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Charles Clarke making his statement now...wheres Brown and Blair? Hes been left with Peter Hain and Jack Straw.

Could this be Tony Blair's last straw? If the media as a whole give him a very hard time, then it could well be.

For all Mr Blair's talk, his misleading slogans, his wasted parliamentary time, his lack of conviction and all the mistakes he has made along the way, he still manages to cling onto power and convince 30%+ of voters that his party and his Government is worth voting for. As you say, in 1997 he claimed that he would save the NHS and be tough on crime and the causes of crime. He has been neither, and is slowly destroying the health service with his incompetent bed-fellow Gordon Brown - burdening it with ever increasing debt (as they are with the economy and the country as a whole.)

Mr Blair claimed his Government would be whiter than whiter - but, even from the very start has been far from it. The public must hear of the injustice wrought upon this country, and the Conservatives must start telling it as it is.

Like Labour in the 90's, a Conservative spokesman must be on the news every day and every weekend running the Government into the ground for their complete incompetence. Unleash the hounds of Davis and Fox. Go!

Like David Davis's approach - sorrowful at having to say those things about Charles Clarke then forensic disection of the story - add in Ming's example of another release today...

and didn't Dave C set up David D well in getting PM to admit he didn't know the full story in PMQs so David D could use that in why he needed to resign.

This is interesting. Watching Charles Clarke's statement and questions. The way this seems to be moving is that this failing by the Home Office is now a good reason to have ID Cards... oh dear.

Chris see my comment yesterday - was waiting for the ID card excuse (but thought foreign nationals were excluded from ID cards?)

Sounds like a bad PMQs for Blair and Labour, unfortunately I have only just woke up, so once again missed it.

"Sounds like a bad PMQs for Blair and Labour, unfortunately I have only just woke up, so once again missed it." - Rob Largan

Lazy student!

I would have thought Rob having presumably heard the news last night you might have set the alarm clock for 11.55 am which I readily admit is a fairly unearthly hour for a student!

Until then he didn't know there were two 11 o'clocks in the day, malcolm!

I still remember that story about your student friend who was always lending money off people because he was never awake when the banks were open :D

Ming has had to apologise because his PMQs story about the Nigerian who was released today was incorrect.

You have to wonder what Ming was thinking, could have easily bested Blair without relying on gossip.

I'm not all that lazy, just I dont have any lectures on a wednesday, so there is nothing to get up for, plus there is a free bar on tuesday nights at a decent club, so there is no excuse to get an early nights sleep.

Witty related image

Got a video player Rob? I had to be out all day, so caught up with the politics show this evening. Yes, Bliar was sweating big time! Do you want to borrow the tape Rob? or are you at the other end of the country! Thought DC and DD worked together really well. Also thought Blair was a complete Toad to run off and leave the poor sap to face the music. Where is party loyalty one asks. Its not nice to hang your ministers out to dry!

Health and crime. The two biggest issues coming out in canvass surveys. The Govt failing massively on both issues. Go get em Conservatives... thats all of us at every level working together and focusing the message,


Video players? You guys read a blog but are living in the past! All the PMQ's are online either on the BBC, or on http://www.parliamentlive.tv/ Even a bloody student could manage that! I only graduated last year so I can speak with authority on this matter, unlike Blair who seems to have been kept in the dark by his ministers' incompetence.

I agree with the comment that health and crime are the two things people are most concerned with. Personally I think we need to focus on the failures of the government on the issues and there consequences rather than spending time trying to force ministers to resign.
In far to many cases ministerial resignation becomes the story rather than government failure.

I watched it online but thanks for the offer Annabel.

Jack, there is little point focussing on government failures on health and crime when you advocate virtually identical policies. At least chasing resignations diverts attention, however cynically, from the fact that you have no answers either....

Sir Ming stood up to triumph at PMQs, got his facts wrong and sat down again.

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