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Whatever you think of him, and I'm a Cameron-sceptic, what do Labour think they're playing at ramming home the "Change" message for us?

Someone at Old Queen Street screwed up big time.

I thought it was quite a good advert. I will be looking forward to further installments.

Well this line of attack is hardly a surprise is it?

Those who supported David Cameron's leadership bid did so in the knowledge that it came with health warnings about the charges that could be levelled against him.

The fact that Labour have had to resort to this sort of campaigning so early in the Cameron leadership speaks volumes about their own shortage of ideas and their desperation to deflect attention from their own troubles.


I didn't vote for Cameron in the leadership, and I've been sceptical of many of the 'changes' he's beeb bringing about in the party. However, this Labour tactic makes my blood boil. For all his faults, I don't see Cameron as being horribly inconsistent, just a little one-sided. I'd wish he'd concentrate a little more on what people call 'traditional' conservative issues alongside the 'new' issues like the environment etc. This Labour campaign is cheap and disgusting, and I urge the Conservatives not to follow it, like we did at the 2005 Election.

I disagree with those who say this strategy reinforces the change agenda. It actually plays into people's feelings about Cameron. Several polls have now shown that people think he's more spin than substance. By reinforcing that line of thought, this could be quite damaging.

The obvius comparison people will make is with the infamous "demon eyes" poster. The difference there, of course, is that the poster didn't reflect what people actually thought about Labour, and thus would be doomed to failure.

New Labour are loathsome, but they are masters of negative campaigning. Perhaps they have concluded that the "change" message is not actually one that appeals to the majority of voters.

Labour advertising David Cameron's campaign to rebrand the tory party while retaining its core values - priceless!

I would be interested in where the suggestion that Cameron is all "spin" comes from. As both a Cameron supporter and a spin hater I have been looking for evidence and I really can't find any. He talked prior to the last election of the need for "Ronseal" politics and it seems to me that Cameron is doing exactly what he said he would in his leadership campaign.

I don't think they've assumed that I think its just trying to re-inforce message that he's vapid, flip flopping etc - thats been the line of attack since January. I think it shows the change agenda frightens them so they are trying to say there's no change only talk.

Think however that its an attack that can be subverted; the chameleon is actually quite attractive and by keeping a distinct direction and re-inforcing messages the substance can be defeated while the loveable characteristics stick. Vote Blue, Go Green fits in well. A chameleon on a windbreaker on a northern glacier with Vote Blue, Go Green would be good...

Then off course to tie in with pinknews story - 'red& yellow & pink & green, orange and yellow and blue, I can see a Rainbow coalition, I can see one too'

I agree with Ted, I'd put up a picture of a couple of horses with blinkers on, towing an empty cart - because Labour can't change, won't change and don't want to try to change and they're empty of ideas - they're only capable of spending other people's money not creating it.

Be positive about it, I'd get Ty to make some Beanie Chameleons called Cameron with little cycle helmets on the children would love them.

"Be positive about it, I'd get Ty to make some Beanie Chameleons called Cameron with little cycle helmets on the children would love them."

Yes UKIP showed how negative attacks can be turned round when they handed round fruit cake at a recent press conference.

The best way to deal with childish name-calling is through humour rather than responding in kind.

How ironic that New Labour is criticising the MP for Witney as a chameleon. Presumably they didn't mind the real chameleon, Shaun Woodward, MP for Witney before Cameron, defecting to them before dumping him in St Helens?

One more thing, isn't it a bit rich for 'New' Labour to start branding others as chameleon-like? A case of the pot calling the (carefully not overfilled) kettle black methinks.

Yes, but NL have no shame DVA and will do anything it takes to stay in power.

Get used to it, I'm sure there will be a lot more to come from sites like this to viral movies (perhaps using looky likeys etc), perhaps shockwave games etc. The rules are much more relaxed online.

If I were firing back I'd be circulating my "Who Wants to be in the House of Lords" game, a looky-likey Brown preening etc reinforcing the news with humour that gets people circulating them, helping to force home the message.

Bush's team understood the power of online humour to derail their campaign in 2000 when they forced the closure of gwbush.com (run by the genius behind whitehouse.org).

A Chameleon might be just what we need to get rid of the locusts that currently occupy the government benches.

It works out to be a narrow attack. The main point you are making when branding somebody a chameleon is that they have no convictions or principles of their own. They couldn't help bandying this quote around: 'I am Conservative to the core of my being, as those who know me best will testify'. - this neutralises that main point.

The other point you are making with that line of attack is that Cameron is very "politiciany"; interested more in PR than policy and will say anything to anyone. This is something more associated with Blair and New Labour than anything else - which helps to neutralise that point with the swing voter, although it does leave a gap for Gordon to come in as the "straight-down-the-line candidate" at the next election.

The effective part of this ad isn't new - the use of the Conservative Party itself as a stigmatising agent. Our brand, and our governmental legacy, has been profoundly tarnished by the Labour party being percieved as confident enough in its convictions to simply mutter "that Thatcher" or "don't talk to me about the Tory party". Casual followers of current affairs just follow from this lead.

I am strongly against negative campaigning and hope we will not resort to it. Not only is it in the habit of backfiring in the long-term, but it is not the kind of politics I want to be involved with in the first place.

This is certainly the most substantial argument against public funding of political parties I have ever seen.

At least we didn't have to pay for this rubbish.

I agree with Serf.

Also negative campaigning really doesn't go down well, I say Cameron should lap it up and stay positive.

I also see they've got the chameleon riding a bicycle. Is this supposed to be mockery. I fully support his riding of a bicycle to work, it shows he is a true environmentalist.

Quite apart from the rainbow referring to the children's programme and youth, there is a more subliminal and much more ancient reference - to Noah in his ark the rainbow was the symbol of better times to come!

and hope we will not resort to it.

Come on Sam, all three parties are at it. Labour with this parody, Ming bringing up the "right-wing"-ness, Cameron calling UKIP racist.

It is more a question of who is best at it. We'll have to wait and see.

Do you think Labour couldn't help but release this on the back of Cameron's soundbite "Vote Blue, Go Green"?

It's certainly fortuitous timing, the web release precedes tonights PPB - something I doubt can be booked last minute.

Labour is consulting Dr Goebbels and Julius Streicher again - depicting opponents as reptiles is a symptom of anti-democratic politics.

We have had Letwin as a pig and now Cameron as a reptile. Labour is coming apart at the seams and reaching deep into its well of poison - this party is getting to the very margins of decency.

Agree on the negative campaigning but I'm sure William Norton could do a good movie precis about Anthony Charles Lynton Blair. Born Edinburgh and educated at Fettes College then St Johns College Oxford. Anthony stood for election for Sedgefield on a manifesto opposing EEC membership & supporting Unilateral Nuclear Disarment....

Ted.................why ?

Why bother ?

To know Blair is to loathe him.............in May next year he will have been in power a full decade..................who needs to dig into his background when his present is such a disastrous mess ?

Don't patronise the public - it is fed up of the whole circus

On the subject of cartoon political broadcasts, I seem to recall that one featuring Jacques Chirac was rather popular last year, particularly as a downloadable ringtone for schoolchildren.

There was even a musical version of it that reached number 1 in the charts.

My goodness this is a pathetic campaign, I thought the vote blue go green campaign might be a little weak... but this is is really rather poor, and our campaign looks much better in comparison.

I watched what part of DC's questions to the press that BBC 24 let us. I noted that DC is going to hang the "nice little cartoon" on his kitchen wall. Might I suggest the LOO would be a better place for it!!

There is no point going tit for tat with Blair as he'll be gone soon.

I've never really studied him before, but to what extent has Brown acted the chameleon in the past?

Gordon Brown; Prudence Personified a Chameleon?

unfortunately while he hid his tax and spend proclivities for quite some time he's now quite open on his vision ( as Mr Stelzer has noted in the Times) that tax payers money is better directed by Gordon than by ourselves.


pretty low stuff. Playground name calling. Ignore the name calling and start announcing some policies and a good result this may is more likely.

The best line of attack against Cameron, in my view, is that he is silly, vapid and out of touch.

That would work because it is quite patently true.

The best line of attack against Cameron, in my view, is that he is silly, vapid and out of touch.

I would guess that if someone thinks that about a party leader, they would be an idiot to vote for that party in a general election, on the basis that you wouldn't want a silly, vapid, out-of-touch Prime Minister. Who will you be voting for, Mr Hustings?

to vote for that party in a general election, on the basis that you wouldn't want a silly, vapid, out-of-touch Prime Minister.

I think you can safely say that no matter who you choose to vote for David Cameron will not be Prime Minister after the next election.

This viewpoint is shared by the Chairman of the Conservative Party, one Francis Maude.

"Who will you be voting for, Mr Hustings?"

That's a matter for me whenever the general election comes along.

It seems to me that as this argument develops, Labour are raising the ‘trust’ issue, knowing only too well how damaging it can be to an opposition party – they themselves spent at least one extra term in the political wilderness of opposition because Kinnock failed to address it.

The similarities to the situation we face today are striking. Cameron has possibly added to the tension by having so many, lets be honest, failed right-wingers in his cabinet. However Portillo makes the interesting point that Cameron didn’t have that that much choice, with so few other experienced individuals in the party to choose from.

This leads to the un-enviable situation where defeat at the next election looms, because, in the eyes of the electorate at least, we are still too right-wing despite what our manifesto says. However the younger MPs are maturing all the time and in a few years may be sick of being in opposition and ambitious enough to really push for the top positions in government, then we may see electoral success.

That’s a pretty pessimistic summary, I admit, but it does beg the (academic question if you agree with it), is what position would Cameron really take if he had a free hand? The centrist position he alludes to, or is it more to the right that many of his senior lieutenants prefer? As someone who is convinced that in the current political climate, winning is only done in the centre-ground; I hope it’s the former.

Nice to see so many backing our leader now he is under attack by our opponents. Now all we need is for you to back him when he is not!

I am unconvinced that there is a big constituency out there who would vote for us if only we were more left wing.

Well. being right-wing didn't work, time and time again - so if thats true, we may as well give up and go home.

I'd say the Conservative Party has moved pretty steadily to the Left since 1990. It's not obvious that such a move has been electorally successful.

But I don't think our lack of success is really a left/right issue.

Well. being right-wing didn't work

Being useless didn't work. And being irrlevant didn't work.

"Who will you be voting for, Mr Hustings?"

That's a matter for me whenever the general election comes along.

Of course it is, but at least I now have a better idea of the perspective of your criticisms.

My point exactly James. We agree at LAST!

"Of course it is, but at least I now have a better idea of the perspective of your criticisms."

How so?

Watching the Labour election broadcast just now it is clear that Labour does not take the local elections seriously. Rather than talking about the issues they used their whole 5 minute national TV slot to take the Mickey out of the Conservative leader. Not only do they not take the elections seriously they obviously don't take voters seriously either.

Interestingly their chameleon character goes around stealing Labour policies. Notably the cartoon character grabs the "Minimum wage" with his sticky tongue. The Labour party is not quick to tell you that tax on a single person doing a standard working week on the minimum wage has gone up from 6% to 9% since it was introduced. See here.

Why do people repeatedly come out with the same old rubbish about how negative campaigning always back fires. It can do, if done badly, demon eyes being a classic examaple.If however, it is done well it is a potent weapon. If you destroy your opponents credibility in the eyes of voters you are well on your way to victory. At the next general election Labour will contrast Brown (experienced, strong, principled) with Cameron (inexperienced, weak, unprincipled).

Its a bit of a hollow argument to accuse an opposition party of accepting established policy it originally opposed once it has been shown to work. Labour have done just that with respect to a whole raft of Tory ones, and in Education and the NHS it did even worse, by scrapping it, making a mess of the alternative and then trying to re-introduce it (that wally Dobson as Health Sec., City Acads etc.)

Good point Richard, we should not be dismissive of this type of tactic, especially from Brown - who is ruthless when employing using it.

"Of course it is, but at least I now have a better idea of the perspective of your criticisms."

How so?

From your other comments, I thought you were a Conservative as opposed to a floating voter, perhaps a disaffected former Tory, a person on the outside looking in.

We must take account of the views of floating voters, of course, but party policy needs to be formulated within the party.

I'm also concerned that the only other home for a conservative is UKIP, and we wouldn't want that, would we?

"From your other comments, I thought you were a Conservative as opposed to a floating voter, perhaps a disaffected former Tory, a person on the outside looking in."

I am still a member of the Conservative Party, not an outsider looking in.

I am still a member of the Conservative Party, not an outsider looking in.

I'm sorry I pushed you on this. It was rude.

Just seen the Party political broadcast. Rather pathetic that a government has to stoop to such character assassination. It is too subtle to have any effect imo.

Let me get this straight. DC is changing the conservatives, reaching out to a broader spectrum (boom boom!) of voters whilst remaining Conservative to the core. Thankyou Labour!!!

Why don't they run a positive campaign about Gordon Brown. Oh, wait....

My point exactly James. We agree at LAST!

I don't think so, Oberon. My point ios that they lost for being useless and irrelevant, and not for being right wing. The views expressed by the party on issues like Europe and immigration are popular with people, it's just that these issues weren't the ones that decided elections. On those issues we were silent or shallow.

Offering a broad agenda doesn't mean you have to move leftwards!

This is very low, it will only push old Labour voters away. Even the hard New Labour supporters think this is very low. None of us should be put off by this, it can only be good for us. I voted for DC and wasn't sure if I had done the right thing now I know I did.
Thanks Bliar!

Unfortunately I don't think the Labour election broadcast will help Dave or the Tory Party.

btw, I love the Boy George soundtrack, it takes you right back to the 80's when Labour imploded, the fawklands were taken back, and the Gipper and Maggie took on the evil empire.

Thankyou Labour for getting our message out!

Didn't think they were meant to help us though Margaret.

I of course meant falklands

I think that a lot of people - posters on this site and the public in general, don't understand sufficiently what it is that motivates Labour, first, foremost and completely, and has done totally ever since 1997, and that is to stay in power any which way FOR THE FORESEEABLE FUTURE. I wanted to post along these lines on Saturday, but thought it sounded too bleak.

I have changed my mind about posting it because I think that when considering strategy for an election, one needs to be aware of the lengths to which a party, in this case the present government, will go in order to ensure victory. That is, to 'organise statistics' in every sphere, to try and convince people that they have actually being doing things 'for the good of the people' over the years, rather than thinking only of getting back into power.

It wasn't too difficult for Mr. Blair to demolish his previous shadow leaders across the Dispatch box, but now he is older - and looks it, and he finds himself with someone younger and better looking, and like any popstar thats a blow to his vanity! So he rushes round shaking hands and chatting up children who know no better.

Now he has an opposition leader who has taken the Green words out of his mouth, and of whom his spinmen can find nothing worse to slag off about than that he went to a posh school. So of course they are going to dish these aspects up again and again. Personally I switched off the PP broadcast as soon as I realised it was Labour, although I did catch site of the chameleon.

I would love to have seen David Cameron being really tough with Blair, but perhaps it is not really his best style. But perhaps Mr. Cameron can at least ensure that the Legislative and Regulatory Reform Bill does NOT get passed, as it could be used if necessary to provide endless Labour government!

I'm sorry, I have recently come from the ranks of "those children that know no better" being 18. I also come from a borderline Labour house and found conservative views on my own. "children" these days can see past (Bliar) many adverage 16-20 year olds do not like him and evry one can see what he hasn't done for the country. As long as he still holds the head of Labour, then they wont vote for Labour.

Although not a fan of DC (yet) but a strong Tory voter, I found the Labour election broadcast uplifting and I have a 'feel good' feeling about DC tonight. Clearly, the Labour crowd are very rattled and concerned and don't have a clue on how to take DC on.

"I found the Labour election broadcast uplifting and I have a 'feel good' feeling about DC tonight"

I was just about to post that. As my girlfriend just said (Lawyer but still Blonde) "It was kind of cute".

The music was great 'feel good' music too, and the advert had a happy feel to it......

Its great! I think this will HELP Cameron...as its a funny ad.

Surely Cameron must have expected some comeback after the fossil-fuel chancellor, analogue, etc etc post-budget rant?

He started throwing stones first.

David Cameron doesn't indulge in Punch 'n Judy politics. He said so. :/

I just watched it on the Internet. It is rather interesting. I can't quite make up my mind. yes, it does push our 'change' message, which is good for us. But it also makes the change message weak, which isn't. It makes DC into a lizard, quite cute as a cartoon character but not exactly PM material. And yet it is strangely positive and fun, associating us with something enjoyable not frightening.

There are two possibilities: either they've tested this through thoroughly and know it works, or they're just taking a punt and crossing their fingers. We usually credit them with too much devious genius so it's probably the latter.

>> I found the Labour election broadcast uplifting and I have a 'feel good' feeling about DC tonight<<

So do I, Eugene.

I've been feeling good bout the Boy Wonder ever since 'flip-flop' day.

Heh, Got to wonder what Cameron's comeback will be.. An attack on negative labour? The best comeback would be major Labour losses in the local elections heh.

Is this the same Labour Party that cried foul over Daemon Eyes..... an election ad that implied Blair was something he wasn't?

I thought this was a really amusing advert. I particularly liked the red cycle helmet - nice touch. However, as political propaganda, its a bit pants really.

Firstly, the fact that it was quite funny gives a twofold impression that (a) they don't take the Cameron threat seriously and (b) if he wins, it doesn't matter that much anyway.

Secondly, it does, as someone mentioned, reinforce the 'change' message.

Thirdly, the chameleon actually came across as quite a sympathetic character with his little bike and lonely air (what rubbish am I starting to spout?!)

Fourthly, it should contrast brilliantly with the 'personal political broadcast' tomorrow. We'll be showcasing 'real' people, talking about 'real' issues and debating 'real' solutions. Labour in contrast use a CG chameleon to make their point.

Seeing the speeches today of Blair (sweating profusely on the NHS) and Cameron, there again seemed to be great contrast, between a tired Prime Minister on the back foot on a multitude of issues, and our own Mr Cameron giving a supremely confident performance. Add to this the ensuing coverage of the Norway visit, and I think that equals many more Conservative councillors.

I liked the old 'brick' mobile phone. The attempt at class resentment via the boater was a bit lame though.

The answer to this tactic is very clear. DC needs to laugh it off positively and confidently while focusing even more on positive messages about the future on the main issues like Health, education, pensions etc. This is an opportunity to get things really on track and to win many more seats,


We ended up with davidthechameleon.com by chance. Any ideas for a spoof will be welcomed.

I agree Matt. It's pretty lame and can be easily laughed off although part two should be interesting.

I missed most of the subtle references in it (old school tie, brick mobile ect) and I fully expect this to be lost on the average voter (many of which probably won't know what a Chameleon does) Might just think he's a Boy George fan.

I've had another look at this broadcast. Its pretty pathetic stuff. I think it will appeal to the hard line Labour vote but will be seen as negative by swing voters and women as well as make some of our vote angry and more likely to vote. So on balance I think it will help us,


Come on you Cameroons.

Whistle to keep your spirits up...

I expect you enjoyed it A-C-T. Keep up the Pub bore routine.

AC-T, your views are welcome.

"Trolling" isn't.

Just shows how poor the agency is. Not a patch on Fluck and Law and they probably didn't even check the Web...I wonder what the real Dave Chameleon thinks about this?

He's a performance artist who has appeared all over the country. Perhaps he is pleased with the attention, but maybe he feels besmirched in some way and unhappy that his trademark has been sullied by association with negative campaigning. Might make a good interview for the DavidTheChamelon website.

Also, when it shows DC being green and blue, isn't that rather what our campaign is all about? Able to be both green and blue but still the same person underneath.

It's in the same vein as the utterly useless Demon Eyes campaign: all it shows is a party utterly bereft of ideas and scared that the political tide is with their opponents.

Have some vision! I think you are missing the enormous potential of humour used in the UK in this way. It might not please politicos, but normal people like taking the p1ss out of politicians.

Using humour in this way is not negative it is positive as real people who would otherwise ignore political messages start to listen and even forward it to their friends.

I get about 5 new sites a week applying to join SatireSearch, and although dominated by the US and UK, we are now seeing political satire sites across Europe and from Asia and Africa. There is massive interest in political satire. Some of the biggest site in the world like about.com run the satire feeds. It is a fanastic channel to spread your political message if done properly.

It is very effective which as I noted above caused George Bush such concern he got the most successful site lampooning him cosed down before the 2000 election.

It is just a real shame that (imho) Cameron has from a great start made some bad policy errors, as I am still convinced that with a different strategy and fully using the net to spread that message, victory at the next election is possible. Shame.

Beleive me, its devastating cos its
a. memorable
b. true

I think labour learned from Steve Hilton's demon eyes campaign how NOT to do it, and they are onl responding in kind to Dave and Little Georgie's tactic of playing the man (brown) not the ball.


Its not memorable and not true and will be devastating in ways I don't think you imagine. That a government one year into its third term should not have the confidence to campaign on its record or have anything positive to say about the challenges of local government or reviving local democracy is a damning inditement of New Labour; intellectualy vacuous, undermining of trust and respect for politics and utterly cynical. Now there's a legacy for you Tony...


Here's a way you can all influence perceptions of 'The Nasty Party' via their much trumpeted 'blog' site

Go to conservativehome.com , read the drivel from pro-EU Cameroons, and attack!

No need to log on. It's open to all.

See if you can guess the real ID of the totally OTT bootlicking Cameron fan who always jumps to his aid in the most nauseating and off-putting manner!!

See tonight's Conservative PPB here

I think comparing the Labour and Conservative broadcasts is very telling. Labour's is funny but shows they have nothing to say for themselves, the Conservative one shows we are listening and taking action.

"See tonight's Conservative PPB"

"At last, I get a chance to appear in this film!"

I have to admit that did make me laugh.

Overall a decent broadcast. It was good that they included local environmental issues such as graffiti and keeping parks clean.

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