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I'd nominate David Cameron.

His first PMQ's (You were the future once), his budget response (an analouge chancellor...) , nobody has made a comparable impact in the last year.

Nomination : Patrick McLoughlin

Citation : Has led a very successful time for the Whips, overseeing multiple government defeats despite a large majority, while avoiding problems on our benches in a time of change.

Nomination: Michael Howard

Citation: In 18 months he brought the party back from despair to fight an election campaign with confidence and energy. He opposed the excesses of Blairism with passion and helped us all communicate a simple, straightforward Conservatism.

In the absence of any further support for Michael Howard I would lend my nomination to David Cameron.

David Cameron isn't yet a great parliamentarian - he has succeeded in upsetting Blair & Brown through clever use of consensual questioning and his short response to Budget did show a harder edge.

My nomination would be Dominic Grieve for his application and masterful use of resources to blunt this Governments authoritarian edge.

An excellent MP

I would second Ted's nomination of Dominic Grieve. He has consistently worked to highlight and neutralise the Government's attack on civil liberties. There may be better media performers, or those who are better at party functions, but few better in Parliament.

Nomination: Roger Helmer

Citation: For exposing the Europhilia rife in our MEP group, for sticking to his principles and for a patriotism we could all do well to follow.

Ken Clark.

Lord Pearson of Rannoch: he leads a one man crusade against the European Union. If only the rest of the Tories in the Lords and Commons would listen...

I'm inclined to nominate the now late Peter Law MP, except I'm not sure he's eligible (not really any sort of conservative, was he?)

As a reinstate Roger co founder, I second the nomination for Roger Helmer.

Roger Helmer MEP

He did what a parliamentarian is there for - held the Executive to account, in Roger's case by asking awkward questions of the President of the Commission and that in the face of opposition from his own party.

For anyone who doesn't know the story so far, go to http://www.brusselswatch.com/baroso.htm

I also nominate Roger Helmer:

He has held firm to his beliefs and launched an effective attack on Blair at Christmas - exposing Mr Blair for what he truly is. For more information visit Reinstate Roger.com

Richard, Andrew and Chris make a good point about Roger Helmer. Can I split my nomination for Lord Pearson in half so I can nominate them both..!?

The rules don't state they have to be a member of the Conservative Party - we could always embarrass someone like Frank Field!

Having read his excellent letter on another thread yesterday criticising the Conservative party for its feeble response to this government's assault on civil liberties I would nominate Lord Onslow.

Nick Bourne

For co-ordinating a series of defeats for the Labour executive in the National Assembly and, as Peter Hain acknowledged, becoming the only credible alternative to Rhodri Morgan as First Minister.

I love Frank Field. Can I nominate two? Field and Grieve.

I agree with both nominations for Dominic Grieve & Roger Helmer.

Difficult to choose, which is of course a good sign! I agree with the Onslow nomination. I've watched him upset apple carts with admiration for a number of years now - even flying in the face of fashion on bow ties!

Other than that, Lord Tebbit, who despite being a mere backbencher in the Lords remains a key interlocutor and continues to provide striking speeches and nail-on-the-head PQs.

There's also Chris Heaton-Harris MEP for his persistent fight on fraud. A prediction for next year's winner - John Redwood for setting out the stall for a sensible low tax less waste economic policy model.

Nomination: Ming Campbell

His performances at PMQs have helped the Conservative party considerably.

Of actual Tories, Roger Helmer is my clear preference.

Roger Helmer MEP.

One of the few people unwilling to bow down to the Conservative's general acceptance of the corrupt dealings of the EU. He has taken a stand to bring the EU executive to account in the face of strong pressure from all sides. Someone, at least, is still fighting for greater transparency in the murky dealings of the EU.

It would be wrong to give this award for representing a view that’s contentious, even within the Conservative party. Roger Helmer certainly has fans, but the EU is not only divisive within the party, the nation is fed up of us appearing to talk about it to the exclusion of everything else.

Conservatives in opposition have to build support, prepare alternatives and hold the government to account. David Cameron is doing well at the groundwork for the first two: building support and preparing alternatives. Those are essential elements, but the bit the nation wants today is Tony Blair and his cronies held to account. We haven’t done that very well, but the person who has done best, and who acted with great dignity during and after his leadership campaign (which added to Conservative support), is David Davis. He's my nomination.

Dominic Grieve.

He's authoritative; reasonable; intelligent and, in an unassuming, almost surprising way, devastatingly good on TV and in the chamber.

Roger Helmer??? Only the Euro-obsessed (Euro-deranged?) could seriously him at the outstanding tory parliamentarian.

I thought you had been banned Gareth - clearly not.

So the 400+ supported of Roger Helmers reinstatement are Euro deranged then Gareth. How interesting.

Chris Grayling

For his work asking lots of picky questions in parliament. Highlights include getting Stephen Byers to admit he his a liar and his work in getting rid of Beverly Hughes.


Why don't you actually read my post?

I suggested that nominating him as the outstanding parliamentarian of the year could appear reasonable only to the Euro-obsessed/deranged. I made no comment on the sanity of those wishing him to have the whip restored.

Those nominating him as the outstanding parliamentarian are, in my view, allowing their judgment on the matter to be clouded by the fervour with which they hold their views about the restoration of the whip. On any cool appraisal of parliamentary talents and contribution, the likes of Grieve, Davis, Howard, Hague and Cameron (to name but 5) outstrip him by a country mile.

How typical though of the Euro-fanatics to use this competition as another vehicle for their obsessions.

I object to being labelled as "deranged", and add my humble scribble to the bottom of Roger Helmer's nomination for this award.

Gareth, I'm not going to let this thread become a slanging match which you appear to be angling for, but I'm sure many on the list would nominate him for the award.

I also never entertained any doubt that many would nominate him for the award. It was tiresomely predictable.

I just happen to think that the award should go to someone who has done an outstanding job attacking the Labour government, rather than Conservative colleagues. You clearly disagree.

I've nominated someone attacks the Labour government and stands up for Britian Gareth. Anyway, I'm sure the final votes will decide.

I would go with you on Field Suggestion.It pains me to admit that I don't think any Tory has performed particularly outstandingly in Parliament during the past year.Honourable mention though to Chris Grayling and also in the European Parliament to Roger Helmer.

Who's this Roger Helmer bloke? ***JOKE***!

Frank Field, for not giving up, not once, not when his wretched party tried to deselect him, not when his wretched government turned its back on him; he keeps thinking about how to use the state to help and improve the condition of the people. Surely what an MP's for?

And of course Dave! Keep it real guys.

Gareth: Those nominating him as the outstanding parliamentarian are, in my view, allowing their judgment on the matter to be clouded by the fervour with which they hold their views about the restoration of the whip.

Gareth may think that Helmer may not be an outstanding Tory parliamentarian but he's certainly standing outside the Tory Party. Since that came about as the result of him standing up for what he believed it's as worthy as nomination as, say, giving a medal to someone who perishes while trying to save a puppy from drowning (or whatever). People's views on the restoration of the whip are just as valid a reason for voting for Roger as for any other nominee.

This is for 'outstanding parliamentarian', and, in a sea of mediocrity, I'm disappointed that more Tories do not achieve prominence.

Dominic Grieve? Well, he got lucky. Right brief at the right time.

But 'outstanding'? No.

William Hague is outstanding.

Why? A great mind, superb intellect, gifted communicator, grace, humour... simultaneously a very impressive and a genuinely likeable MP.

Dominic Grieve 'got lucky'!?!

I think that's a bit harsh Nadim. His forensic destruction of Labour's attacks on our ancient liberties has been incredibly impressive.

It's not for nothing that he was nominated as Spectator Parliamentarian of the year this year.

Roger Helmer.

Roger Helmer deserves to be welcomed back to the Conservative Group in Europe (perhaps to replace Mrs Jackson who deserves the opposite) and he has been a good MEP but not a great pariamentarian - this isn't about being a good politician or a party favourite it's about performance in parliament.

Hague lost out to Prescott in the last PMQs and his attendance and activity hasn't been outstanding.

Sorry its still Grieve for me (though Edward Leighs good request re foreign nationals in prison might be more effective)

I am surprised no-one has nominated William Hague since he's meant to be so popular.

In any case, I'd go along with the Frank Field nomination, because he's the only Labour MP that Tories find themselves agreeing with on a regular basis.

On our side- Dominic Grieve for holding the fools that govern us to account in a low key but very effective way.

On the other side- Dianne Abbott who can be relied on for a sincere and honest answer.VERY bright too. Thank God I do not live in Hackney...I would have no option but to vote for her. I am so Tory but could never vote against her.

"Roger Helmer deserves to be welcomed back to the Conservative Group in Europe (perhaps to replace Mrs Jackson who deserves the opposite) and he has been a good MEP but not a great pariamentarian - this isn't about being a good politician or a party favourite it's about performance in parliament."

Agreed - I support his cause and reinstatement but I don't think he qualifies for this award.

I second Mark Fulford's nomination of David Davis.

I will add my name to those supportinmg both The Earl of Onslow and Lord Pearson of Rannoch. There exteremly sound and principled views were confirmed when they were the only two tory peers to fight ID cards to last division.

"I second Mark Fulford's nomination of David Davis."

Davis would be a top choice from Westminster. I would nominate Richard Bacon for his efforts in exposing the 'release of 1000 foreign criminals' scandal, but he would probably be a better choice for Unsung Hero.

Very unsung if you watch the BBC (a backbencher I think they said)

I would like to nominate William Hague, but I don't think he has been able to 'make his mark' this year, I think he is probably in the wrong ministry!

David Cameron is doing well, but I feel he is still laying his plans.

I have to say that to my knowledge I have never seen Dominic Grieve!!, I don't watch Newsnight (I find it too biased). I always watch This Week, but not always Question Time beforehand!

I would like to nominate Frank Field, I too feel he has been treated very badly by his party, and has appeared dignified and mature despite that treatment.

I nominate GUY FAWKES as the best ever Parliamentarian. He had the unique distinction of being 400 years ahead of his time. He foresaw that by the early years of the 21st century, Westminster would be left with about as much power to influence the affairs of the UK as a 6th form debating society. He foresaw also that all its MPs would have a vested personal interest in disguising this one inescapable fact from the public. He knew that the only way of ever restoring self-government and self-determination to the people of the United Kingdom was to rid ourselves once and for all of this corrupt parliament and to start again with a new intake of ordinary people whose first task would be to usher in a written British constitution that would never again allow corrupt politicians to give away the rights of the people to any external form of government.

"I am surprised no-one has nominated William Hague since he's meant to be so popular."

Are you blind?! See just a few posts before yours, John Hustings!

Chris Grayling

His tenacious, consistent and methodical approach to exposing labour party sleaze deserves an award!

Richard Bacon for his questions that have led to the exposure of Charles Kennedy's prisoner releases must be worthy of consideration?

'Good time Charlie' may have his faults, but ... ;-)



I am astonished at the number of nominations I seem to have received, and very grateful to all those who have mentioned me. But I'm not sure I deserve it. All I have done is to stick to my convictions.

I am happy and fortunate that the views I take, especially on the EU, seem to match those of a large proportion of my electorate, and of the great majority of East Midlands Conservatives. But then the same could be said of other parliamentarians -- not least the 26 who have added their names to the Reinstate Roger web-site at www.reinstateroger.com

"Richard Bacon for his questions that have led to the exposure of Charles Kennedy's prisoner releases must be worthy of consideration?"

I half nominated him above! He might be more worthy of the Unsung Hero accolade though.

ROGER HELMER - outstanding

There can only be one nomination for outstanding Parliamentarian and that has to be Michael Ancram! As a shadow minister he was the most highly thought of member of our front bench team by all parties, he is adored by his constituents and he deliberately sacrificed his front bench position in order to better represent his and his constituents views free from the party line. Compared to him, everyone else is an also ran. If only the light weights had supported him for the leadership of our party it would not now be in never never land.

Ok I've just realised there is no Unsung Hero category (not sure why I thought there was such a category to be honest) so my second nomination for Parliamentarian is Richard Bacon.

The reason? His tenacity and hard work on the Home Affairs Select Committee (since last year) in pursuing the issue of the release of foreign criminals, resulting in this week's revelations.

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