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Mind blowing and visionary!

I used to wonder what life would be like if Mandelson came out of the shadows and became Party Leader................I guess the Conservatives are going to find out.

Is that what we have come to? Ten Tory Commandments of the most banal kind? Here's an alternative set that might do even more:

1. Love your neighbor as yourself (addresses 2, 3, 7, 9, 10 and probably others as well)
2. Work hard and thereby increase your wealth and that of the nation (curiously not addressed)
3. Practice thrift (prudence?) so as not to squander your wealth (1, 4, 5, 6, 8 but not 7)
4. Practice self-reliance (1, 3-6)
5. Respect yourself
6. Practice good hygeine and cleanliness
7. Have pride in your town, county and country
8. Keep your promises
9. Drink in moderation, shun drugs and tobacco
10. Respect the law and private property

That's an off-the-top-of-my-head list of Tory virtues that I think Wilberforce would endorse, but if we proposed them we would be accused of moralising and being Victorian. Instead we get this platitudinal list of actions that say nothing about attitude and motivation. Genuine change can only happen if it is believed in. This check-list does nothing to advance change and is likely to be torn up, resented or ridiculed.

What happened? Were most of the deep thinkers out of the country or something?

Cameron has taken leave of his senses. What a pathetic attempt at nonsense. In todays' world people do not want to know nosy neighbours. Also why should we support overpriced local shops.No mention from a tuff on a hugh salary of these shops bringing down their prices down.

Do we need our party to tell us how to be better citizens? Perhaps - perhaps not. What about drugs and crime? What about respect. What about yobs who throw litter on the floor - what do we do when you get a mouthful or even worse if you challenge them to pick it up? I want the party to talk abour all of this stuff AND about real social issues such as crime which effects us - and on which Lanour are failing.

I thought he didn't believe in lecturing or moralising?

I feel foolish trying to raise a linguistic or literary question about some over-hyped ten-point to-do list, but do statements in the imperative from politicians in Britain ever really work?

Some of the words which have inspired men in times past have not been in the imperative, e.g. "We Want You" (to join the army) or "England Expects..."

Don't the best statesmen tend to avoid speaking to their people in imperatives, telling them what to do?

I don't say this to denigrate this 'be the change' idea, although I do think it's a sad reflection on all of us as individuals as well as social policy for the past sixty years that we need a political pamphlet to tell us to talk to our neighbours. And I find it hard to imagine that attitudes about individual responsibility in our hearts and minds will change without change in our laws too.

Interesting list. My reading of it is

1.Unfortantatly taking a bus that goes every hour and takes twice as long is never going to be a goer for someone not living in a city.
2.If you're involved in local politics, you usually know your neighbours.
3.As long as it's not a syringe or a used condom.
4.Not sure what they would think in Sainsburys if you used Tesco bags but fair enough.
5.Fair enough.
6.Better buy some extra thick jumpers.
7.What few are left, I support. Better quality in many cases.
8.Common sense
9,10.As a crohn's disease sufferer, who would want my blood and organs. Should be a personal decision but I would advocate the giving of blood as it helped save my life last year.

Theres a tank outside the Tory Conference manned by UKIP! The BBC is reporting this!

Pathetic. I predict a big blow out in May. This is all Steve Hilton's fault.

Those are mostly worthwhile actions which I don't think any right-minded person would object to.

There's an old Chinese proverb that says 'a journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step', and as a starting point towards fostering stronger communities and environmental conservation, most of these points are a good place to start.

In order to facilitate individuals 'being the change', those in power need to 'be the change' too - improved public transport, increased public transport provision for rural communities, economic incentivisation of energy-saving appliances, cuts in red-tape strangling local businesses, removal of prejudicial discrimination regarding blood donation...

Does change mean Edward Garnier declaring that "prison isnt working" and that "wasting lives and wasting money"? Is he suggesting that we be softer on criminals? If he is and this is the change Cameron is wishing to bring in, I want nothing to do with it.

Most people know I have the dubious honour of going to all the party conferences with my job.

My challenge to our own party would be to ensure that every conference is carbon neutral. I cant remember many recycling points at conference past.

If we are to be challenged to use energy saving bulbs I would want to see them in each MPs offices (and they aren't yet). I would want to see MPs use public transport in their contituencies not just in London when its the only way to get round the capital.

We also have to think about how easy it is to be socially responsible. We still have pensioners who would love to turn the heat up 2 degress to keep warm - but can't because they can't afford it - thats as important as thinking about turning the thermostat down.

What are we offering people to be energy efficient. The wealthy can switch to renewable energy sources - the not so well off will buy quite rightly want the cheapest option.

In an ideal world we would all support the local shops - but when you can pick up items like irons for £5 are people on limited incomes going to be prepared to pay more.

The party has said it must champion the disadvantaged - and as Consevatives we must come up with solutions that enable ALL society to act as responsible citizens - not just those who can afford to.

Editor: any chance of scanning this leaflet and making a copy available on this blog. It doesn't seem to be on the Wave Network website or the Party website.

I thought the Wave Network home page was very interesting. Encouraging Conservatives (especially aspiring politicians) to get involved in community projects in urban areas--addressing issues such as financial exclusion, literacy, community cohesion, youth empowerment and gun crime.

Wave Network-- Conservatives out improving both their communities and their Party's chances of being elected. Conservative Home--Conservatives (and ex-Conservatives) sitting at home and moaning into their keyboards. I must get out more and get a life!

I'm still in Manchester, Rob G. I'm going to the United Vs Arsenal game tmrw but will scan the leaflet when I'm back home... first thing Monday.

I'd agree. The best thing local conservatives can do is get amongst the community with regular leafletting and feedback sessions. Whether we have enough people to do this is another matter of course. Trying to get councillors to write a leaflet and get it delivered is a hard task in many cases.

Enjoy the game editor. Made my first visit to Old trafford to see the mighty Burton Albion lose 5-0. Was 2 miles up in the sky and less than impressed.

I thought this was the Conservative Party but I was wrong. It's a girls school and Cameron is the Headmistress.

Conservatives are to be good children, and are certainly not expected to notice that their leadership is from the Planet Zog, where all the citizens have to have their brains removed.

This is the Stepford Wives for real. 1984. all those sci-fi scarry stories rolled into one. Big Brother from Blue Labour is calling you. 'Is your brain dead? Good.' That's how he wants it to stay.

I've been up in the top tier of the north stand and I thought the view was okay. Also it is so far inside the roof that even on the freezing January evening I attended it was nice and warm. Still, this is digressing somewhat.

This leaflet might be a little bit gimmicky but quite how encouraging Conservative members to give blood and re-use plastic bags is worthy of criticism is beyond me...

It's been a good Conference, safe journeys for everyone heading back to the rest of the country. :)

I think you're being rather disingenuous William. Cameron has said no to ID cards in this speech. Hardly Blue Labour and 1984.

I'm used to smaller stadiums I'm afraid Iain. I just found Old Trafford cramped and struggled to identify the players. Still, doubt I'll be going back for a long time. However, better not digress too much.

Wave Network, is the successor to CChange and is the sister organisation of Policy Exchange - both founded by Francis Maude. Similarly the party website advertises Women2Win - another pressure group.

It appears that there are senior Party members of the Party who are using the Party to promote their own private pressure groups and their policies. Is this allowed?

Womens to Win is run by the wife of the Deputy Chairman with responsibility for Candidates...I think youve got a good point selsdon.

This is so sad.

Selsdon, everything they want to do is ok now. There are no other standards. Product placement by Notting Hillers whenever they get the chance, whether commercially or politically.

It is all so embarrassing. Even if the activists are too polite to object those not there and more importantly the voters will.

I pity the poor souls who coughed up the Spring Forum fee only to given that patronising dumbed down leaflet. The party appears to view its activists as morons. Mind you, look at who they elected!

The only reaction I have to that inane 10-point list is that if it had been published by Patricia Hewitt, the nation's nanny, I would be blowing my top!

I also pity the poor Thatcherites who had to endure Hezza's speech. It must have been like a bad dream - a ghost of the past coming back to haunt you.

This website was born out of deep anger and frustration at a political establishment which over the decades has increasingly treated the British public with contempt.

It explains how our democracy is being eroded - and spells out how together we ordinary people can halt the slide into bureaucratic tyranny.


"This leaflet might be a little bit gimmicky but quite how encouraging Conservative members to give blood and re-use plastic bags is worthy of criticism is beyond me..."

Then I thank God you are not my councillor, Iain Lindley. If you do not understand that the leaflet is patronising, then I pity your colleagues on the council.

So most of the Class A section of the party are closet tradesmen and product placemen.Nice handbags,furniture and wallpaper etc etc.Is this a political party at a conference or a trade show?

What a pathetic amount of complaining over a leadflet, even though we should all do these things.

The no to ID cards doesn't add to much if the centralised computer records are still going ahead. Our every credit card/switch card transaction will tell government where we are at any time of day or night.

The movements of our cars will monitored by satellite. Our faces will be identifiable to CCTV as we move through shopping centres and railways stations. Everything will be centrally controlled - as will be political parties. It's the end of individual freedom. It's the beginning of a police state such as the matrix. No independent voise will be tolerated.

But such issues are too much for our pretty little Conservative heads. We must only think about giving blood and picking up rubbish.

Once government has us in its power, we are pawns fit only for media manipulation. Cameron and Maude are traitors to liberty and independence, and don't they just love it - treating people like morons, while congratulating themselves as they accumulate the power they crave, obeying their masters in Brussels.

All our personal information will be made available to EU police forces of course. But we must worry not about that but about picking up a piece of rubbish.

"What a pathetic amount of complaining over a leadflet, even though we should all do these things."

It's because we should do them that there's no need for a leaflet! It states the blatently obvious. Don't overfill your kettle indeed! Does he take us for morons?

I've tried to be fair to Cameron over the past few days despite my misgivings but this really is absurd.


I accept that in the age of modern politics there will always be a degree of infantilism and style before substance but this seems to be verging on parody. Next we'll be reminded to tie our shoe laces.

Less of this gimicky rubbish, more on the principles, beliefs and policies. Cameron has said promising things but then goes and ruins everything with this peculiar act of gesture politics.

100% with you Richard, if this is the best the highly paid advisors can come up with then its about time they had a cull at CCO

OK, I've calmed down a bit now.

If I thought this measure would actually contribute towards a positive image of the Conservative Party in the eyes of voters I might be able to stomach it.

Perhaps I view the electorate as more cynical than they are, but I expect most people will look on this as an exercise in meaningless gesture politics. Don't overfill your kettle - that will really win the voters over!

How about a list of Conservative principles (and ones that clearly distinguish us from Labour, not phrases like "we believe in opportunity for all")?

A CCHQ insider has just emailed me the Wave Network guide on personal safety that will be distributed at party conference in October.

1. Drive on the left hand side of the road in Britain.

2. Do not cross the road when a car is coming.

3. Wear a seat belt when travelling in a car.

4. Do not use a candle when trying to find a gas leak.

5. Check the credentials of meter readers before letting them into your home.

6. Do not stand in front of a golfer when he is about to hit the ball.

7. Do not stick sharp knives up your bottom.

8. Don’t surf the internet on your laptop when taking a bath.

9. Install smoke alarms in your house.

10. Leave a light on when you go out to deter burglars.

That will scare off Gordon Brown. The next election is in the bag!

Well said William.

There might be a temptation to say that the "leadership" have lost the plot. However I think what is coming out of the current leadership is so eccentric that such an interpretation is unfair. I feel some of us must accept there is such a real disconnect between the current leadership and traditional supporters that it cannot be an innovation but represents a profound philosophical difference as to the nature of conservatism. If they want a schism so be it.

The lists provided by the Conservatives are getting more and more ridiculous. The Built to Win list isnt a list of principles. They are not only contradictory, they arent principles. Vague statements are not principles.

This list is laughable. Picking up rubbish??? I was pulled out of the Cadets after 3 weeks because they were going to do that. Of course be personally responsible for your rubbish but this is ridiculous. In my eyes hes making things worse and worse. His policies are very weak and ignore the idea of party unity. Hes kicked the Right into touch and Im starting to think renewing my membership in November was a bad idea.

Richard - I think you will find there were other members in that hall who agree with your sentiments. I'll post on this more fully later, however it goes without saying that one of the members in the group I was with left the conference tearing up the leaflet. Perhaps it might help you calm down if you tear it up also Richard?

Rishi from Wave here, we published the short pamphlet currently under discussion - I just wanted to clarify a few points if I may.

Firstly, the page you see above is just 1 of 8 that make up this document. In between the 10 suggestions that are made above, and in a very small font size (therefore unreadable in the scanned image), we make the point that as a Party we have 8197 councillors, 270,000 members and got 8.7m votes at last year's General Election - and that if we were able to encourage this huge network of people to do some very small things (like occasionally reuse plastic bags), then that could create a massive positive impact.

However, over the next 2 pages of the pamphlet we describe 4 examples of Conservative members - some in conjunction with Wave - who have initiated more substantive social action projects: Damian Hinds who organised a membership drive for a local credit union (Manchester); Sayeeda Warsi who set up a volunteer-led reading project for young children (Dewsbury); Joan Blaney who has developed a business mentoring scheme for young entrepreneurs (Birmingham); and my experience of currently helping a community radio station generate more advertising revenue and listeners (Harlesden). Our belief is that as opposition Conservatives in cities where we are a distant 2nd, 3rd or even 4th, it is important to actively get involved in community enterprise on a personal level as we don't have any councillors or MPs to do this formally.

On the final page we list a number of community networks and voluntary bodies that people could contact if they wanted to find out more about charitable works in their area that they might want to get involved with. We did this because having presented some of our social projects at last year's Blackpool conference, we were approached by lots of people who wanted to do similar things where they lived but didn't quite know where to start - hence, we published a few useful starting points.

I understand some of the criticisms made above - and indeed if all we did was to produce a leaflet arbitrarily listing 10 things - then that might be rather odd. But this was more than just a 1-pager, and these words are backed up by small-scale social initiatives that we have, and will hopefully continue, to be involved with.

In the meantime I'll email Tim a full pdf of the pamphlet.

There is no excuse for publishing patronising rubbish like that list. Save the paper and a few trees by sticking to events.

"I understand some of the criticisms made above - and indeed if all we did was to produce a leaflet arbitrarily listing 10 things - then that might be rather odd. But this was more than just a 1-pager, and these words are backed up by small-scale social initiatives that we have, and will hopefully continue, to be involved with."

Thank you for coming on here and explaining. The other pages sound much more promising. This is the sort of voluntary action that the Tories should be championing. Remember Burke and the "little platoons"?

I presume from this leaflet that Francis Maude and David Cameron et al all caught the bus home, i mean a normal service bus and not some fancy coach

I hope Cameron won't be claiming the full £20.000 housing allowance that makes MPs such multiple property owners...............clean and honest accounts and none of this £250 without receipt expense stuff.

Good clean honest expenses for our MPs.....................some hope

Then I thank God you are not my councillor, Iain Lindley. If you do not understand that the leaflet is patronising, then I pity your colleagues on the council.

Salford is one of the most deprived authorities in the country. Some of our schools struggle to 20% 5 A*-C in their GCSEs. People's houses are being bulldozed as part of regeneration schemes. Hope Hospital's maternity services are under threat.

Forgive me for concentrating on issues like this, as well as my casework and improving the quality of life and environment in my ward, rather than getting hot under the collar about a leaflet suggesting that we recycle more and give blood! How controversial...

Iain, you have proved again to be patronising. I now add self-rightious and sarcastic. What a dork!

Dick Wishart - Nope, I saw Francis Maude in Manchester Train station so I presume he went back on the train - I wonder whether he got the bus there though, I suspect not.

Unfortunately Selsdon Man the Conservative Party has proved to be very adept at patronising its members, and looking at the assorted leaflets I collected from the conference, is going to become very adept at patronising the voters as well.

Selsdon, I'm not going to stoop to a childish slanging match, especially with someone who isn't prepared to put his name to his opinions.

Iain - its not that the leaflet is controversial, it’s the fact that it, or rather that particular section, was downright patronising. I'm sorry but if I were asked to deliver these I would send them back to CCHQ, this was money not well spent.

It does make you weep.

Do go an read The Economist this week which has its focus on "soft paternalism". It shows that this idiocy is indeed an issue.

I really can't stand it anymore.

In my normal life, I do try to fly the flag. To see the positive side. I leave most of my moaning forn here.

But this could tip my fragile mind over the edge.

Thank goodness for The Economist - that there is still principled libertarian intelligence out there somewhere.

Dont overfill your kettle???!!!


I guess these are the same guys the BBC commissioned to do their health and Safety notices.

If the ethos is on conservation, why stop there? I could think of a million and one items that shouldnt be overfilled.
This is like a late april fools joke. And a bad one at that. Of all the nations problems, over filled kettles is the first that comes to mind. Whatever these folks are smoking, i want some.

There's only one basic human right, the right to do as you damn well please. And with it comes the only basic human duty, the duty to take the consequences.
-P J O'Rourke

Where's the pdf that Rishi from the Wave Network promised us?

Anyway, doesnt reducing the thermostat by 2 degrees mean impending death for the nations pensioners. Id rather see Granny PassingThru live a few years longer than stop some floods that will almost certainly happen anyway a few lifetimes away.

And my local shopkeepers happen to be an outfit called Tescos.
And i already know my neighbours well
And the Bus insists on not taking me (there is no Bus and there never will be)

Imo these ways of changing the world, aside from giving blood, or being irrelevant, are about 25 years too late.

The pdf hasn't arrived yet, Selsdon Man.

I really think the authors of this pamphlet meant well but it really is hilarious. I've just shown it to two non-political friends and they laughed out loud. 'Do they really treat you as such infants?' was what they said to me.

Diary columns, Rory Bremner and Labour conference speakers are going to have endless fun with this leaflet...

I started off quite enthusiastic about Cameron, but he has faltered recently. Now this load of old cobblers! Is it now the business of the Conservative party to tell people to pick up litter and not overfill their kettle? Pitiful.

From Iain Dale's diary

"Page 5 has a list of suggestions which individuals can take up to effect change on a micro level ...It's a good initiative and a very well designed booklet."

Now you know why Norman Lamb's majority is now over 10,000!

Tim, I sent the list to friends and they also thought it was hilarious and came to the same conclusion.

The problem is that CCHQ appears to think that the members have infantile minds. Wave Network certainly does. That is what has angered me.

Don't get Angry. It is genuinely very funny.

Very funny but rather sad actually.

I'm rather tired after a 5 hour journey to Devon back from Manchester so maybe I'm suffering from a sense of humour failure, but I don't find it particularly funny that I, and other CF members I know, have come back from the conference feeling like they’ve been patronised by the leadership and CCHQ.

On that note, I acutally do build with a full kettle regardless of how many people are going to have a cup of tea!

Forgive me Mr.Cameron

A couple of points.....

1) The idea of the page under discussion is not to fixate on the specific actions, but rather on the words obscured by the scan (pdf on the way tomorrow, it's on the office computer): that if each one of our 270,000 members made the same tiny change (e.g. each person declining just 1 plastic bag per week for 1 year), then the collective impact we could make would be immense (14 million plastic bags not going to waste). This would not just be hugely beneficial for the environment, but would also demonstrate in real, tangible terms that we don't just talk about this issue, but that together we're able to make a real difference to levels of consumption and waste. Of course it's no substitute for policy - this booklet is not intended to do that - but getting lots of people to make very small changes is important, as Newsnight's current Ethical Man series is exploring.

2) These are not, as some have suggested, orders or instructions from the Conservative Party on personal behaviour. It is not intended to patronise or treat people like children. It's simply an idea that Wave has suggested - that the solutions for sustainable development, community cohesion and the preservation of the high street are not always rooted in big government strategies; but that encouraging individual people to take the responsibility themselves is the most crucial element. Wave's idea is that the Conservative Party should be leading this popular change in opposition, not just through words and policy statements, but through widescale action from our members. And the reaction we got from a wide variety of members at Spring Forum towards this idea was incredibly positive.

3) Finally, Wave's function is to suggest and try out new ways of engaging people - over the months, we've found that volunteering and small-scale social action by our enthusiastic members and their local associations is an incredibly effective way of demonstrating our commitment to issues like financial exclusion, poor literacy and youth unemployment. Building on this successful start by proposing the idea that our members work together to recycle more, give blood, conserve energy etc when they can, doesn't seem absurd by that measure. No one's forcing anyone to do this, we just propose it as an interesting way to make a difference and get people engaged.

Interesting, Rishi. One might think that the role you are trying to fill is that filled, according to tradition and constitution, by the Church. I'd like you to look at post #3 above and consider whether those suggestions are ones you could endorse. If not, why not? If so, why not, perhaps, endorse them instead or even as well?

The fact that your leaflet was handed out in the circumstances in which it was suggests some form of imprimatur, hence the worry to which your point 2 is addressed. I have no doubt as to your bona fides. Yet it seems to me that the leadership has given you an exalted position, the full implications of which you do not seem to grasp. Such is the boon and the doom of authority, a lesson tradition tells us well.

Anyway, Matthew 6:2 refers.


Of course the reaction you got at conference was different to the one you are getting here. Conference is full of mainstream Tories who support Cameron. CH is not.

Yeah, making small changes that can make a big difference. Thousands of Tory members practising what we preach. Suggesting some basic ways to have a positive effect. How patronising! How stupid!

On the other hand, you could actually ignore the CH regulars, watch the news, and see what got the largest burst of applause in Cameron's speech - talking about our green revolution.

Don't listen to the naysayers. The Tory mainstream knows it's a very Conservative thing to conserve!

"Is Cameron's kettle half full or half empty?"

I boil only the water I need to make a drink, but I do it because I want smaller electricity bills rather than to save the planet...

Does this make me a bad person?

Rishi, I need some advice.

My thermostat was already set as low as I can take it before my old body runs the risk of going into permanent doze when I stop typing. Do I go 2 degrees lower anyway?

I mean, should I - who have been so scrupulous in my commitments not only to environmentalism but also to my pocket book - have to go down by 2 degrees even when others (quite possibly people living it up in Notting Hill) will still be 5 degrees higher even after they have taken your instructions?

Indeed the last time I was in CCHQ it was about 10 degrees warmer than my humble home. So does that mean I have to be permanently 8 degrees colder than David Cameron's normal working conditions?

And will I have to go down another 2 degrees next year?

Or shall I just forget about the whole thing and treat your leaflet as recyclable litter?

Yes James, your a very bad person. Shame on you ;-)

One other thing, Rishi. I was making a general point. Obviously right now I don't have heating on at all, since my generation switches off at the end of March. So how do I put this new scheme into practice today? Is there nothing I can do on this front until October? Maybe I should switch the fridge thermostat up 2 degrees?

Touchy feely is not what we need. This leaflet sounds very Oliver Letwin to me. Of course, he is the Policy Director.

I want a party which will tackle the things which we, the public, think are wrong, not talk about filling kettles.

Being treated like a bunch of school kids will not win them votes.

I want them to tackle:-
Pensions, (will they refuse to accept their latest rise?)
Crime, (stop allowing criminals out early).
political correctness, (which is destroying our country).
EU (stop paying these crooks),
Welfare, (get people back to work),
Child care, (they should come up with a decent tax proposal to encourage mothers to stay at home, not provide more money for child minders).
Abolish the Regional Assemblies, (unwanted and unelected),
Abolish overpaid, useless Quangos. (7000 now according to official figures).

There are lots of important issues for the CP to tackle, if they are serious about becoming the next Government.

"I'm going to the United Vs Arsenal game tmrw..."

Oh dear. If you're a Manchester United fan, I want my £33 back! ;-)

Interesting that Rory Bremner gets mentioned. did anyone catch Bremner, Bird and Fortune Last night? The Deal or No Deal series of sketches...fantasic.

Does anybody think that our reaction would be more positive if this list had been made by some kind of Victorian-style friendly society or by a voluntary organisation, rather than a political campaign group?

Having had time to reflect on it, I hate to think that we Conservatives are becoming cynical about 'social action' and individual responsibility and duty for ourselves and for the rest of society. Is it just because politicians are saying we should do this that opinion is divided, or is it a sign of wider and deeper cynicism? (No pun intended on 'wider and deeper')

"Does anybody think that our reaction would be more positive if this list had been made by some kind of Victorian-style friendly society or by a voluntary organisation, rather than a political campaign group?"

A very good point. Personally I would find it patronising whether it was made by politicians or a voluntary organisation. That said I have more respect for voluntary organisations than politicians. I would like to see the Tories encourage the gradual rebirth of friendly societies as an alternative to the welfare state.

It's really coming to something when the only thing we can think of to save the world is to not overfill the kettle. Anyone who has ever flown abroad might as well boil three full kettles at the same time. Those are just token measures to make people feel better because they don't want to think of the real scale of the problem. We're so screwed.

"Patronising" is the least of it. Mere association with this drivel displays an intellectual and moral bankruptcy which is fast becoming the defining characteristic of the Boy King's empire. In the real world, amused contempt is the very best the Boy can achieve but, more likely, his approaches to the unwashed masses will be greeted with earthy, Anglo-Saxon phrases.

Pamphlet make Hulk MAD. Hulk want to SMASH. You not like Hulk MAD.

Lets just put that kettle advice in perspective.

60% of current household waste could be recycled. At the moment we recycle about 15%. Households alone produce 30 million tonnes a year and that figure will double by 2020. The waste we produce nationally could fill the Albert Hall twice every hour.

But, Henry, whilst we're posturing rhetorically about the household waste we produce, if we as individuals fail to do the simple things on this simple list, we're hardly going to be able to start taking on the bigger challenges, are we?

If we waste our time talking about doing the big things, we'll have no time to actually do the little things.

This list is without a doubt hard to stomach from politicians and hacks, but I would never doubt most of what it asks of us. Would anyone really second-guess the tiny yet great acts of individual responsibility enshrined in this simple list?

I am beginning to wonder whether 'expensive man' (advisor) maybe perhaps justifying his salary. I will explain - I saw Oliver Letwin on Marr's spot this morning and I thought he came across extremely well, not giving much away and when he got a dig at Labour, it was reasonedand effective, and he managed to finish before Marr could cut him off.

But apart from that and this statement about crime, nothing else specific THAT LABOUR would want to PINCH has been aired, and they can hardly pinch the ideas on crime without cries of Michael Howard thought of that first.

So I think all this lovely Bible/Green stuff although an ideal is also a smoke screen to buy time!!

Don't get angry get funny. Well laugh anyway - Selsdon Man you gave me a good cackle!

This isn't about the leaflet, is it? This leaflet demonstrates a Conservative principle: personal responsibility. Small actions from individuals (rather than top-down action from the state) can make a difference. In addition, this is but one page of a document which outlines the more substantive ways in which Wave have been living their principles. The Wave vision of local community action to make people's lives better is the very opposite of state action and is hardly infantile.

That's what makes me think that this isn't about the leaflet. It's about a growing realisation among certain individuals that the Conservatives are changing and that Cameron really means it. Those who have relied on the Conservative Party as a shelter from the real world are scared and lash out whenever they can, even against a well-intentioned and sensible leaflet. As one who wants to be a member of a political party that engages with my country as it is and that can actually win, I suggest that this site might be a good substitute for the old Tory Party. You can come here, talk to yourselves and carp about the modern world. Thankfully the vast bulk of the party membership voted for change in December.

Is a national recycling scheme such a big thing?

I can only repeat what I posted on another blog to the effect that when Mrs Umbongo saw this wonderful recipe to improve the world, she broke into a chorus of "Kumbaya" and, do you know, I joined in. Then the whole street joined in and from London to the world, everyone of goodwill joined hands and sang their hearts out.

"Those who have relied on the Conservative Party as a shelter from the real world are scared and lash out whenever they can, even against a well-intentioned and sensible leaflet."

I accept that the rest of the leaflet is more to my liking and very much in tune with traditional conservative principles. But I think you'll find that what people dislike is the sense of nannying and stating the obvious within the ten points.

Mr Changetowin - what knows Cameron of the real world? The one in which industrial production is at its lowest since 1997, where the number employed in the state sector approaches 6 million, where those on state benefit stand at 4.3 million, where taxation this year will reach £414 billion, mortality from nosocomial infection exceeds 10,000 per annum... and we need leaflets on filling our f***ing kettles? The only thing we can agree on is that we certainly need to "change to win". The sooner we change Boy King the better.

Chnagetowin, I was never very keen on the Tories I met in Westminster, and I'm very happy to see them changed. Most of them were awful most of the time. I have no problem at all with change. I'd love us to become a party that sounds the way normal people in the pub - or bar - sound. With the sorts of concerns and solutions that normal people in the pub - or bar - have.

But this leaflet - in itself trivial - demonstrates that the change you're advocating is from one type of abnormaility to another type of abnormality.

I would like to see us change into a party that's in touch with normal people. Normal people down here in Dorset AND normal people up there in Soho. (That's my version of the And Theory, Editor). Believe me, this leaflet will look laughable in both places.

Sounds as though your Conservatives are taking the approach of American liberal Democrats, especially Bill Clinton: Only very small ideas, mostly on how to be a better person (according, at least, to those damned liberals), on the assumption that the people they are talking to are idiots.

Well, I supppose that we deserve what we elect. But it's time to throw all of these mediocrities out of office. You start with Cameron, and we'll start with . . . everyone.

I continue to be astonished by David Cameron's astonishing incompotence. Even I, who oppossed Cameron from the start, had thought he was better than this. I at least thought that he was a serious politician. Alas it seems that he is overgrown school boy playing in the world of adult politics.

At a time when a discredited government is failing in practically every area this is what we get from HM Loyal Opposition. It's pathetic.

Yeah, 47 million people without healthcare, 8.3 million children, that's really something we need to emulate. Only 70% of those in work have related insurance. You spend more on healthcare than we do but your public health stats are worse mainly because the sick turn up in the ER with avoidable conditions with a GP could have dealt with in five minutes, which costs more in the long run. Not to mention the increased mortality, but you can't really cost that.

Oh, and you produce 20-30 tonnes of CO2 per person, more than any other country on earth, for which you have to pay trillions of dollars to regiemes American hawks are supposed to despise.

Mediocrities? Whatever.

Whilst I haven't seen the leaflet in question I suspect the intentions were good - but I can understand why people may feel like they are being taught to suck eggs. I would like the party to come up with some ideas to make being a good citizen easier for those who are less well off - rather than it being just a nice thing to do for the middle class.

What I would have done would be to urge people to buy the book "Change the world for a fiver" which I think is great, and seems to have many of the ideas listed in the leaflet.

I find the overwhelmingly negative reaction on this thread quite astounding.

Who would have thought that people could react so badly to a list of suggestions of small things that we can do to improve the community and the world around us?

Good grief.

The thing is Daniel, this list is important as its showing what the thinking is of the high leadership. This list may have lovely sentiments but I want to know about the bigger things to do with the environment. Whats the point of the above if Camerons policy on house-building is a free for all on the green belt? It undoes it all. The list seems to be less suggestions than implied orders. That if you arent doing the ten items listed, you arent caring about the environment or the communities.

"Who would have thought that people could react so badly to a list of suggestions of small things that we can do to improve the community and the world around us?"

I think you will find that we are reacting to the lack of any list of suggestions of big things we can do to improve the community and the world around us.

There is a deathly silence from my Tory friends who voted for Cameron. I think they are very embarrassed.

I find the overwhelmingly negative reaction on this thread quite astounding.

Who would have thought that people could react so badly to a list of suggestions of small things that we can do to improve the community and the world around us?

Good grief.

No one is objecting to what is being suggested. We are objecting to the fact that a would be PM feels that he needs to tell us to do such trivial things.

"There is a deathly silence from my Tory friends who voted for Cameron. I think they are very embarrassed."

Not embarrassed, just amused at the hysteria. This harmless list is part of an on-going strategy to modify media perception of Conservatives. Of course, we could just let the media portray us as a bunch of in-fighters...

"This harmless list is part of an on-going strategy to modify media perception of Conservatives."

By portraying them as a bunch of nannies? It is unfortunate that the rest of the leaflet has been overshadowed by this.

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