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I actually think Labour have hit the nail on this one. It's desperate and a gamble, but it's the only card they can play. The fact that no one seems to know where Cameron stands on anything is a perfect approach for labour, and if targeted at Conservative voters sceptical at Cameron, may push them to another party or stop them from voting, especially if they hear about Cameron's idiotic trip to Norway right in the middle of the election campaign.

I think this is a major strategic blunder by Labour. It will go down in history as one of those moments when they were perceived as losing it completely. Nothing positive to say on their record because their record is a disaster; nothing to contribute to the debate on localism and the need to revive local democracy. This type of negative campaigning appears very ironic and post modern but is exactly the sort of thing which undermines politics. The people who put it together probably think that they were all being terribly clever;in fact it is they have been naive and stupid.

It would be interesting to play Cameron's post-budget rant which was loaded with personal insults and this Chameleon ad to the public and see which one turns them off the most.

Do you think more people (non=politicos) will direct friends to the chameleon site or to the replay of Cameron's post budget speech. Both are personal attacks, but the exeution is very different.

When David Cameron comes up with some policies, they'll be laughing on the other side of their face. *When*

All negative advertising does is to drive turnout down

I'm a big fan of using humour and belittling people in politics so I think this could be quite smart.


Its not going to work because it makes Cameron's point for him.

"Yes we have changed - so get with the programme."

I think the problem is that all Labour are suggesting is that they aren't open to ideas beyond their own partisan block. The public don't see policy formation through application of dogma as something to celebrate.

The problem isn't with using humour. It's with making jokes that aren't funny and have no useful point.


The problem is I like the plucky little chameleon, never giving up, rushing about on his bike wearing that touching little cycling helmet. Could the Conservative Party make a bid for the intellectual rights?

Free the Chameleon One now!

As A PPB for Labour a failure but a star is born.


Here's a way you can all influence perceptions of 'The Nasty Party' via their much trumpeted 'blog' site

Go to conservativehome.com , read the drivel from pro-EU Cameroons, and attack!

No need to log on. It's open to all.

See if you can guess the real ID of the totally OTT bootlicking Cameron fan who always jumps to his aid in the most nauseating and off-putting manner!!

Seeing the picture in yesterdays papers, I struggled to hold back a laugh...I failed. Its memorable and does everything it needs to. Its rather clever. As for making the case for Cameron, well, with these new policies I dont see it as a good thing that we are being accused of flip-flopping.


The flip flopping will only stick if Dave reverts to the Hague/IDS/Howard public agenda - he said he'd change the party, that he'd changed his mind. If he flip flops on that then he'll be in trouble. As it goes though I think it's not a good line of attack because it re-inforces the key message of change.

The bigger problem is for DC to demonstrate some gravitas and depth - its not flip flops but fitness for government that is the problem. If his persona is continually associated with shallowness, with little underlying principle then that will stick. The broadening strategy also needs to include demonstrating real firm resolve and a depth of compassion to work.

Another dirty trick from the master party of scare-mongery. This one will chime with the doubting Thomases, but it's hardly as vicious as Labour's lies about Tories privatising the NHS last time out. Also, the one consistent feature of the chameleon cartoon seems to be his little red cycling helmet... at the same time that Cameron is launching his policies under the banner, "Vote Blue, Go Green"!

I agree Labour have lost it. The chameleon is plucky and sweet. I think Dave should laugh off this nonsense. Let's get teeshirts printed with "Yes we've changed" and a picture of the chameleon for the post-May4th parties!

The advert talks about 'David' calling himself 'Dave' so people would like him, and then turning every colour there was so he became popular, but underneath he was still 'true blue'.

This is hardly the best rebuttal there is, but won't the intelligent observer simply recall 'Anthony Charles Lynton Blair' calling himself 'Tony' so people would like him, and then turning every colour there was so he became popular, but underneath he was still old red?

This is the trouble with negative campaigning when political parties appear at first face to be close to one another - there's usually a very similar charge waiting to be laid against you!

"no one seems to know where Cameron stands on anything"

Yuh, I wonder where he stands on the environment for example.

The chameleon is so cute! Too appealing - the message intended gets lost... It's like someone trying to use a Roger Rabbit image for ill - just like in the film, it makes you want to root for him. I've been pretty uninspired by Cameron lately, but this couldn't help but inspire fond feelings.
Might work wonders with the female vote...

I agree, we should adopt the Chameleon.

""no one seems to know where Cameron stands on anything"

Yuh, I wonder where he stands on the environment for example."

We know he likes it. That's about all.

Was it the Blessed Margaret who gave the sage advice that you learn more about people when they attack you as they will accuse you of what they would have done in the same circumstances?

I think this ad is more about what Gordon has wanted to say about Tony than what NuLab thinks about the CamCons.

and the Chameleon is cute.

Yuh, I wonder where he stands on the environment for example.

Yes, he is mooing!

Eh? I kid you not, quote from today's release on the Conservatives site on the launch of "Vote blue, go green".

we're lowing carbon emissions

Written by the same typo-prone person as the 10 Cam-mandments? :-)

I wonder if we could get some of those T-shirts?

Save Dave!

As Iain Dale says "embrace the Chameleon"

Couldn't we just add a segment showing the Chameleon (blue) cycling towards the screen and turning green just as the Vote Blue Go Green bit comes up at end of our PPB?

'Tony Blair's accent reportedly changes with the audience. There's the Oxford drawl, the London slanginess, and even the northern idioms - "aye" - which he occasionally adopts when on visits to his Sedgefield constituency. '

Nothing wrong with trying to be 'all things to all men'. St Paul prided himself on his ability to do so. It is precisely David Cameron's ability to relate to groups previously alienated from the Tories - women, the young - which is his greatest strength. We have 2 PPBs this week and Labour none.

Personally I find the Chameleon quite endearing.

I don't think anybody will pay attention to the straw hat-Eton link. Maybe if they'd used a top hat instead. Anyway, this assumes the country is full of jealous class war socialists.

Presumably Fettes doesn't have any distinctive headgear?

Where can I buy a chameleon for a pet? I want one now! :-)

They should have used me!

Had a look at Fettes but except for a Fettes Tartan (and some hang up on bumble bees) doesn't seem anything distinctive but interested to see that General John de Chastelain ( the Canadian overseeing disarmament in N Ireland) is also an ex Fettes pupil - another Tony crony?

If you want your own cartoon animal to impress your friends or delight your children this is the guy that did Dave the Chameleon for DC.

Mark Lucas of Silverfish, he must be a big fan of our Dave because he did his for free.

If you email him and ask nicely I am sure he will create a little animated friend for you too.

[email protected]

If anyone wants to revire tha actual lyrics then they are here


With Cameron supposedly being the heir to Blair, could this be the next part of the song used

Every day is like survival Culture
you're my lover not my rival
every day is like survival Club
you're my lover not my rival

Perhaps for Brown and Blair

when you go you're gone forever
you string along you string along

we're lowing carbon emissions

But Chad surely this is deliberate to fit in with the cow poo powered building in the PPB :-)

Oh, and I like your adverts on Guido's blog but it's a shame you've jumped onto the negative bandwagon, as you normally seem so positive

Cow poo powered building? That would be 25 Victoria Street - full of dumb animals producing c**P.

James Cleverly

Hope that honest Labour Party remember that benefits in kind (i.e. producing PPBs) have to be declared as expenses at full market rate to the Electoral Comission (note to Ian McCarthy - no its not like loans Ian, you can hide those but benefits in kind are a donation just like cash)

Hi KB,


Satire is not a negative form at all as it has a very different purpose from something like the demon eyes. The aim of political satire is to highlight political folly.

When you read a satire article or ad there should be a clear message beyond "we don't like him" seeking to expose some folly.

For me, the proposals for state funding of political parties by Cameron was the height of folly which is why satire is the perfect form to highlight this.

I have been involved in running political satire sites and satiresearch.com for almost five years now and the overwhelming feedback from real people is that satire is enjoyed by those who would otherwise ignore other political channels and a well-crafted image or cartoon can be much more effective that a blog-rant.

For example, I think my VoteBlueGoGreen.com site makes its point in a better way than a 500 word blog ever could.

You're all missing the point. The funniest bit is that Dave's big pink face and extra chin actually make him look quite a lot like Boy George.



I choose not to comment on the drug-taking allegations :-)

I think DC should turn this on its head by running a PPB with the culture club music on it and a chameleon saying the positive things we will do,


I happened to tape the politics show, as I was out, but showed the clips of the chameleon to a friend who doesnt "do" telly. She was appalled, and will now vote cameron, so if that is replicated around the country, Nulab have done us a good turn.

Whatever the overt message communicated, it is also a third party endorsement of DC's importance in the grand scheme of British politics. And the third party doing the endorsing ? - the British government.

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