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After George W. Bush would you prefer to see a Democrat or a Republican in the White House?

Suggested Questions:

"Do you believe that the problems of our public services can be resolved without fundamental structural reform?"

"Do you believe that the NHS can continue to be run on the basis of taxpayer funding for the providers of services as opposed to the funding, through redistributed taxes, of individuals, including the use of social insurance?"

"Do you believe that state schools should be funded from the top down, ie from Central Government to Local Government then to schools, or that they should be funded from the bottom up, with the funding going to parents, through redistributed taxes, then to schools?"

"Do you think a Conservative Government led by David Cameron will be more likely to make the necessary fundamental changes to the structure of our public services to deliver long-lasting improvements, or would a Labour Government led by Gordon Brown be better placed to do this because the electorate "trust" the Labour Party more with our public services?"

Do you think the resurgent Conservative Party can steer clear of sleaze??

Do you support the A list and how competently has it been handled.

Which of the following options would you prefer;
1. A United States of Europe
2. More integration
3. The current EU
4. A free trade bloc European 'Commonwealth'

Slightly leading question David!!

Yeah, some of these questions are either leading or loaded a la John Moss.

How about:

"in a hung parliament, which Lib Dems would you want to come into a coalition?"

How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?

I think Robert M's subject area of working with the LibDems looks very topical although I think other questions might work better. What do people think?

"in a hung parliament, which Lib Dems would you want to come into a coalition?"

as a follow up to the above, which current members of the Shadow Cabinet should make way/be retained in a coalition scenario?

How about something along the lines of:

"In the event of a hung Parliament, should the Conservative Party be willing to invite the Liberal Democrats to form a coalition government?"

Do you think internal markets in the Health Service have been discredited?

* Are opposed - in principle - to a programme of nuclear power station building?

* If a nuclear power station were proposed near your home would you support it?

How many times in the last year has your 2005 parliamentary candidate assisted with leafletting?

Nuclear power. Another topical subject area. Thanks Dizzy.

Do you still regard immigration as an important issue?

What initiative would you like to see in order to retore faith in a system of law and order?

Should a Conservative Government introduce longer sentences for knife related crimes?

What would you prefer a Labour government lead by Gordon Brown or a Conservative government lead by David Cameron?

Great question Jack.What do you think the answer would be given this is aConservative site?

Should Conservative councillors stop participating in Regional Assemblies now as it is Conservative policy to abolish them?

Do you believe that tax is still an important issue?

Do you believe that Cameron's "sharing the proceeds of growth" is radical or credible?

Do you believe that tax cuts lead directly to cuts in public services or do you believe that it is possible to cut tax and to improve the quality of public services?


Do you support the Better Off Out campaign to leave the EU?

Seeing the problems in the civil service, do you believe that we need to move to a system that sees civil servants directly responsible and accountable for their actions?

Do you beleive that Cameron sees himself as the son of Blair?

Do you believe that Cameron is trying to out "Blair" Blair?

In the leadership race:

A. I supported Cameron and am satisfied with his performance so far
B. I did not support Cameron, and feel that his performance so far has been predictably poor
C. I did not support Cameron, but have been satisfied with his performance
D. I have joined the party because Cameron Won
E. I have left the party because Cameron Won

"If the present "Cameron Convergence" towards the LibDems continues, and you live in a critical Lab/Lib marginal constituency where the Conservative candidate has no chance of victory, would you be willing to vote LibDem to defeat an incumbent Labour MP in an aim to boost the prospect of a Con/Lib coalition government"?

Why isn't the opposition speaking our for England? It is the absolute duty for our official oppositon to question the moral bankrptcy of a government who have stripped us our democracy and use outdated funding formulas to ensure that England remains the most underfunded country in the UK.
It's time democracy was returned to England. The dog's dinner of devolution has to be completed and the English must be asked if the want an English Parliament.
Enough is enough.

The conservatives will never speak out for England. They're part of the problem. The kept silent for so long, while NL demonised the English, that they are now afraid to mention us, in case they get called racists.
Therefore, my question is - When will we get an English Conservative Party, which will speak up for England, just like the Scottish Conservatives speak up for Scotland?
There's a gap in the market. I'm waiting for it to be filled before pledging my vote to anyone.

How should the next Conservative Government ensure Local Government is truly LOCAL ?

Agree with Bob, we need a question addressing the near crisis in local govt which just isn't working properly and is contributing to voter disengagement,


Bob and Matt, Hence my question about whether local councillors should or should not engage with Regional Assemblies. National and local policy is in conflict and Conservative Council's particpation is hard to justify on the doorstep.

Which do you believe carries the greater risk for the UK:

1. continued membership of the EU or
2. withdrawal from the EU?

There is no English Conservative Party - just a UK party, a Scottish party and a Welsh party.

Their election slogans, you may remember, were "Putting Britain First", "Putting Scotland First" and "Putting Wales First". No mention of my nation England. Needless to say this meant that I didn't vote for them, which meant, sadly, that I couldn't bring myself to vote for anyone at all. Until I get the opportunity to vote for a party that puts England first then I am a lost vote.

England (not Britian) needs a voice
i thought the conservatives would speak for us they havnt so i stopped voting for them.

Do you think the Conservative party should adopt a clear and unapologetic policy of reducing both taxes and public spending ?

Do you think that the BBC should:

A) Remain as it currently is.

B) Be restricted to its core services (as per George Osborne's recent speech)

C) Be privatised


typo - :-)


How related to Everything do you find Europe?

A) Absolutely every issue can be recast as a discussion on Europe;
B) Nearly every issue can be recast thus, and the ones that can't aren't worth discussing at all, apart from the A-list, which is a typical chichi plot to foist pre-EU views on the party;
C) Unless we're out of Europe NOW I don't want any more to do with this chichi leadership;
D) That's a typical pro-EU question, you chichi Clarkite.

What's the most chichi thing you've ever done?

A) Bought Adam Ricket's "Blonde Ambition: An Icon For Our Times"?
B) Bought the Adam Ricket's 2006 topless calendar?
C) Had Adam Rickets round for dinner?
D) Had Ada...

What does chichi mean?

A) A mincing, metrosexual, southern chav
B) A type of Italian food (eaten by mincing southerners)
C) A small yapper-type dog, owned by mincing southerners
D) I dont know but it's something mincing and southern

I am really liking Graeme (and Jon)'s questions.

I keep reading comments saying "so-and-so" is not a proper conservative, and I think Francis Maude touched on this attitude which I think causes a lot of infighting.

So my question is:
In one short sentence, what do you consider to be the definition of a proper Conservative in 2006?

I think it is
Someone who believes in individual freedom that does not infringe on the freedom and liberties of others and a central government that is as small as possible.

I'd really like to know what other people think.

Thanks for all of these suggestions. They're all useful. I've chosen to focus on relations with the LibDems in the May survey but hope to incorporate others' suggested topics in future months. This month's LibDem questions do include some of the topics raised by others - like PR and nuclear power. If you haven't taken the survey please do so by clicking here.

"government that is as small as possible."

Hi Biodun, pre-2006, the official Tory site listed in its beliefs that it believed people should be big and the state should be small.

That convinced me to join up.

When I raised my concern at the increase in big government and centrally-managed policies from Cameron like state funding, the a-list, support for central id database etc, I was told by others here that small government isn't really a conservative value. So the definition from the top has clearly changed.

I hope your question is put to John as I would like to hear his repsonse.

"I was told by others here that small government isn't really a conservative value."

By me in fact, so I'll repeat it here.

"Someone who believes in individual freedom that does not infringe on the freedom and liberties of others and a central government that is as small as possible"

Is a pretty good definition of liberalism or libertarianism. A definition of conservative should have at least some refrence to tradition, patriotism, opposition to radical changes and revolutions, and pragmatism. The size of the state is an optional extra (ask Charles de Gaulle).

I loved Graeme and Jons posts. Screamed with laughter. If young Adam dares stick his head above the parapet after that, he's a better man than me, Gunga Din!!

If you recognise the weaknesses of English Votes on English Matters, which you must, and given the publics hatred of Regional Assemblies, what remaining arguments for not having a refendum on an English Parliament?

just look at what the unelected assemblies are doing in the north east now .£35,000 a year for someone to watch the weather,(i am not kidding)where is the opposition?or do they agree with these undemocratic monsters? and England must have her own Parliament

after the world cup is over and whoever is the victor will Mr.Cameron put his St. Georges flag he is flying on his bike, in the bin and forget about England?answers on a postcard please.

HELLO!is any one out there? when Cameron was asked about the "English question" he said something about all his Scottish blood,has he no English blood in his body? Let all the English pray he is long gone before the next election and get someone who is proud of his or her English blood

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