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'Any of you ladies who wants a promotion, claim aboard'

Lie back and think of Labour

John is asked to do a publicity-photo sit-up in support of the latest government health drive...



Another hard day at the office!

>>>>Remembering that this is a family-friendly website your captions are welcome.<<<<
John Prescott trying to calculate how many families he might have?

Sack me.

Just giving my elbows a rest Tracey.

Testing that new Whitehall furniture meets higher standards for weight bearing.

Lie back and think of carving up and paving over England.

These rosy coloured seats are better suited to a winter campaign in the towns of northern England.

Prescott exhibits the position the HSE says is safer for those who are larger men.

Just relaxing while new engine and suspension are fitted to take the extra load.

"These rosy coloured seats are better suited to a winter campaign in the towns of northern England."

I imagine they would match the rosy cheeks that one would get on a winter's day.

Fears grow for future of beached whale washed up in Westminster.

Once again, the Deputy Prime Minister putting his back into his job.

Send in the next job applicant, Miss Temple.

Ahhhh, the job of Deputy Prime Minister is so tiring...and Im talking about the "extra" meetings!

Precott argues he has the strength of ten men. He also has the weight of ten men too!

John Prescott attempts to differentiate between arse and elbow.

Hop on for a ride on the Prescott Express!

The man on the bus goes up and down,
Up and down,
Up and down,
The man on the bus goes up and down,
All day long.

This bus has been round the block more times than a secretary at the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister.

That Tracey's got a lovely "butty"-I might get up and pinch it...

Dealing with weighty matters.

Don't think much of yours Trace

John Prescott is considering which position he might........................

The Prescott SEXPRESS

I thought, according to the Mail on Sunday, he usually did it standing up, propped against a door? Electioneering, that is.

John ponders which female member of his staff he can approach to help him with 'election' problems.

Our hero may be tired and exhausted, but he is a modernizer and New Labour man to his core. In spite of his hectic schedule we find him here considering the potential benefits of all-women shortlists.

Could I please recommend Daniel Vince-Archer for funniest commenter on this site? The spin on the "wheels on the bus go" song was comedic beauty!

I'm with James M DVA's 'wheels on the bus' should defintely win an award

Tracey, Clinton told me it's not s*x if I don't touch ya.

While I recommend DV-As song, really considering his position in the photo it should be the secretary on the bus goes...

I can't think of these things myself, But I DO enjoy reading and laughing at others. William Norton and the 'beached whale' really set me off, but DV-A's poem/rhyme.....

Just two captions from me;

"Britain, lying backwards not forwards"

"Prescott Affair: Are you thinking what we're thinking?"

I think the answer to the second one is either yuck or stunned amazement actually, hope more gossip comes out tomorrow (I endlessly laugh at soaps but Westminster is better).

John Prescott thought long and hard, and finally realised that something was missing.

"Put a Woman on Top for a Change"
(late 1970s Conservative Slogan)

These free pensioner travel bus passes are wonderful - thanks Gordon. I wish I could give Tracey one.

Prescott: keeping his head up.

"Shagged out"

Ed please not : that is fine for my family.

Next stop Ethics? Is that near Middlesex?

Next stop - the knackered's yard!

Blair tells Prescott to lie low during local election.

Labour attempts to prove that it can be green too, by demonstrating that it does look after beached whales.

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