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Something to look forward to in the Autumn.

Who's laughing at UKIP now? Unworkable, PC and rigged - just an average afternoon's work for Francis Maude.

I like the idea of dropping the set speech and having an interview at the final round. I've seen several excellent candidates fall at the final hurdle because their speech wasn't delivered as brilliantly as some tub-thumping Tory Boy.

I presume F Maude Esq will be offering himself for reselection under these rules. As will all conservative MPs - its is the only fair way...

I don't think this is too controversial. Looks fine to me.

Completely agree with Hmmmm. I think all seats should have to go through a full selection every time, rather than incumbants being "nodded through".

It would keep Maude & Co on their toes, rather than taking their constituencies for granted.

Woody, you may be dangerously complacent... I hear that up to 30 seats will be selecting their candidates within a month of the announcement of the A-list. Don't book that holiday just yet!!

We might have kept seats like Solihull if members had to go through reselection every election or even every two.

"non-party member representatives from the local community will have the chance to meet and interview them, scoring them on a range of skill areas and giving their overall impression of how suitable the applicants would be as the local candidate/MP".

And if these representatives just happened to be Labour supporters in a Labour marginal, I somehow doubt they will be throwing their weight behind an outstanding Conservative candidate. I would suggest these "representatives" will have to be carefully selected, maybe by a local Conservative Association selection committee!!!

Thanks for the advice Victoria. I expect we in South Derbyshire will be choosing after the prime ultra marginal seats. Will be a late deal holiday for me this year if I get time to have one at all of course.

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