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Looks good to me. I think 10 is about the right number of categories. And I like teh fact that it isnt just the "big guys" who have a chance to be a winner.

Good selection.

Its a nice choice to choose from. I can't see anything else needing to be changed though there wasn't really anything that wrong with the original list either.

The awards need to be more ideological. The tax cutting award was a good idea. You should also award someone who supports the transatlantic relationship. An award for fighting Brussels would be a good idea, too. Make the whole event a bit spicier. Go on... make my day!

I think thats a good balanced selection.

I'm quite taken by CCHQ Spy's challenge to what we've been discussing.

Perhaps half of the ten categories should be general and half subject specific. Choosing to award lower taxation and patriotism might do more to signal what the conservative movement was all about.

In the spirit of the And Theory, however, two of the awards should probably be about compassionate and green conservatism.

What do others think?

I think subject specific categories would be interesting. The issue would be that in some categories the winner would almost pick themselves and would it really be a contest. (I'm thinking of the award for lower taxation for exmaple).

Perhaps that just shows the strength the conservative movement has in certain policy areas though??

Yes I think it is a good group. I got to this stream? late last night, so didn't feel like contributing and anyway, I agreed with other people about rewarding 'small' people. So now I must go and get some more ready for the big family Easter visit!

An award for fighting Brussels would be a REALLY good idea!

To mark the return of Michael Heseltine to the conference stage, I suggest the "Wet of the Year" award.

and for Mark Steyn in his comments on the late-Peter Simple an award for le mot juste


Decades ago, Wharton invented a pliable media-friendly “moderate” Conservative of no fixed beliefs – Jeremy Cardhouse, leader of the Tories for Progress Group – only to see him at the very end of his long life triumphantly anointed as head of the apparently real British Conservative Party under the name “David Cameron”...................................Wharton chronicled British life as a satirical fantasia through the eyes of Dr Spacely-Trellis, “the go-ahead Bishop of Bevindon” and author of God The Humanist; the environmental consultant Keith Effluvium; Dr Heinz Kiosk, psychiatric advisor to the Ministry of Agriculture and many other eminent bodies, with his great cry of “We are all guilty!”; Mrs Dutt-Pauker, “the Hampstead thinker”, and prototype of what Americans would call “limousine liberals”, who champions the world’s most deserving causes from her North London mansion Marxmount; the hard-hitting Fleet Street columnist Jack Moron, “The Man Who Knows It All”, with his mostly unheeded clarion call, “Wake Up, Britain!”; Sir Herbert Trance, of the British Boring Board of Control, whose deliberations, reported by Wharton’s correspondent “Narcolept”, determined which modish transgressive cause was now sufficiently tedious to be admitted to the torpor of their hallowed if drowsy precincts.

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