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I nominate anyone who has the courage to advocate withdrawal from the perfidious EU. Commissar Cameron has now issued his latest ukaze against such people.

Nomination: Reinstate Roger Helmer Campaign

Citation: Energising Conservatives to support a man who was dismissed for doing his job. A good example of how we can make the party more accountable.

The Taxpayers' Alliance and Migration Watch

Taxpayers' Alliance.

TaxPayer's Alliance and Reinstate Roger have been mentioned already.

Does Right Links count as a "campaign"? If not, I'd nominate their anti-Legislative & Regulatory Reform Bill work which kept the item on the agenda and the pressure on the enemy at a critical time.

I'm happy to give my support to the Taxpayer's Alliance. They have made tax an issue to get angry about all over again.

I also would add my name to reinstate roger and the taxpayers alliance.

Re-instate Roger for me has been very innovative and has really punched above its weight so to speak. You may not agree with its objectives - but thats not the point - their campaign has raised the issue to the attention of undoubtedly thousands of people.

Taxpayers Alliance - what more can I add. A great ongoing campaign on an issue that for me is at the heart of Conservative thinking.

"The Taxpayers' Alliance and Migration Watch"

I'll second these. It is a pity that we don't seem to have any signifcant campaigns outside of our core areas. I look forward to the "Reform the NHS Alliance".

I would nominate Migration Watch over the TPA as the former has been far more successful in building links with the mainstream media.They have also handled themselves well in the face of a number of unwarranted smears.

Nomination: Save The Radio 4 Theme

For standing up against BBC "modernising for the sake of modernising" and releasing a CD single (which I bought!)

Whilst seocnding the many nominations for the brilliant TaxPayers Alliance, can I also propose the Campaign Against Political Correctness - www.capc.co.uk - who are fighting the brave fight for freedom of speech and highlighting nonsensical examples of political correctness, that most pernicious modern ill.

The Taxpayers Alliance shows a lot of promise but needs to say more about why, how and which taxes should be cut to deserve an award.

Migration Watch is a socialist organisation that wishes to impose controls on free movement.

Nomination: No award - the right has forgotten how to campaign. Witness the triumph of leftist movements in recent times, eg political correctness has now ever taken over the selection of Tory MPs.

Otherwise best campaign was the Cameron leadership team.

Definately the tax-payers' alliance. Think they have had a really good year, especiallly in the media.

"Migration Watch is a socialist organisation that wishes to impose controls on free movement."

Restricting free movement of people is not "socialist". That is libertarian hyperbole. I suppose you could use the term "statist". Besides, most socialists support free movement of people.

I think it should be noted in the case for the Reinstate Roger Campaign - that it is a self-funded campaign, with its organisers volunteering their time.

This is not the case for many national campaigns and only shows how impressive their impact has been so quickly.

I'll second the Radio 4 campaign and the Campaign against Political Correctness.

Nomination: Cameron Leadership campaign team

Reason: Made an inexperienced MP party leader, despite being a centrist candidate, with a dubious past. Well run website, media and leaflet campaigns.

I voted for DD, but you have to admit the DC campaign was slick.

Reinstate Roger Campaign

My vote goes for Migration Watch, a very professional organisation. Reinstate Roger is also highly commended.

Nomination: Reinstate Roger Campaign

Reason: The Reinstate Roger Campaign shows that internet campaigning can make a difference, or at the very least, a noticeable impact. The campaign was, if I remember correctly, conceived on ConservativeHome, proof that websites and political blogs are an excellent way for like minded Conservatives to meet and act upon their beliefs. In less than 3 months, the campaign has attracted almost 500 members including numerous MPs and MEPs Lords and Councillors. If any campaign deserves to be nominated, it is the Reinstate Roger Campaign.

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