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On second thoughts I could always tape a leaflet or two to my body. I suspect I will be moving so slowly that the electorate will have chance to read both sides! I've heard the "running time" for the Marathon Man Movie is in double figures mind you!

Oh come on William! We gave out all the flyers for CH, and they were well received. CH was not well known, and I look forward to some none anorak posters joining the debate. Now find a film to review about a bunch of frozen UKIP worthies with nice pink? balloons trying to catch their deaths of cold. One of our young lads took a fruit cake over to them, but I didnt hear how it was received!

I made the mistake of seeing V for Vendetta yesterday (in the absence of any good horror films) and wish i hadnt, and rather paid more attention to the reviews on this site a couple of weeks ago.

So the bad guys, as per usual, are right wing conservatives, and the film, of course vilifies christianity, down to suggesting bishops are paedophiles.

From there, its standard issue;
Conservative party hates homosexuality...check
Conservative party hates islam...check
Conservative party becomes staunchy nationalist...check
Conservative party hates immigrants...check

and the black and white view of politics continues...

all of which i could tolerate if the film was any good and knew its own limits. I was hoping for a satirical over the top film with a serious message, something like Robocop, or any other comic book film that can compartmentalise things into black and white this way. Instead this film masqueraded as providing a running commentry of reality. It was Michael Mooresque brain food for the simple minded. (except with a mutant superhero of course) What really appalled me is how the filmakers didnt stop at using real locations or using the conservative party as the villain, but how it used news footage of the London underground and Bus bombings, using this to explicitly promote a view of when a government abuses its its own citizens, attempting to mix reality with fiction. So soon after the actual events, and vindicating real murderers, this is cold and unforgivable.

I think your being a bit harsh. There were some seriously irritating moments in V for Vendetta, but there are a few interesting points, and most of all, it was a good watch.

I haven't watched Vendetta or seen any reviews etc, but do they really use the Conservative party as the villans?!

I don't know 'V for Vendetta', but reading 'Passing Thru's' commentary, it sounds to me like the sort of thing a well-known spinner might have a hand in, as a prelude to more tactics before the May local elections!

I haven't watched Vendetta or seen any reviews etc, but do they really use the Conservative party as the villans?!

Not exactly. The High Chancellor (dictator) of Britain is the head of a political party called Norsefire. However, he is said to be a former Conservative Defence Minister.

Thanks to the £20 sponsorship - hopefully this marathon man won't be a let down!

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