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Well I don't want to be too fawning Tim but I really can't think of anyone who has done a better job with new technology than you.Whatever your political persuasion CH has set the standard for political blogs in the UK.

Thanks very much Malcolm but as I said in the first post in this series ConservativeHome can't win any of its own awards!

I nominate Jonathan Sheppards Tory Radio.

He has taken a great technological tool and used it to help important Conservatives, connect with ordinary ones.

Sorry Tim I was away when this series started and didn't see your post.

Tory Radio, a clear winner.

I would nominate Tory Radio as well. Looks set to go from strength to strength.

Tory Radio

It will be a dull vote with just Jonathan Sheppard on his own, so I would add

Iain Dale

Guido and the Monkey - the Monkey isn't a Tory, but we could hardly nominate Mr Fawkes without including one of his staff, could we?

Tory Radio....now I have managed to move to broadband!!

Tory Radio

What about Grant Shapps? (technophile MP of 2005 vintage)
He has up to 15% of his constituents on his emailing list, amongst other things.
Silcon.com article

If Grant Shapps is nominated for any more awards, he ought to be offered leadership of the Party...

It doesn't actually exist at the moment but what do people think of Annabel's Astro-politics?

Every day our North Country Nostradamus could swirl the tea leaves and scan the stars for what will be in next week's headlines. Winner?

I like both Guido and Tory Radio, but I can't decide which most!!

If we are looking at using technology to further the Conservative movement then it has to be Tory Radio. A novel idea that has already had some high profile interviews. Far ahead of anything the other parties have come up with.

What is Annabel's Astro-politics?

I can't find this anywhere.

If it is a branch of astrology, I'm afraid it cannot qualify as a 'new technology'. This has its origins in Mesopotamia, or the 'Land between the Two Rivers' (probably Babylon), and evidence suggests it is some 7000 years old. Sorry, Doris (and Annabel).

I'm sure ToryRadio deserves to be on the shortlist but who else should be on that shortlist? Some more ideas please... What political/ conservative websites are particularly impressive, for example?

Only this one it would seem Editor. Shows how far the party as a whole is behind, in the use of the internet. Iain Dale and Guido are certainly worthy of consideration as blogs.

Im touched by the nominations for Tory Radio - thanks to everyone.

There are three people/ initiatives Id like to nominate.

The first is Iain Dale and his diary. Firstly I love the gossip that Iain provides us with - but also because he is never too busy to provide advice to other bloggers and podcasters. He is also doing great work with his own podcasts which I think make great listening.

The second nomination for me would be the right links exchange. Don't ask me how it works - as I am too technologically incompetent - but I can see how such a "project" if thats the word can help cement the conservative movement together and lay the foundations that will help bring about electoral success.

The third initiative for me would be the re-instate Roger campaign. Whether you agree with the objectives for me is not the point. The campaign is run wholly by local activisits who through using the web and emails have brought an issue to the attention of the party leadership both in the UK and in Europe - which is a great indication of how powerful the internet can be.

I'm not sure about how to nominate for this award. The really good blogs are generally not great examples of technology at work but simply good writers and investigators. The few examples we have of innovative uses of technology have already been nominated.

The nominations we have are good but I think what this exercise has clearly demonstrated is that we lack decent viral campaigns etc. A positive side to this is that it constitutes a real vindication for ChameleonArmy.Com.

Nadim!! The late Doris Stokes is taking the piss! I used to post a few astro thoughts, as Astrology is an absorbing hobby. But John Coles posted that it was rubbish, and tim told me off. Fair enough. Mr. Coles should read fridays Indy. There is a two page spread on this metaphysical doctrine. It may be older than 7000 years.When were the tablets dug up? Planning the Nile flooding by Venus rising? If Mr Coles upsets all the Hindu folk by saying their traditions are rubbish, we will be in bother. If you want an astro prediction, next general will be hung, because Uranus, (disruption) will be hanging around then, we get in next, when neptune will be squaring our sun, around 2012 ish. Now I'd best shut up, before I get in bother with Tim again!!!

If we're talking new use of technology; RightLinks and the ChameleonArmy(if it is allowed) should certainly be up there too, although I still stand by my Grant Shapps nomination.

I nominate Right Links ( http://rightlinks.co.uk/linked/index.php ). Serf has developed a site that brings together conservative bloggers from right across the spectrum, linking their sites, aggregating their posts, and providing a discussion forum. I especially like RL's banner exchange facility that gives us all ads across the right blogosphere.

And there are more innovations to come.

Nomination: Guido Fawkes (order-order.com)

Nomination: Iain Dale

Nomination: James Cleverly: for bloggin his mayoral campaign

Nomination: Ed Vaizey MP: for being a Tory MP who regularly podcasts.

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