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Why does the election of Emma Pidding to the Board constitute 'no change'?

A bit dismissive of the female gender, don't you think? Doesn't the appointment of a young woman represent quite a sea-change for Cameron's Conservatives?

If you think diversity is primarily about colour of skin and gender you are right, Nadim.

If you think it is also about perspectives on issues like members' rights, you're wrong.

Emma Pidding is a member of the Conservative Way Forward Executive.

Emma Pidding represents a sea-change, both in generation and outlook.

It is not I who am wrong, but the Editor for narrowly confining his judgement to a single issue (which she, in any case, has modified, according to her contribution to this site).

It's a shame Flack didn't win.

Something tells me the party needs an Essex man on the board, to neutralise all this soft Notting Hill nonsense in the party

Something tells me that Mr Aker supports UKIP.

You're wrong there Shrewd Observer.

"Something tells me that Mr Aker supports UKIP"

Not a very shrewd observation. Not a correct one either.

To the Editor, Obviously you have absolutely no regard to Democracy, second you sound like a child who has just thrown his toys out of his pram because his mate John Flack did not get voted in.

Grow up, and accept the democratic vote, unlike the Labour party we the Conservatives believe in democracy.

You sound the hysterical one, Laura! Calm down! All I said was that there wasn't much change!

Not much change:

•Don Porter is now Chairman
•Stephen Castle is now President Elect
•Simon Mort Re-elected
•Jeremy Middleton Re-elected
•Emma Pidding newly elected.

Not much change! the only change you desperately wanted but did not get is John Flack elected, so my dear Editor be graceful in defeat and congratulate the ones who succeeded.

re your comment on being hysterical, no idea what your going on about on that one. But, I fully understand that you need to take in what has happened so you are forgiven for the misunderatding.

Four insiders + one new member doesn't equal much change... but I hope I'm wrong and I certainly congratulate the winners.

ConservativeHome provided information this time - next time we'll campaign virally and through the media as we did against the Howard-Monbiot reforms. Something for you to look forward to, Laura.

Oh what nice threat from the Editor, I am a firm believer in democracy, I do not threaten, I act and campaign for change, democracy is not about how much money you can spend to get even, it is about how we can improve by getting the right people on the board. The change that was made at the National Convention was done democratically through its members. I have a lot of respect for you for starting this site, it is a very good tool for communication. But now and again your members will disagree with you. When that happens think democracy not how can I get even! It devalues a great, great site that we all enjoy and contribute to.

"Obviously you have absolutely no regard to Democracy, second you sound like a child who has just thrown his toys out of his pram because his mate John Flack did not get voted in. "

Firstly, you clearly know nothing about this sites history and its involvement in this Party's democracy. You are aware that this site led the campaign to retain the memberships right to vote for the Leader, arent you?

Secondly, you are the one throwing the toys out of the pram by making such a big issue out of this thread. He was reporting what happened. The only one who has an issue with the result is you. To be honest, you are the one in the wrong, not Tim.

first I am very happy with the result at the convention, second I am fully aware of the good work that was don by the site on membership right to elect the leader. It was a very good campaign.

Well said James, I was thinking along similar lines but didn't post my thoughts in case the all-powerful Editor (may kings and queens forever bow in his wake) decided to ban me!

So why accuse Tim of having no regard for democracy and of throwing his toys out of his pram? Dont you think its a little unfair to say that?


Please look at the history of the blog starting with a comment from Nadim (at the very top). A few of us would have liked the editor to recognise that the members of the convention voted in a democratic way to elect members to the Board they thought was right to be on the board, some did not like the result, but it was done in the most democratic way by ballot.


Please look at the history of the blog starting with a comment from Nadim (at the very top). A few of us would have liked the editor to recognise that the members of the convention voted in a democratic way to elect members to the Board they thought was right to be on the board, some did not like the result, but it was done in the most democratic way by ballot.

Excellent news in the Board elections. Emma will make a great addition to the team.

The Board Elections aren't that democratic, Laura. The average party member doesn't have a vote although the board is extremely powerful and the elections take place in almost total secrecy. There are no public hustings and no mention of the elections on conservatives.com. I have nothing against the individuals elected - I repeat my congratulations to them. I wasn't making a threat in my 21.52 post... I was merely reaffirming one of the key objectives of this site - to stand up for members' rights and not allow the party establishment to ignore their views.

The theme of the Spring Forum was 'change'. My title for this post is, I think, a fair one as the two candidates offering most change were not elected.

May be Emma Pidding will be able to give us more transparency on what is happening with the board. Let’s wait and see.

Emma Pidding was an opponent of members retaining a say in the election of the party leader. I wish her well but her recent history does not encourage me.

Emma was of course open and honest about it, and the Convention voted her in.
But, lets see what happens in the next few months may be the board will be proactive on your concerns regarding change, it (the Board) could start by letting us the members know what they are doing and hopefully engage with us to make that change.

Let's end on that note of agreement Laura!

It is an honour to serve our Party, and in particular the voluntary organisation as one of the three Vice Presidents of the National Convention. I am most grateful for the support that I received. The work starts now to ensure that I deliver on all the aims I set out during my Campaign.

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