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I am interested in what this leaflet has to say about ConservativeHome values:

1) The first image shows a house with pollution clearly being emitted from the chimney. What sort of example is this? Can you tell us whether the fuel source is renewable or not? Why hasn't it got a windmill on the roof?

2) The house is surrounded by wide-open space, with no other houses anywhere nearby. Does this mean that it was built in open countryside without approval from any planning authority? Or is it the first house in a new green-belt development?

3) Does the solitary location signify a tendency to isolationism? Or should we take comfort that the house is situated firmly in the centre-ground of the page?

4)The house is a Prescottian box, with no vernacular style or other acknowledgement of local architectural materials or tradition.

5) Can we assume, because the leaflet does not tell us to the contrary, that it has not been printed on paper made from re-cycled materials?

I don't know if anyone else out there thinks that this leaflt raises some serious issues. If they do, no doubt we will hear from them.

Tim: if you really want to spend time handing out leaflets, I've got five local council wards in Tower Hamlets (easy access via Jubilee Line) where we're close to kicking out Labour incumbents but we're tight for manpower; one of these wards has been in enemy hands uninterupted since 1919.

If I was still running tghe comment of the week feature, Simon, you'd win it for that!

Why are you lot being so b....y NEGATIVE???? I for one will help Tim even if no one else does. You are all a disgrace. Faint heart never won anything!

"Why are you lot being so b....y NEGATIVE???? I for one will help Tim even if no one else does. You are all a disgrace. Faint heart never won anything!"

SimonC made a joke and William Norton's comment was only impliedly critical. That hardly merits everyone being cast as "b***** negative".

I didn't think I was being impliedly critical. I was trying to be blatantly opportunistic.

Incidentally - if anyone else out there would like to participate in an heroic death struggle with the Reds for the heart of the East End, drop me a line. So far the campaign has seen our side placing a wreath on Clement Attlee's statue; running a 1,000+ signature petition; launching our campaign in the Labour leader's ward; and ritually recycling the council's propaganda freesheet.

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