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If I understand the catergory properly I nominate the 'idea' of decentralised energy/micro generation. I think this will go from being what it is at the moment something people interested in energy policy know about to being something everyone knows about.

You have understood the category correctly, free democrat. Thanks.

I know this seems backward, or narrow, or even 'yesterday's' one-to-watch, but I'd like to nominate the Cornerstone Group.

Yes, I know they're viewed as dinosaurs under the new era of David Cameron, but they continue to reflect and insist upon respect for religion and moral foundations, which resonate not only with Christians, but also Muslims and Sikhs and people of all faiths. We agree on far more than we differ. I know I'll be slated for this, but I think the group will become increasingly important as more and more Conservatives feel disenfranchised by the very big shifts being inflicted on us.

Editor, I'm puzzled as to how an 'idea' can win an award...

Who collects it?!

Free Democrat, isn't there an individual or group associated with 'decentralised energy/micro generation'? I don't even know what it is.

We'll cross that bridge if we come to it, Nadim, but I can stay in touch with free democrat for ideas. Your suggestion of Cornerstone is an intriguing one. Thanks.

I nominate London MEP Syed Kamall - with the party soon to embark on the London mayoral candidate selection, his is a name I think/hope we will be hearing a lot more...

How about the idea for a London Primary election? I think James Morris of Mind the Gap, a contributor to this site, was responsible for this.

Elected Police Chiefs.

I like the idea of citizen's charters like in America suprisingly suggested by Jonathan Freedland in the Guardian yesterday for local decisions. It fits nicely into the idea of local empowerment and takes the process by which some towns have got Mayors a step further.

Now, where have I heard Citizen's Charters before...!?!?

He means Citizens Initiatives - an admirable idea, based on the Swiss model.

Whilst I await the Guardian's call (see today's story "In Search of Selsdon Man), I nominate the principled and energetic Philip Davis MP. Naturally, I also support Edward Lennox's nomination of my old friend Syed Kamall MEP.

Sorry, I'm confused here. I thought this category wasn't about parliamentarians - because they have their own category? Blogging will have a massively increasing influence, but that is also excluded here.

To be honest, I'm also not sure if this award has to be 'positive' - I mean, I think the work of the 'Ethnic Diversity Council' will be increasingly influential over the coming months, and some may think this a good thing. But are we recognising simply 'imminent influence' or 'influence for good'?

Can we nominate MPs 'to watch'?

Bloggers and parliamentarians etc aren't excluded Nadim but we're looking in this category for bloggers or parliamentarians or whoevers/ whatevers "to watch" - not necessarily the current "best". Sorry if I wasn't clear.

I read the directions as excluding parliamentarians etc. I would therefore like to retract my previous nomination.

Instead, please consider Douglas Carswell.

He is virtually unknown, but is a shrewd politician, has integrity and is Conservative to the core. I look forward to him confronting something that really annoys him.

Douglas Carswell won't be heading to the frontbench for a while at least, he was one of the few MPs to endorse withdrawal from the EU.

Who said 'one to watch' had to include those who toe the line?!

I don't agree with this EU-withdrawal group, but I do admire independence of mind in the present climate of bland homogeneity. Candidates now have to conform to so many criteria, there will be little chance of independent spirits ever making it.

I would like to nominate Jonathan Sheppard and his Tory Radio Project.

I think this project offers an opportunity for Conservatives to sell their ideas more effectively, especially to the internet/ipod generation.

Already we have seen some effective and enjoyable interviews and I think in the coming year Jonathan and the Radio Station could increasing influence.

Best wishes to him.

My apologies - the last line should read:

"...the Radio Station could have increasing influence."


ToryRadio certainly deserves an award. It is very enjoyable and essential listening.

As noted before, once it is availabe in English too, I am sure it will grow exponentially. :-)

Owen Paterson ... IDS's former PPS.

Why Richard?

TaxPayers Alliance is definitely worth following over the next 12 months. The agenda is going to shift, and it looks as if they'll be doing the shifting.

I think Priti Patel will be a rising star over coming years in this country and probably ultimately a Conservative Prime Minister - she's media savvy and has the vision thing.

The continued growth of non governmental public spirited communities largely internet based such as the Open Source movement and open intellectual forums such as Wikipedia, this means largely the end for state involvement in funding of culture.

Beginnings of a mass movement against free state funded Education and Healthcare in favour of use of state loans at low interest increasingly - people will get sick of high taxation and poor public services whether under Labour or Conservative governments.

Also moves towards harder crackdowns on terrorists and other criminals, a reaction against the rights culture and in favour of doing whatever is neccessary to ensure the National Security and establish civil order.

Michael Gove - highly talented, very Cameroon.

David Burrowes - a highly talented MP and one to watch. Respected by both his colleagues and those opposite for being a man of conviction but also having time for everyone and anyone - this will serve him well in politics.

The idea of the Conservative Party being part of the voluntary sector and seeing this acted out.

The promotion of social enterprise and applying Conservative beliefs in localised social action projects.

An emphasis on relational politics and it is for this reason that the state has failed on so many issues and why the private sector and charities are succeeding.

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