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Conservatives must find a way of stimulating a national media channel to take on the left wing media luvvies who control the bloated and arrogant BBC. Example, today two more British soldiers have been blown up fighting Blair's illegal war in Iraq. I don't care about news from Burma or Java. I care about more British families here who are going to have their sons returning in coffins. The media are letting blood-soaked Blair get away with it again and again, while Blair enjoys another free holiday in Italy.

Would the Tory Party consider dropping the EU Human Rights from English law, which, since being adopted by this present government, has mostly benefitted criminals and their lawyers, to the detriment of the rest of the population.

As the present PM has used his position shamefully to benefit lawyers who are enjoying a very lucrative time of it with HR and compensation lawyers seeing a massive increase in their workload,(including the PM's wife) to the detriment, it has to be said, of the rest of the population should the fact that someone holds a law degree bar him from ever being the Prime Minister.

Did the Party really prevent Better Off Out from taking a stand at Bournemouth (as reported by Jonathan Isaby in todays DT)? If so it was a disgraceful and underhand blow against free speech.

Banning inconvenient opinion is the hallmark of a totalitarian party.

Dear Sir/Madam,

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I heard about ConservativeHome last year through some BBC reports - there's a certain irony about that, me thinks!
What a great resource.
I think many Conservatives/conservatives who visit your excellent site would be interested in a number of online petitions at the No. 10 Downing Street website:

Petition to repeal the Hunting Act 2004:


Petition to scrap the proposed introduction of ID cards:


Petition requesting a referendum on continued membership of the EU:


...and many more.

Let Tony Blair know what you think on important issues facing this country - through his own website!

G Y Shin

I thought someone might be interested in my attempts to join the Conservative Party.
I decided to join before the local elections in 2006. I filled in a leaflet pushed through my door by the local Party in Newcastle upon Tyne. I said I was interested in joining and in getting involved. I sent the leaflet off and awaited a reply. None came. A busy time I thought.
Another leaflet came. I filled it in and sent it off. I awaited a reply. None came.
I found a phone number for the local Conservatives and rang. Answering machine. Left an enthusiastic message and awaited a reply. None came.
Concerned about some issues raised on another leaflet implying the Conservatives locally were working with the Lib Dems, I rang again. Left another message. Awaited reply. None came.
Contacted David Cameron's office by e:mail on 8th June concerning this and another matter. Got reply!Iwas told to e:mail again if I had still heard nothing. I replied that I had still heard nothing. I awaited progress. None came.
Somewhat despondant, life moved on. During the summer I described these events to my brother, a lifelong and very passionate Conservative, involved with his local party in Leeds. He was horrified and passed on my dilema to others. They also expressed grave concerns. He got the number for Conservative Central Office and outlined my problems. He both e:mailed and rang with my details. They assured him the matter would be dealt with straight away. I waited. Nothing happened.
On 22nd January I agaim e: mailed David Cameron as I had still heard nothing about either of the issues raised with him 7 months earlier. I got a reply which said, " I am sorry for the delay in dealing with this matter." Rather gushing with emotion I thought! Anyway my details had been passed to the Membership team. At last!
It is now 23rd February. One month has passed! I am still waiting.Perhaps the Membership team is rushed off its feet dealing with all the other people in Newcastle trying to join? Or perhaps the Party is full?
I could try and find the number myself. But I am starting to wonder why. All I wanted was to join the Party and offer to help. I do not think it is to much to ask that someone makes the effort to contact me.
Obviously, I know David Cameron did not reply to my e:mails himself. I wonder if he knows how easy it is to become a member?
Anyone with any advice on what to do next? Could relay my story to the Daily Telegraph?


Karen J Wannabe Conservative

Warning to the next Conservative Government: You must be ready from Day One to take on the BBC. This bloated, arrogant organisation is institutionally biased against the Conservative Party. David Cameron's media advisers will need to monitor and counter the anti-Conservative campaign that it will wage unceasingly once elected. This week-end saw virtually no coverage of the latest Telegraph poll, or even Menzies Campbell's speech 'war and waste'. Don't underestimate the damage the sneering, politically correct Labour media luvvies that infect the BBC can and will do.

I think that one of your adverts might be causing me problems on a regularly basis. Nearly daily on here and Iain Dale's site I find my computer freezes and I often have to reboot it.
Anyone else having this problem?

Are conservative leaders forgetting that half the London voters for Mayor of London will be women? Victoria Borwick is like Margaret Thatcher. She has the charisma, razor sharp wits, drive and intelligence to lead the Conservatives to a London victory, at last.
Voters are tired of the same old white men
telling them what to do. Conservatives need to win with a fresh face, a flashing smile, that flaming red hair, somebody who stands out of the crowd, a candidate the press will adore, and both men and women voters will flock to. Voters want somebody they can TRUST. Victoria's decency and honesty are

transparent. If the Conservative hierachy knows what is good for them they will get behind Victoria Borwick and select her for the Conservative candidate for mayor.Victoria is the only one who can sweep Ken Livingstone out with a clean broom. There really is no other choice.

I really like the layout of Conservative Home. I think it works really well, very user friendly. I am looking forward to reading all of the articles on failing schools and all of the education stuff, since this is my passion.

I think we definitely need to hear much from Iain Duncan Smith on Centre for Social Justice. If I wasn't a teacher I would love to get involved with that project. It inspires .... Cheers Catriona


I am a frequent reader of this blog and a contributor to the Conservative Survey produced by the same. However, after searching thoroughly through all the sections I can find no mechanism for notifying you of a change of E-mail addess and I would be grateful if you would see to this for me please.

My name is Peter Turner. My former E=mail address was [email protected]. My new address is [email protected]

As for making comments to Conservative home I encountered great difficulty in passing your spam barrier as, for some reason I cannot determine, all my posts were (will they still be with a new E-mail address?) deemed to be spam. I can assure you that they were neither rude, subvesive or otherwise unworthy o publication.

Thank you for any help you can give in this matter.

Peter Turner

The Thoughts of the Unborn POEM
Share it with others!!!

Pain is so real and it's easy to see
It all happens to you and me

I know we are born to die
But at such a young age I don't understand why

I was so young and didn't understand
God would allow a change that I had not planned

I had no control over when I would go
But this I know I love you so

I live in your heart I am happy to say
Always there no matter what you think or pray

I love you and want you to love me
That's the way it should be

You weren't perfect I know quite well
God gave us each other I am happy to tell

Our hearts are melted together and its easy to see why
Our love will never die

For you are special to me
And always will be

Thank God for giving to me
An opportunity for life you see

Mom and dad please don't be too sad
You can learn from your mistakes for which I am glad

And if another child should come your way
Do what is right is all I can say

You didn't steal eternity from me
For I am a creation of God you see

No one is righteous before our dear Savior
Our thoughts are wrong including our behavior

Because of everything we do or say
That only leaves us one option---to pray

Dear God because I am guilty of not doing right
I ask you to save me today or tonight

Only Jesus can save me from my sin
I think of the unborn and wish I had let life begin

I am crushed and heart broken
No comfort my soul has ever been spoken

The blood of Jesus is all that can cleanse me
I want to do what is right and please God within me

All wrongs have equal weight on God's judgment scale
Even stealing a pencil can send us to hell

All of us do wrong and compare ourselves with others
We are not more righteous* than hysterical pregnant mothers

And if most women-with-child was loved by the child's father
She would smile and happily say "No abortion" why bother

You have hidden or damaged emotions buried in a sea of pain
Release them and you have everything to gain
Ask God and the person you mated with to forgive you
Forgive yourself and live the abundant life.

*Romans 3:10,12

© 2008 Arthur Trafford.com [email protected]

Dear concerned citizens of the United States of America:

Today we witnessed an end to the death ministry of Dr George Killer (oops, Tiller). Dr. Tiller and Hitler had very much in common; they both waited for the winds-of-change to blow favorably in their direction. Changing Judiciary votes, preying on the amoral mindset of the majority or minority of our population, all contributed to the victimization of hysterical pregnant mothers (over 30,000,000 who became men's "Pleasure toys"), who later realized they are pregnant.

Dr Tiller and his assassin are both guilty of crimes against humanity, they are both serial killers. One just has more notches on his gun than the other one does! And neither one is a victim, for they both gave their life to an unworthy cause. Dr Tiller no longer has the option to repent, but hopefully his assassin will.

A wanted unborn = A life birthed child
The same, but unwanted unborn = A dead suctioned fetus
What a tragic dichotomy!

Primary solution to the Pro-Life Pro-Choice dilemma:

All of us do wrong and compare ourselves with others;
We are not more righteous* than hysterical pregnant mothers.

And if most women-with-child was loved by the child's father
She would smile and happily say "No abortion" why bother!

Ask God and the person you mated with to forgive you, forgive yourself and live the abundant life!!!


My brother is a Doctor and a Party member for the last 15 years. With countless campaigns and related activity, as well as, numerous years of local community experience...housing director, school governor, charity worker etc.
ln 2006, he was told he was not good enough to be a parliamentary
candidate because the bar had been raised so high? He wrote to DC, informing him that the selection process was flawed! He wrote twice and received no reply! He wrote to Maude, Maples and to Ritchie. All saw fit not to reply or even comment. Considering what has gone on with expenses and seeing on some of the people that have been selected as PPCs....my brother was right all along> The Party is discriminating and is selective! Does not matter what you know but who you know! The Party clearly has no appetite for legitimate articulate ethnic candidates. The whole selection process stinks and is rotten to the core! Yet, Aitken is selected for Hull and she is on the parliamentary list, speaks volumes about the Party and its leaders! My brother has twice been offered safe West Mids seats and twice he has refused. l hope that DC loses and the Party implodes! Did l mention my brother has 4 (four) university degrees, hey but remember the bar has been raised so high with all those top notch PPCs.


Rejection is always difficult to cope with.

"Did l mention my brother has 4 (four) university degrees"

Of course that must have been taken into account. Is it possible that there is another reason he was rejected. There are an awful lot of potential candidates to consider.
There may be 4 very strong reason why he is not the right person in the right place at the right time. Yes its hard to swallow rejection , but it must always be possible for a person not to be selected.

You must understand that I say this more as an agony aunt, I have no knowledge of your Brother, your brother application or its rejection.

"My brother has twice been offered safe West Mids seats and twice he has refused. "

well there you go. That explains a great deal.


David Cameron has correctly made a pledge to the country to reduce "Big Government". If we add to this the reduction of the "Big Brother" state and Labour cronyism, this is a recognition that this government has intruded into every aspect of life.

The obvious examples of the growth in surveillance, revenue raising speed cameras and central diktats without consultation. We all know about the collection of DNA. But talk to any business of any size and one significant concern is about the vast extension of powers from intrusive tax authorities which often disallow previous allowable expenses and exaggerate and inflate tax assessments as a means of raising tax to meet central targets. A tax raising war was declared from at least 2007 to raise tax from business and that is why, as an example, 61 per cent of company dissolutions were caused by the Revenue. Tax lawyers are acutely aware about over inflated tax assessments made as a basis for charging a company's assets.

The current favourite line of attack has been on the non-UK tax jurisdictions, with the obvious exception of the USA, which was intended to distract from this government's failure to manage the economy and was seized upon by European colleagues in Paris and Bonn to reduce the authority of the City of London. The US probably applauded this attack. This has now been extended to hedge funds.

Of more fundamental importance is the erosion of individual confidentiality and the seizure of nearly 1 million customers accounts by HMRC for those with non-UK bank accounts and this is extremely troubling. We are the only country in the world undertaking this process. Banking lawyers and senior accountants inform me that the Revenue have explicitly "exaggerated" any supposed evidence to acquire the legal authority to force financial institutions, including credit card companies, to hand over data of customers. Even a permanent secretary, Dave Hartnett, who is supposed to be an independent civil servant, states that between 80 - 95 per cent of these customers are "innocent" and this figure varies depending on who he is giving an interview to.

The examples which have been given has resulted in a total lack of trust between the individual and the tax authorities which is seen in many quarters as being more or less part of the Labour Party. Ordinary individuals are now reluctant to engage with the Revenue. This is not surprising when people read about their eagerness to imprison people, prosecute people and any dealings with them "ending in tears " when the authorities confront them. I had even then heard some comments about breaking up families for failure to pay tax. no one wants to protect those who attempt to pay their fair share of tax but the hallmark of the Revenue has always been that it is apolitical and reasonable but tough and this has resulted in them being superb tax collectors, not social engineers.

I would urge all Conservatives and even Liberal Democrats to call for an internal inquiry into the operations of the Revenue. The objective is to ensure the proper management of a very powerful and political organisation and the restoration of trust.This inquiry should also concentrate on the creation and presentation of evidence to the Commissioners and Tax Court and ought to be carried out by CPS or independent body. The inquiry should extend to the awarding of contracts to former members of staff such as Paul Grace and also any contact between the Revenue and any Commissioner or the present Tax Court

To give a simple example of what is occurring in what is becoming a secret society (according to accountants) , the Revenue's solicitor gave evidence in front of the Special Commissioner to obtain legal notices that over 1 1/2 billion pounds of evaded tax was held in one bank, Barclays. Information was obtained. It turned out that £400 million was collected in total from five or six of the big banks and over 400,000 names collected and proved innocent. A letter of explanation to the Commissioner was written but this was not published. There has been of refusal by the Tax Chamber to publish a ruling and a refusal to hand over information requested by the authority. They now talk about getting a "wall of data". The Revenue's history of handling data does not inspire faith.

There is something very rotten and very nasty running through the body politic.

Paul Wilson

The greater the number of words, the smaller the number of readers. Think on.

Also, pale blue lettering on a white background is difficult to read.


Complacent politicians and their media hangers-on never mention the real issue- almost 4 out 10 never vote for any of them- and no MP has the support of more than 50% of their constituents. Government has no mandate with only about 20 per cent of the vote.

I do find that this site doesn’t update as quickly as it used to. It takes a while from posting to that post being online. I did wonder if I had been banned but clearly that is not the case. Last year I suffered a manic up period ( I am bi-polar) and probably posted all sorts of stuff that I would now regret.
That this site continues to allow a great freedom of speech is one of its great strengths. Keep up the good work

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