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Love the song - better than the original I thought. Do you think the Guardian will let Tory Radio use it I wonder???

I have to confess that for just one beat, as I was half asleep over breakfast, I thought it was for real!!! As long as we can have a blue door when we get back. Thats only fair.

The Independent had a good one by BMW about "slow cameras". Slow drivers are just as dangerous as fast drivers therefore the Government is introducing slow cameras in order to make the roads safer from slow drivers...hehehe. Good April Fool, though clearly obvious.

Pity - The US have minimum and maximum speeds on some roads for that very reason.

Yes, as many of you guessed, our item on the Radio 4 UK Theme being relaunched as a Euro Theme was an April Fool. Thanks to Charles Moore and Neil Kinnock for playing along. Listen again to the item by Nicola Stanbridge. Hear the whole spoof Euro Theme, composed by brilliant young musician David Schweitzer


The Taxpayers' Strike caught a lot of people.

Wish-fool thinking?

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