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This comment of DC's has really stirred things up! I don't believe that this was an "off the cuff", "early morning gaff" at all. It was intended to do just what it has done - get everyone excited and talking about UKIP and not Labour or the Libdems. The BBC tonight spent 10 minutes (Radio 4) on this topic instead of the Labour launch for the local elections. UKIP was given some airtime to denounce DC and it sounded frankly hysterical and quoted some of the more irrational comments from this blog. I genuinely believe that DC’s longer term strategy, which includes those comments made on UKIP by him, will prove to be successful in drawing the more moderate supporters of UKIP (myself included as I voted for them in the last Euro elections) back to the only opposition party capable of getting rid of Blair or Brown at the next election. Get real and support the leader.

The UKIP press release says After all, his role model, Mr Blair, seems to spend his entire life apologising
Funny that--I thought Blair didn't do apologies. UKIP must know a different Blair to the one I had in mind.

Yes I know Radio 4 were doing a piece on it as they phoned me up to record the comment - only to find it wasn't actually me who said that! Denied my 10 seconds of fame!

I think the apologies made were to the Irish for the famine and so on.

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