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Why not delay the poll to May 5th so that you can include questions about our performance in the local elections?

Just a thought.

A good idea CDM but too late now! If anyone has ideas like this for future surveys please email them to me at [email protected].

Can't you just shut down the current survey, add the questions and put it up again? I'm sure that most people haven't replied yet.

Sorry if what I'm saying is impossible, but my knowledge of web hosting is far from extensive.

It's too much work, CDM, at this late stage. Sorry.

I was hoping so much to be able to vote for you for although I am not a Member, I have always voted Conservative. So many people know that if we remain any longer IN the EU, we will lose completely the ability to defend ourselves, control our own money or even make any laws for ourselves. I am disgusted that even now, ways are being made at incorporating new Articles that were IN the EU Constitution, into our legislation. We have a choice (at the moment) to either choose to be governed permanently by the EU or remove ourselves from the EU and Govern ourselves. Difficult but it can happen. Surely you realise that if the people lose their country, they will have nothing left to lose?

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