie, a pot-head, AND an SAS wannabee! Still, he's the best we've got."

But John Reid is a Labour politician...

I got Ernie first. Dave is next!

Well, at least he didnt choose anything by Pete Burns or Jimmy Somerville.


Well, the Mendelssohn piece is rather pretty.

Ya nye ponimayu. Dave govorit po ruskii?

The only thing to say about those comments is that with so called friends like that the Conservative party doesn`t need enemies.

Could someone please tell Cameron that it's not a good idea to keep using his platform to push the wares of his friends and family (this time it's Eton pal Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall). Someone's going to notice and complain and it will become an embarrassment.

I've just listened to DIDs and was hugely impressed with David Cameron's performance. Every parent in the land would have empathised with him talking about Ivan and he came across as very likeable. There was no policy beef, of course, but this wasn't the forum for it. This was a forum to show the British people that David Cameron has a non-political hinterland. He really succeeded in that.

He was great wasn't he. Even though his taste in music is awful, at least it was obviously genuine and not focus-grouped to extinction like Blair's and Brown's. Just imagine the contrast with Brown. I can't wait for them to go head-to-head, because Dave doesn't just have a head, he has a heart as well.


ya ne znal chto ti govorish po russki? Ti izhuchal russki yazik po universitete?

Not surprised by Cameron having been approached by the KGB in Russia. I studied the language at university and it sounds like a standard Russian year abroad story. It reassures me, since it shows that he has actually been hit at some point by a grittier world(ie something that was not eton, oxford, CCO, Carlton Television) .

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