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Congratulations, the site has come very far in just a year. Lets hope it can keep up the momentum.

I second that.

A terrific achievement, Editor.

You have maintained the single most important balance, between support and criticism of Cameron. The two things we really do not need are

1) a place for cheerleading: Conservatives can do this where it's appropriate, when interacting with the wider public

2) a place for undermining the leader: Conservatives do this so well without needing a special platform for it.

What we do need, and what you have provided, is a place where the actions of the leader receive a proper critique from conservatives.

Congratulations, a great achievement and compulsive reading.

I have written about Margaret Thatcher and her vision about climate change today, her very proactive stand on environmental issues.

Congratulations Tim,

A great site - making waves, and occasionally the political weather.

Congratulations Tim. The Website is now the first thing I check when I switch on the computer.

I would also like to thank you on behalf of Reinstate Roger for goving us the chance to start the ball rolling with the campiagn.

Congratulations CH! I also turn to CH first, since I came across it. I read everything, but only post if it is a subject on which I feel reasonabley able to comment. Otherwise, I shut it! Would it be that others follow my philosophy, as it has to be said, there can be an element of talking out of the back of the head by some posters, but entertaining neverthless. I DO wonder what some of the lads do to earn a crust however, unless they have their own laptops hidden under their desks, and post away when the boss is not looking?? Or are students of politics and economics, and posting in between lectures???

Congratulations editor. I am a political junkie from Norway, and i follow specially UK and US politics, this site is one of the best in the business, and gives inside info about the state of the Tory Party. Keep up the good work.

It doesnt seem very long ago at all, I wandered onto this site, but it since then it has quickly become the most important site I vist.

Congratulations on...well everything.

"Or are students of politics and economics, and posting in between lectures???"

Usually it is the case of not bothering with lectures at all. CH provides a perfect excuse for not attending.

I see, Rob! But then I read that you poor souls are only getting 6 hours of lectures per week for your top up fees! Perhaps that could be another thread on another day. How the Tories could put some pressure on the Universities to provide value for money, and a bit of structure. Is TB trying to send too many people to Uni, when the reintroduction of apprenticeships would bring more satisfaction to more people, and lead to more prospects of earning decent money!!

Congratulations on a great achievement Tim. We all get a tremendous amount from the articles and from the blogs that follow. There is always plenty to be talking about!

Editor: congratulations on a very informative site. But is it true that Today the party hardly talks about those core issues at all. It's all civil liberties, environmentalism and concern for the poor. One form of imbalance has been swapped for another?
Looking at the latest press releases on the Conservative Party website they are about unemployment, council strikes, NHS (3), asylum seekers, tax, prison and the police. Seems to me that it is the media--old and new--who aren't reporting what the Party is saying about the core issues.

Thanks for the kind words Rob G. Much appreciated.

I do not believe that CCHQ press releases are a good guide to what the party is communicating. What the leader talks about in his big speeches, what the party puts in its party election broadcasts and what issues the party will put up a spokesman to address on the Today programme are a better guide imho.

Editor: I don't listen to Today, so can't comment on the issues discussed there. But David Cameron's first big speech of 2006 was about the NHS and he has spoken about police reform. In any event, the leader's job is to lead--to seek to change public opinion. This far ahead of a likely election date, I am happy for him to concentrate on the areas where the Party needs to break new ground and communicate new ideas. But, as I have commented before, I do wish that the other members of the Shadow Cabinet were speaking up rather more loudly on the more established issues.

I, too, am happy for DC to "break new ground and communicate new ideas", Rob G, but I'd prefer him to keep promoting the core products of the brand, too.

Not only a superb site but an important one. I can think of no better compliment than to say ConservativeHome will become integral to Conservative party membership.

It's astonishing what this site has done in just one year. It must give any Conservative a warm, fuzzy feeling inside to imagine just what it can do in the years ahead!

Conservatives from my part of the world can't just get on the train to a meeting or briefing in London. I use this site to feel the heartbeat of Party debate.

Long may CHome continue, and Tim shouldn't be shy of asking more often for financial support.

I'm not sure what CHome policy is about overseas donations, but I'm happy to contribute if he isn't going to have his collar felt by the Peelers. If I do, any chance of a peerage? Earl of Gibraltar has a nice ring to it...

Indeed Geoff, are you listening Tim!!!

Well done Editor.

Having stumbled upon the blog by accident (from the BBC of all places) quite early on in last year's leadership race, I'm not too sure what I'd do without it most days now (apart from get more work done!).

You got me hooked on blogging and revived my interest in Conservative (note: big C) politics almost single-handedly so thanks and kudos to you for that.

Right... sycophancy over.

Well done Tim for managing to keep this site up and running. It is a great achievement and you do deserve all the praise that you are receiving on the above posts.

As regards DC. I think that he has done a very good job to date. Perhaps he should look to what Stephen Harpers Can Cons for inspiration. What do you think Tim?


Congratulations are due on your blog!

Congratulations Tim. I first heard of you through the Conservative Christian Fellowship. I particularly appreciate your evident desire to uphold strong ethical and moral standards in Conservative politics - the party now has the opportunity under David Cameron to seize the moral high ground and should take it. Best of luck for your second year.

Conservative Home is a superbly organised, widely quoted and influential organ. There is no real left-wing equivalent (you can be sure they would be tearing strips off each other worse than we do if there were).


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