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Meanwhile in Devon we're blissfully unaware of the pending District Council elections. Although that might be because of everyone's penchant for standing as Independents in these elections.

James, thank you for another extremely interesting piece about my neighbouring ward. I hope you get a positive result out of all your hard work. I believe in Camden we could see some odd results as so many people are dissolutioned with Labour and the overwelming majority are natural Labour voters. I just hope you get some of these.

James H - could be because a lot of folk (ageing of course - though I'm not accusing Devon of being dominated by Saga members!) still prefer the less politicised councils - I voted Independent in council/district elections for many years on the basis I preferred a local tradesman/farmer to a party activist in local issues.
As politics have become less local and more driven centrally then you need someone in a political party (and potentially more connected to the central power structures.

Would like to know from James Morris if he does see Labour losing control of Camden - is it likely that there will be a Tory/LD administration afterwards?

And the Lib Dems have done what James...

The Independent thing has always been strong in the South West, there's a lot of "I don't believe in politics in local government" which is dying out, though more slowly in Torridge. The main problems in Torridge for the Tories will most likely be finding the right candidates to stand and trying to shed the "independent" belief. Ever thought of standing yourself James?

Thankyou for the report James. :)

Can I get away with another plug for Vote 2006 here? Visit www.vote-2006.co.uk!

Ted, Not really in the game of making predictions. All I can say is that we are pulling out all the stops in critical wards - Highgate, Gospel Oak and Hampstead Town.

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