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Whats an Ipod? and while I am revealing my technophobe status, how do you get to listen to Tory Radio?

Annabel - head over to www.toryradio.com and if you scroll down the posts you should see linkls that should open a media player which will allow you to listen the the interviews on your PC/Laptop/Mac.

Any problems drop me an email. The latest interview is with some chap called Tim - sounds quite a decent guy. think he has something to do with this site! :o)

Cheers Jonathan! Will do.

Tony Blair
Should I go or should I stay now; The Clash
Lazy Sunday; Small Faces
When I'm 64; The Beatles

Gordon Brown
Love Your Money; Daisy Chainsaw
Wouldn't it be good; Nick Kershaw

Patricia Hewitt
The Drugs Don't Work, The Verve

As an old Southend mod, on Serf's moddy theme:

David Cameron
Time For Action - Secret Affair

Tony Blair
The bitterest pill - The Jam

Gordon Brown
Who Are You? - The Who

I did hear Francis Maude likes to sing 'Do ya wanna be in my gang my gang' whilst hunting out these defections. Cameron sings the 'I'm a leader of a gang' bit of course.

Each of them listen to cult David Bowie too...

Tony Blair - Where Have All The Good Times Gone?

Gordon Brown - Red Money; Nothing To Be Desired; What Kind of Fool Am I?

David Cameron - Fantastic Voyage; Who Can I Be Now?

Gordon Brown - Money for Nothing - Status Quo

"What Have I Done To Deserve This?" is far too good a song for David Cameron. CCHQ should hand out free copies to the membership instead.

Wave Network - Polly Put The Kettle On (but don't overfill it!)

This is very similar to the Blame Academy feature I've been developing for my site (while I'm in a plugging mood, people may like to look at this hatchet job, sorry, case study of the dangers posed by Liberal Democrats in power) - with planned highlights (as soon as I've finished drafting the lyrics!) being Gordon singing the Proclaimers, Tony singing Eurythmics, Patricia, Clare and Margaret singing the Pussycat Dolls, a special duet between Gordon and Tony singing Elton and Kiki and a guest appearance by the Liberal Democrat frontbench singing the Village People.


1. Last Night I Dreamt That Somebody Loved Me - The Smiths
2. What Have I Done To Deserve This? - Pet Shop Boys with Dusty Springfield
3. Stuck In The Middle With You - Gerry Rafferty
4. I'm A Changin' Man - Paul Weller
5. I Want To Be Elected - Alice Cooper
6. You Aint Seen Nothing Yet - Bachman Turner Overdrive

I've every confidence that, come the first Friday in May 2009, the British people will have replaced this little lot with the greatest hits of UB40!!

Annabel asked "Whats an Ipod?"

It's basically a personal music player which holds the music in digital form on either memory chips or a small hard disk drive inside it. You load music on to them via your PC, either by downloading music from the internet, or by putting your good old CDs in the computer.

A modern replacement for the walkman, if you like.

"A modern replacement for the walkman, if you like."

Unfortunately you have to use Apple's Itunes system and you need to use your computer to transfer. I'm sticking with my minidisc player - no irritating copyright issues and I can transfer music from CD to MD using my music system. On the downside, lots of minidiscs to carry around!

You can "rip" tracks off your CDs and play them.

Definitely light relief. I was wondering about some of Madness titles (that is one of my most favourite groups) and I looked at The Lot cover and there are so many -- Promises, promises, could hae applied to Labour non-stop since 1997! 'I'll compete' could be Brown or Blair. Or 'Yesterdays Men' a definite maybe perhaps. But I really like the idea of 'March of the Gherkins' for Mr. Prescott!!

I'm too old for all this Ipod stuff! But I have to report, I followed Jonathans instructions, and my PC started loading something it called a media player it had been concealing in its guts. I now realise I need to upgrade to broad band, as the thing takes 30 minutes to "buffer" what ever THAT is, before I can listen or watch anything. But for an old git, Im getting there!! But Ipod? I dont think so!! I cant even get a text message out. I have to get the old man to do it, so fat chance of any secret assignations for ME!!!!

Annabel - thats one of the problems with podcasts - they are easy to use for those on broadband - but can be frustrating if you are using a dial up connection!

Perhaps ToryRadio should have a charitable fund which empowers Conservative technophobes to access its delights...

I'd like to steal Mrs Thatchers answer to Skinner when he said she was leaving to be Governor of the European Central Bank......

"What a good idea!! What a good idea, I hadn't thought of it."

If someone suitably charitable would like to establish such a fund who am I to argue!

But I have to report, I followed Jonathans instructions, and my PC started loading something it called a media player it had been concealing in its guts. I now realise I need to upgrade to broad band, as the thing takes 30 minutes to "buffer" what ever THAT is

Basically for reasonable quality audio the media player program has to receive a fairly fast stream of data. If your internet connection is slower than the speed required the only way to listen is for your computer to create a "buffer" by downloading a large part of the interview in advance, before you can start listening. You are correct in assuming broadband would solve your problems.

Ch-ch-ch-ch-Changes - David Cameron

For Mr "Be The Change" Cameron.

Thanks Guys for all your help. I phoned Tesco's internet helpline, and this smashing chap changed my account manually from his end. Takes about 10 days. do you think they know when they have a duffer on the other end??? And they have an offer on, 13 quid something. Cant be bad!

OK. Back on thread.
Peter madelson
Chubby Checker.... Lets twist again.
Gordon Brown
Dusty Springfield...Wishin' an' hopin'
Bing Crosby...Pennies from Heaven
Everly Brothers..All I have to do is dream.

tony Blair
Tony Christie.. Is this the way to Amarillo?

David Cameron.
Funkadelic..One nation under a groove.
Oh come all ye faithful.

Lib Dems.

Village People...YMCA
Handel. Arrival of the Queen of Sheba.

Edison Lighthouse. Love Grows.

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